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The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Cold War October, 1962 The Cuban Missile Crisis was the moment during the Cold War when the two superpowers The United States and the Soviet Union came close to Nuclear War Secret communications and miscommunications which played out between the white house and the Kremlin made the crisis a unique event After the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961 by the Kennedy Administration Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev reached a secret agreement with Cuban Premier Fidel Castro to place Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba to deter any further US aggression For some time the Soviets had been sending surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles to Cuba, but president John F Kennedy did not protest However he warned that if offensive weapons were sent to Cuba that the greatest issues would arise On October 14th, 1962, US U-2 spy planes took several photos showing sites from medium-range and Intermediate-Range ballistic Nuclear Missiles under construction in Cuba Nikita Khrushchev, who had promised not to send offensive weapons to Cuba had been lying to help him deal with the crisis Kennedyd assemble the team called The Executive Committee of the National Security Council or XCOM for short At first they favored bombing Cuba with debate over the scale of the attack The President decided upon a middle course and on October 22nd ordered a naval quarantine of Cuba The term quarantine being used instead of blockade as blockade assumed the state of war existed Kennedy sent a letter to Khrushchev stating that the United States would not permit offensive weapons to be delivered to Cuba Demanding that the Soviets dismantle the missile bases and return all offensive weapons to the USSR He also went on national television to inform the public of the crisis in which he said; It shall be the policy of the nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union On October 24th, Khrushchev responded to Kennedy describing the U.S blockade as an act of aggression, and the Soviet ships sent to Cuba would be ordered to keep going Some Soviet ships turned back and others proceeded. They were stopped by the U.S Naval Forces But were discovered to contain no offensive weapons Nevertheless US reconnaissance flights over Cuba indicated the Soviet missile sites were nearing operational readiness With no clear solution to the crisis the US Forces were put at DEFCON 2 On 26th through 27th of October, Khrushchev sent Kennedy a message stating that the USSR would remove missiles from Cuba in return for a promise from the United States not to invade the island Resolution to the crisis was now looking hopeful but later a second letter was sent by Khrushchev which provoked debate again It demanded that the deal would also require the removal of U.S Jupiter Missiles from Turkey That same day a U.S U2 reconnaissance jet was shot down over Cuba Kennedy prepared for an attack on Cuba within days as they search for any remaining diplomatic resolution That night, Kennedy ignored Khrushchevs second message and proposed to the Soviet Union steps for the removal of Soviet Missiles from Cuba under supervision of the United Nations and a guarantee that the United States would not attack Cuba Attorney General Robert Kennedy was sent to meet secretly with the Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin and Indicated that the United States were planning to remove the Jupiter missiles from Turkey anyway and within six months This was to be kept top secret the next morning on October 28th Khrushchev issued a public statement that soviet missiles would be dismantled and removed from Cuba The crisis was over The world escaped nuclear war in October 1962 largely because of the cautious natures of Kennedy and Khrushchev In 1963 a telephone hotline was set up to give instant contact between the two leaders and a nuclear test ban treaty was signed in 1968 the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was signed meaning the superpowers promise not to supply Nuclear technology to other countries Subscribe to see more history videos get Simple History The Cold War out today

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  2. damn telling the story like russia were the evil ones, you had to say the USA had nukes in turkey in first place , puting nukes on cuba is just an answer to USA's potential attack..

  3. Do other nuclear close calls such as KAL 007, Soviet nuclear false alarm involving Stanislav Petrov, Able Archer, and the 1995 Norweigan Rocket Incident.

  4. This wouldn’t have happened if the us didn’t put Missiles in turkey first this was a sign of aggression from the us the ussr was doing this only to protect themselves 😂😂 boi wtf

  5. Malcolm X was asked, What do you think about the JFK assassination?

    Malcolm X said, "What did President Kennedy say or do that caused the Bush CIA to shot JFK?"

    JFK stopped the invasion of Cuba." Geo HW Bush was in charge of the Invasion of Cuba.

    "This is just the chickens coming home to roost."–Malcolm X

    When the NYT article quoting Malcolm came out, the National of Islam then ordered Malcolm to never talk to the media again.

    Then JFK gave a speech at American University in which he said,
    "I am going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces,
    & scatter it to the wind!"

    JFK then issued US Notes, replacing the British owned "Federal Reserve". Look on your money.
    What happened to the Executive Order JFK issue, creating
    US Notes & getting rid of the British. Federal Reserve.

    JFK had the US gov. printing our money to avoid paying
    British bankers 9% interest.

    In 1962, the FBI sent FBI agent Oswald, into the CIA group in New Orleans to spy on the CIA,

    As DA Jim Garrison reported in the Oliver Stone movie. "JFK".
    Oswald sent a letter to FBI Hoover, "The CIA agents here are planning to kill JFK in Dallas on 11/22/63."

    This FBI memo is actually in the Stone movie "JFK".

    Geo HW Bush was in Dallas on 11/22/63

    Geo HW Bush had a stroke on 11/22/2018,
    an "implied" confession by Bush.

    GHW Bush then died a few days later. A "confession".

  6. I love how America supplies nearly all Europe with nuclear technology. A Russian sub came by Cuba in 1962 and the whole world is shocked. America is the result of if someone gave a 9 year old a gun.

  7. "Hey, I'm a communist who hates America, you're a communist who hates America, you know what that means?"
    "Uh, I was going to suggest you set your missiles up in cuba"
    "Oh… No no, you're right, that's a better idea"
    "be still my beating heart "

  8. Anyone seeking a more accurate and less mainstream fantasy should check out, Robert Welsh the founder of the John Birch Society. Per Welsh, the "super powers" were not about to engage in any such aggression as this would, of course, destroy the infrastructure of both the US and Soviet Union and thus bring about anarchy. For those who control behind the scene and manipulate the puppet rulers, anarchy is the one thing they truly fear. Mr. Welsh, by the way, advised his members while the, so called, Missile. As a result he lost many members who were still under the, "magical tube" spell. I may recommend that one also do a little research on, nuclear bombs and long term affects of radiation.

  9. All I can comment on this near miss annihilation of everyone is, "THANK YOU VASILI ARKHIPOV," from the bottom of my heart.

  10. My dad brought this up so I checked it out and wow. It came up because I asked him what he believed as a kid and he said that he was nervous as a kid about nuclear war and if he would end up in a nuclear war zone and brought this up. I live in the U.S.A.

  11. boss you have to do your placed missiles nearby border of ussr thats the reason ussr keen to defence themself and taking chance its not ussr did by themself. or placed missiles.whole world knows it.there is a person in russ submarine who saved the world…Mr. kennedy is a great president who think only on peace, kind, love,good for greater humanity, for world whatever you saying its on only one side of it only from us have to tell truth from other side too.check media what they say so?obviously when sum1 try to think to harm you ,your next move will be defence thats what ussr did..thats what mr. putin says misile placed nearby russia bordr what they do..will you expect them to be sit calm…have some common sense.

  12. Does this have anything to do with the JFK assassination if there was Cuban involvement orrr am I being stupid and should not put that in my paper that has to be due in tomorrow? Yo someone help

  13. Publicly, Washington would pledge not to invade Cuba if the Soviet Union withdrew the missiles.  Privately, the U.S. would state as fact that unless Khrushchev announced withdrawal of the missiles within 24 hours, the U.S. would act to eliminate them.  And secretly, while asserting that the U.S. would not make any deal if the missiles were withdrawn from Cuba, within six months the missiles in Turkey would be gone.

    Robert Kennedy met Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin during the dinner break.  His papers include a number of drafts in which he explores alternative language for conveying the essence of the president’s message.  Careful not to use the word “ultimatum,” he writes: “The purpose was to emphasize danger.”  Withdrawal of U.S. missiles from Turkey, he insisted, could “not be a quid pro quo,” but if missiles left Cuba, the U.S. would no longer keep missiles in Turkey.

    When Dobrynin summarized this agreement in writing the day after, RFK flatly rejected the piece of paper — asserting that he could “have my word on this and that’s sufficient.”

    The gambit paid off. Dobrynin got word to Khrushchev, who accepted the deal publicly on Soviet radio so there could be no mistaking his response. And the world took a breath.

  14. You know what is the real story John f. Kennedy Nikita dragovich's enemy wanted to make a missile for Cuba but professor x tried to prevent magneto from killing russians

  15. Learned about wars in depth involving US today in civics when we were learning about international conflict and methods of resolution . This was one of them and it helped 🙌🏽

  16. I prefer simple history over Ted-Ed when it comes to history lessons. They tend to bring in opinionated historical data that was never a fact and then smear it like mocking our intelligence

  17. Tysm I learnt more from this that a whole year of history lessons! Hopefully I don’t fail my exams now xox

  18. Let’s be honest about the real issue, Cuba got their independence and the US weren’t happy about it

  19. June 1, 1961 the USA stationed missiles in Turkey and Italy, then they get into a panic when a year later the USSR makes a similar move in Cuba. Hypocritical don't you think. But MSM don't tell THAT side of the story.

  20. Simple,
    First America put nukes near to russia🤣
    Then Russia put nukes near to america😎
    Then America OMG😷😷🙄🙄

  21. Vietnam war: *EXIST
    Cold war: *ALSO EXIST

  22. The Cuban Revolution were Fidel Castro 26th of July Movement ousted Batista’s regime in 1959 and the Bay of Pigs Invasion when the Cuban Brigade 2506 (support by CIA) was a defeat by the Cuban Revolutionary Army in 1961

  23. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, leaders of the U.S. and the Soviet Union engaged in a tense, 13-day political and military standoff in October 1962 over the installation of nuclear-armed Soviet missiles on Cuba, just 90 miles from U.S. shores. In a TV address on October 22, 1962, President John Kennedy (1917-63) notified Americans about the presence of the missiles, explained his decision to enact a naval blockade around Cuba and made it clear the U.S. was prepared to use military force if necessary to neutralize this perceived threat to national security. Following this news, many people feared the world was on the brink of nuclear war. However, disaster was avoided when the U.S. agreed to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s (1894-1971) offer to remove the Cuban missiles in exchange for the U.S. promising not to invade Cuba. Kennedy also secretly agreed to remove U.S. missiles from Turkey.

  24. "I'm a Communist who hates America, you're a Communist who hates America, do you what that mean?"

  25. actualy the americans put the nukes in turky first so the soviets retaliated with theyr own nukes. and it was a act of war that they made the blockade and kenedy almost caused a nuckleair war

  26. This video is a pack of lies. CCCP did not start this crisis, USA did. Here is the truth: USA put missiles in Turkey, pointed at CCCP. CCCP got pissed off, so they put missiles in Cuba, pointed at USA. USA got scared, agreed to remove missiles from Turkey, CCCP was pleased, so they removed missiles from Cuba. The entire farce was caused by USA, not caused by CCCP. CCCP came out the winner. US govt has been lying to American people ever since, saying the crisis was started by CCCP.

  27. Nobody cares when USA poses missiles on the USSR from Turkey and Italy but when USSR retaliates by doing the same they complain bcoz they are scared af

  28. So according to this…US forces have the right to set newclear missles in Turkey right under USSR's nose and but none else has the right to do the same…
    US have the right to sent spy planes over any nations aerial space and deploy naval quaratine around foreign waters. right ?

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