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The business of 'American Redoubt'

The business of 'American Redoubt'

the winding rural roads of the American redoubt are billed as a refuge for conservative Americans worried about the future of their country but just how many of those Americans are actually moving here is difficult to say to be sure the wide-open spaces of the northwestern US is a draw for many worried about the future and for some like Chris Walsh that's good for business Walsh runs revolutionary Realty his specialty selling homes to people who are relocating to the redoubt I think that there is a very serious you know back to sustainability movement Walsh says business is good in part fuelled by Americans worried about the future of their country following this volatile and contentious US presidential election I would say that the the primary thing that they're worried about is a financial collapse inside the the country itself a domestic you know collapse of the dollar and and the the secondary thing would be terrorism that's that's related to that and Walsh isn't the only business owner focused on catering to the new arrivals here Warryn Campbell moved his family to the redoubt about a year and a half ago from California shortly after arriving he started this army surplus store to serve fellow new arrivals we're talking about people that love God country Constitution Second Amendment and home schooling these and my view are the things that are motivating people to come to the American redoubt a Campbell who also operates a church which is attached to his store believes more people could move to the redoubt after this contentious presidential election many conservatives here say that if Donald Trump fails in his bid to become president many like-minded Americans could begin to flock to the American redoubt Aaron Collins CBC News Kootenai County Idaho

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  1. why are you covering this cbc? these stories must have been approved by the harper appointed members of the staff.

  2. Funny how these folks are bugging out and homeschooling their kids to escape progressive ideals. And here at home its the opposite, young canadians are doing similar things to escape conservative values.

  3. Interesting, never heard this region referred to by this name before. Probably not prudent to build around a super volcano like Yellowstone. Better to head towards Idaho.

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