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The Dutch Army Canteen, Cup and Pouch Review and Demo.

The Dutch Army Canteen, Cup and Pouch Review and Demo.

hello everyone thanks for joining me again today we're gonna be taking a look at the Dutch military canteen cup and pouch this was sent to me by my youtube friend marked and outdoors and he sent it to me from the Netherlands that's where his channel is based out of so we'll put a link to his channel right up here and also be down in the description so let's dive into this thing and take a look it's uh it's genuine Dutch military and he sent him he was brand new here's the bag that the canteen came in so you can see the NATO number and the date 12 of 2016 and then here is the bag that the cup was in here's the NATO number and the date on the cup is 7 of 2015 so I thought that was pretty cool brand brand new unused stuff that's current issue so let's start with the pouch the pouch is a woodland camo pattern as you can see here it is made of a like a nylon type material Cordura I think it's called and it has a plastic coating and you can see here to help make it rain resistive ok that's pretty neat also you just saw me operate this latch it has like a like a bracket there and this piece slides over it locks into place I have it correctly so all the soldier has to do is reach down grab this tab and it comes where right open ok so that's pretty neat yeah on the back as you saw a minute ago it has Mali type straps ok it's for attaching to that type of equipment inside is a patch and it talks about the material up here here yeah rough translation is this is a this is a Mali pouch it's in woodland here's our our NATO number and in this aw a RW ID is the manufacturer of this pouch ok ok so there's one more thing I forgot to say and it's just a minor thing but it does have a drain hole on the bottom mm so that in case water does get inside your pouch or your canteen leaks or whatever to don't run out the bottom here ok the one thing I like about this pouch it being plastic coated inside to help with the rain is also this cover the way it's made see how it covers the complete canteen to help keep out a lot of dirt as you're walking and things like that stuff can get into here lot of dust a lot of dirt so comparing that to my usgi kit that I have you can see here that the pouch does not cover the canteen it's just it's got these draw straps these where you can pull these up and make it tighter like so but it still it gets dirt all over your canteen where you're going to be opening this up ok that's one thing I like about this pouch it's fully covered the rain and dirt and stuff out of there a lot better than this one okay so any dirt that gets on here it rains it's gonna wash right down into the cup and you're not to clean it out before you use it okay but this thing does have pouches on the sides which is super nice for carrying extra equipment thank for our starting stuff or water purifying tablets or whatever okay but it is Molly also so that's just like I'll tell you oh you might ask well does this set up this cup and canteen will it fit in this pouch yes it will fit but it is super tight I would not recommend using it eventually you're going to tear the pouch up trying to get this u.s. canteen out of this pouch it's like it's it's very very tight it will fit and it will the flap will close over the top of this u.s. canteen but it is very tight okay so I've removed the cup in the canteen out of the pouch let's take a look at this this is a hard plastic canteen and this one is brand new a very similar cap just like on the u.s. GI model but it is smaller these caps are not interchangeable as you can see here okay so it is an 800 milliliter water bottle this is the u.s. GI one quart so you can see the difference in size medium kind of evened up here okay on the bottle is labeled am I gonna try to say it but what that is is Dutch for do not heat up okay and MVD which is stamp here stands for Ministry of Defense and 2017 was the year was made now we go back to this back here it says that this was made in 12 of 2016 right there so it must have been that it was so close to the end of the year they just went ahead and stamped a 17 there it said December / 2016 year okay so it's got the curve the curved part that would ride against the soldiers hip to make it more comfortable this model does not have the gas mask attachment which is good for me I don't I really like it and inside there is a gasket and like I said it's brand spanking new and they haven't even put water in it yet okay so very nice durable canteen and doesn't hardly flex very similar to this one you know same hard plastic just a different shade of green okay so let's move on to the cup the cup very similar to the usgi version okay and you can see I've used it that I took it on vacation and use it on an electric stove to make my coffee a few times this last weekend but it is made of stainless steel it's got a rolled edge which makes it very nice to drink out of gives it a good finish to it has a set of butterfly handles which are very wide and very thick look how thick these things are this is the thickest set of handles I've ever seen on a canteen so okay they do not lock together kind of like the French or the usgi version but they were very nice and very comfortable to hold okay we'll come back to the handle such a second let me cover this it says MVD which again means Ministry of Defense and it was manufactured in 2015 and this is thing this thing is go it's well-made that's what I'm trying to say with several spot-welds three here three there and six in the middle which is very nice okay now some other things about this cup it holds three cups or 700 milliliters of fluid all the way to the brim okay it is four inches tall so it's a just a hair taller than my usgi cup okay let me take this once you see this part the handles are thick but they're not as long as the usgi model we see if I can get this set up here with this bag by the way you can see here the handles are thicker grade in those but these are longer and get it a little bit further away from the fire and of course mine when I get it right they they lock together a little better like that to keep from rattling around but there's nothing wrong with either one I'm just showing you the differences okay see the difference in thickness on the handles I hope you can see how much longer the usgi handles are but there's nothing wrong with these the whole time I use this on the electric stove I was boiling water in here for coffee these handles never got hot I could pick them up without a pot holder which is really cool you fold these down let you see the difference in okay you can see it to the Dutch one is just a hair taller okay and the usgi cup holds almost three and a half cups so it holds just a just a hair bit more at the top okay holding like this on the bottom so you can see the difference here so both cups are pretty awesome this one is really well-made especially these handles also one last thing this cup weighs eight point three ounces or 235 grams okay so for those of you who wanna know the weight of these things okay so let's take a look at some different options here I got the USG I won in the Dutch army cup here and behind here I have the old heavy cover lid okay I don't think they make these anymore but some of you may have on which you know of course it fits to the USG I cut perfectly but it will not fit this one at all not even close okay the usgi one is wider at the top okay let's take a look at the pathfinder school lid which I like this one a whole lot better than that we'll get this lighter torsa fits the usgi one but does not fit the Dutch one and again because that cup is wider okay so back here I have some different stoves this is the old canteen shop one and it doesn't fit very well because of these handles okay and the handles get in the way you can't slip them up underneath it see it won't fold now very well so I'm gonna call that it doesn't fit see when I push it all the way down it pushes the handles out it's just a totally different size now here's the the the u.s. stove this is doable okay it doesn't quite slow it all the way down inside of it but maybe with some modification or you took some of this material out here it would slide all the way down but that's that's packable right there but if you go to use it it's gonna sit way too far down inside of the stove which is not optimal now what I what I've done let me get this this pouch here I have a couple of wire pieces of wire here that slip into here like that and like something like that and I set my cup on top of these because I don't like it to even my USG I want I don't like the cuff to sit on it or sit inside of it so I use this when I'm actually using it in the fire to give it some space okay it seems to work a lot better now here is one option here that might be really good this is a French army canteen cup stove now this is the this is the real thing okay these are hard to find but you can find repose of this reproductions of them made by GAC GA k GE period a period K period on Amazon and they may come out of aluminum or stainless steel no I don't have one yet I have it on my Christmas list but this would work out great put your cup right on top of it and use an S bit type stove or ESPA tablet or whatever you want to use and yes it does fit hold this back down it does fit look at that perfect and I'm pretty sure the GAC one will – I haven't actually tried yet I here it is it's a replica of the one for the French army canteen cup okay and it also does fit inside the pouch there's plenty of space in this pouch to put a stove in the bottom so when you demonstrate so that is a very good option which that's why I have that GAC one on my Amazon list wish list for my family to buy because I don't want to use this French arm when it goes with my collection it goes with my French canteen I'll keep it with that as many of you know so it's a pretty cool little stove and I think that would work awesome with this setup okay so the last thing I want to show you a couple things up I put the set all back together in here and this set empty of water weighs 16 points 7 ounces or 474 grams total that's without any that's without 800 milliliters of water in it okay so a lot of people like to know those those numbers also mr. Martin sent me this he says this is also current military issue with this pouch for the military this is the light my fire spork green plastic okay so he sent that along with this kit which was very generous of them really appreciate that and what's good about this thing is even with that stove and everything in there there's still plenty of room you can just slip this thing right down here just like that there it is you can carry it in the pouch and look there's even more room you to put more things around the top if you wanted to some creamer and sugar coffee stuffs or whatever so now what we're going to do so I'm gonna take this kit out into the field now I'm gonna make you something out in the woods using this kit and mr. Martin sent me a couple more things I'm not sure which one I wanna do this is an MRE from the Dutch military it says white beans with bacon and potatoes okay that's what that translates out to be okay this is like an MRE so just because something and eateth or you also send me this travel lunch lightweight food it's like a dehydrated instant porch okay so here's the translation instant porch so I don't feel what I'm gonna do but one of these two meals I'm going to use we will make with this cup and we're my support cuts inside so sit tight and we'll get the fire going okay so I finally made it out to the woods me and my friend Scott are here at a local state park and brought out the kit and Scott brought out my usgi kit that I have in this pouch and I decided I want to make the white beans with bacon and potatoes because it is a super hot day here in Florida and July and this just sounds more appetizing than the porridge that was sent by mr. Martin so what I'm going to do here is is we have the canteen cup here with the Dutch military and we have this usgi one in this pouch me and Scott are going to split this meal and into two different cups and share it and see what it's like so you know I am aware that you can remove this plastic and actually heat it up inside this bag but what fun is that so we're gonna open it up and split it between the two cups so let me get the fire set up and we'll get started okay and I'm I brought the French stove back out but you see I have some aluminum foil in there to protect it from getting burned all right and then here's pouch at Scots carrying this East German pouch got a despot tablet that will go in here and then in here for Scots Cup I brought an actual s bit stove we're gonna set this all up right over there on this grill over here since we're in a state park we need to make sure we keep to the rules of having the fire only in the pit looks like we just opened the package and the instructions do say that you can eat it up you have to remove this off and then you can put this in water and heat the water up and they eat it right on the bag we're gonna split it let's take a look see what it looks like oh it's like pork and beans okay let's up it over here into my cup it is super hot here in Florida this time here so I'm not really wanting to eat a whole lot especially something that's hot all right so here's the whole bag okay yeah we're gonna go over here to the fire and get our stoves lit there's like a protective coating on it it's kind of slick when you scrape it up like that it allows it to light better okay that one's lit this one probably a lot easier it's already chipped right there okay here we go might be hard to see with the lighting but it is lit both them are live you grab our cup source okay guys here sister Dora ready you go get some gloves good ol croquette gloves I could just use one to eat yes Pete both is going so fast looks yummy okay so here we go the taste test two Dutch military white beans with bacon and potatoes I think it's pretty good good specially for an MRE there's lots of like large pieces of being in there see if I can get a shot of this oops I'm spilling it huh large pieces of bean and bacon and potato in there so this concludes my my review of the Dutch army canteen cup and pouch that Martin outdoors sent me and also the white beans MRE too he said also it's very good thanks very much man for that I really appreciate it if you like what you seen with my video please click subscribe and follow me if you have any questions about this kit please leave it down in the bottom in the comments and you get out there and enjoy nature even if it's hot outside right so thank you very much have a great day

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  1. Hi John . I am glad you like the kit and the meal you shared with Scott .The kit was standing unused in my garage but I think it is now in the right place . Thanks for mensioning my channel 😊 Again an awesome review and it was nice to watch . Take care and see you in the next one . Greets from the Netherlands !

  2. Thank you John for the nice video .Messing with stoves I found that a setup with a svea swedish army stove with the original swedish windsheild with a conjuction of an M59 german cup is my preffered go to kit.Although I like the simplicity of this kit. But the mentioned above kit is absolutely bulletproof.You can switch to wood if you run out of meths and you can sterilize water if neeeded from placing the canteen directly over the fire. Keep those good videos coming. Already subscribed.

  3. Nothing to do with your review, however if you are into camp cooking check out the
    “ Solo Stove “ if you’ve never heard of it… I’ve gone thru quite a few survival / bushcraft stoves by far the Solo beats them all…
    It has a proprietory design..
    Nice review

  4. Its nice, very nice. Kinda like my first GF, Dutch. BUT its too tall. There is a reason the USGI & Australian Army canteens were short & stocky. So when you were drink in the trenches you didn't get tour face shot off. Also 800ml is not really enough to drink form & cook a meal, especially in arid climates. Just some things to consider.

  5. Hello John, Nice video. I thought the number 17 on the canteen could be the NATO number for the Netherlands, until you showed the cup. The second sequence of numbers in the NATO stock number is country of origin. 00 or 01 = US, 99 = Great Britain, 21 is Canada, 12 is German, and 17 is obviously the Netherlands. The Dutch camo pattern is a direct copy of British DPM camo, which is the best camo patter ever. 😉

  6. Great review! But.. the Dutch army never issued a lit or a stove. The Dutch army issued a Esbit stove (for emergency, packed in the opsvest ) and an Coleman multi fuel stove

  7. Dutch post more reliable than the British! The one modern US style canteen pouch I have (though it was made in Europe) has a cover made out of waterproof material inside you pull up over the top of the canteen to stop dirt getting to it when needed, presumed they'd all be like that, live and learn! Got an old version of the Dutch canteen kit, almost indestructible. Just use a hexamine type stove with it, I think that's what the Dutch used to use, don't know what they use now.

  8. I’m starting to curse you. I’ve watched numerous episodes of your demos and now you have me starting to collect them. LOL

  9. Another great, informative video as always. I know you won’t have this problem in Florida but this past winter I used my LMF spork in single digit weather and snapped it right in half.

  10. Excellent demo, thanks. I've never seen such new, pristine Dutch kit before. It's always seen plenty of action by the time I usually get it lol. Cheers!

  11. I know it was a hot day and all but on a cooler day you could boil the pouch then use the water for coffee.

  12. Looks like you figured out how to make my wire stove cup hangers! They work great right? I kind of like the smaller rig and wish the US MOLLE pouch had a cover like that…

  13. Nice tip on the French cooker, I've been using one for the past year.they seem to be plentiful at the minute and cheap too,around £3.50 each. I use gel in mine as it burns better than the solid fuel tablets

  14. I do not mean to be rude, but I can't hear your voice very well. But nevertheless great vids and God bless!

  15. Great overview demonstration as always John and you can have my portion!…LOL…taker easy my friend…atb…woods

  16. very nice kit, john. real nice look at the MRE too! nice of mr martin too. really enjoyed & thumbed-up! thank you!

  17. Looks like what they call "all day breakfast" .i like the canteens and cups.yr having great weather looks like peace.

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