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The Bronc Box : The Ultimate Foot Locker!

The Bronc Box : The Ultimate Foot Locker!

guys today we're going to take a look at something that's really unique and that's the bronc bucks this is a way to preserve to secure your firearms if you're traveling whether you're hunting you can be also bow hunting set up for that tactical applications for like a SWAT team or maybe you know defensive rifle classes there's just a number of things that when you're taking firearms and gear out and for me just going out to the range having a lot of gear together it's a great way to secure it this comes in a green comes in black comes in a sand color gray and they also have a marine version that's in white so there's a number of different colors this box is built like a tank and it actually floats but when it's secured we're gonna look at a lot of the different features but it's 48 inches in length it's 20 inches in depth and 20 inches high and it's good solid has 12,000 cubic inches inside the interior now guys just to give you a little idea we've had this for about a couple of months and we've used it tested it taken it with us had it a cargo basket on the back of my Hummer and so during the recent hurricane Florence that came through we just I left it sitting on the back of that cargo basket just to see what would happen after ten days there was not any moisture at all inside the box it was sealed one thing about and I'll show you the seals a tongue-and-groove seal rubber gasket it's really solid but also there is two inches of foam all the way around this box when this box is closed up and sealed it will float and actually if you're on the high seas it may save your life now available is custom laser etching on the little panel so you can identify your box however you want to and of course with me with suits gear but there's a lot of different things you can do you know just send them your computer file and they can personalize this for you each side has locking points so you can run a padlock through here on all four corners the compression locks just like military style drop them down they do expand up and then they close down so this gives you a really SureFit especially with the gasket that goes here it makes this really waterproof so each one kind of comes down and it's pretty much twist and open and it's spring-loaded it's also an area right here to be able to grab and it's also on the other side so I can just lift this right up now you've got a lot of space in here and there are a lot of different configurations that you can use to organize this area you'll notice these grooves in here and we're going to show you that in just a minute but this gives you a big open area if you just want to go with it open and notice this hinge system I mean this thing is solid then you have straps on either side to be able to lock down that this has a little catch right here so when you drop it it automatically goes inside the box I love that so it doesn't fall out here and it doesn't cause a big problem now I do want to point out this thick rubber gasket that runs all the way around the lid I mean it is completely circling and then you'll notice down here that there is a raised area so this is kind of a tongue and groove it just works together so this really seals it up I'm telling you guys this sat in the back of my Hummer for 10 days during the hurricane and it was fine I mean this was outside on the cargo basket here the top of the box is devided we've got these little catches here that are actually locks and you can see they're like lever locks open it up you've got your foam all through here and of course here and then there's a tracks back here to put different type accessories but you also have your straps for compression straps but there's a number of different things and of course you can see here on this bottom there's different straps here to be able to lock in a rifle just right here on this little panel even comes with a hex wrench right here that's always stored inside of your box so when you want to do any kind of adjustments you don't have to look for it it's right here even here these hinges are excellent and this is for the door here so you have a double system here and then of course again here you'll notice these tracks and we have our straps right here so I can open this up I can adjust this to wherever I want tube then I can take my wrench the supplied tighten this down and that way it likes this strap into one area so when I put a rifle or a bow or whatever it's not going to go anywhere then I can strap it in just right there's a number of different strap options this was a little bit longer to fit around the butt but I've got everything locked down and it's all protected on this phone bring it up lock it down we're good to go here we have optional hanger attachments that you can fit in the rails these Bend you can bring it around and then you're secure this isn't the top part here I've got my two rifles bring them up I'll come down good together do gives me plenty of room in the bottom for all kind of other accessories now there number of different accessories that you can add now this one we have filled up this was actually a range David we went and you can see there's a lot of area a lot of gear in here that can be packed but here at the top of course you know there's some different things you can do and then here I have one of their rifle cases now this rifle case actually you can strap it down with these straps but then on the back it has magnetic discs and then you have magnets here so it attaches right here again you got it locked down with the other straps on or not so gives you that option of course the bag itself can be carried there's straps for it for your shoulder even backpack straps available and again this is an option this doesn't come straight with the box unless you order it double YKK zippers with poles then we have a double rifle case now I have a Henry 4570 all-weather fits in here very nice has the velcro straps that hold it in and of course it has the padded areas here to be able to protect your muzzle and these straps can be adjusted however you want to I mean the whole Molly area right here is just fully adjustable then there's a closed foam padding divider and then here at the bottom we've got an ar-15 and of course sling straps I mean you can put a full scope on here whatever I mean it's a large area and I've got this this is actually just a carbine but it will completely come out all the way so there's a lot of room pull this out grab it and go and of course here in the bottom of the case I've got ammo storage cutter foam action sports anything you need for your range I mean you can pack it in and have extra magazines I mean the room is just amazing one thing I do like too is there's a lot of versatility now here we have a tray and of course this can just be movies ever you want to you can hand get a full tray that covers the entire section we have slides a little bit these dividers wherever we need to and of course my range bag is here you could set it up but I have all my tools everything in this bag pull it up I've got everything I need so the way you can divide this and organize it it's just really kind of an homage and you can get multiple dividers if you want to as a handle we'll just pull it right down also with the rifle case there are separate packs that you can strap in they even have you know MOLLE webbing attachments on the back and then here as well dividers inside but this is going to be a very waterproof kind of or what a resistant really way to be able to handle everything but these guys are very thought of about everything they also offer different inserts just like this fits right down in here you've got clothes foam padding all the way through plenty of room for three rifles and pretty decent size and magazines accessories things like that and obviously a lot of capability whether it's a full size scope MRO with ak-47 right here have a magazine these slots a little bit larger so you could put different things in there as long as this doesn't come up to the lid here you can close it down oh good you secure having all these guns exposed you can just drop in this panel and it rest just like this it's going to help protect everything and then you can drop down the lid and it's sealed then just lock this down I mean it's just a great way to go these logs you know is secure it does include a small little light which makes it nice just to be able to drop in here and it's run by two double-a batteries unfortunately this one the bezel is just a little bit cracked and so I can't get it to stay on which I'm just gonna get in touch with Bronk and let them send me another one but this is a really cool feature here you have this light and so it'll give you lumination especially be out in the field in this you know low-light situation even the evening gives you kind of an ambient light and this diffuser really helps to get it out there now each side has a handle with a rope you can actually push this up through it but then there's also an area right here to be able to grab and pick up so I think here on the other side and of course you do have an area here you'll notice these little slots where you can run webbing through here to be able to strap this down that way you can still open the box and yet have it strapped down but you will notice the wheels right here and this is important because once you really pack this thing full it can be very heavy so you got two guys on either side can pick it up this way but here with the wheels that you pull it and it makes it a much easier right here we have some tie-down straps where you can strap it to something whatever you've got you know the bed of your truck a cargo basket whatever and that's the way you can open the lid whenever you want to it just comes through here and so it makes it really easy but of course we've also got these ridges all over the case including right here so you can strap this down solid and then when you get somewhere you can strap it just on the sides and be able to get in and out of the case there are small rubber feet so it's going to keep the box from getting all scratched up as much and then here you've got another view of the wheels able to pull that these guys have thought of everything I'm telling you now the price on the basic grunt box starts at nine hundred ninety five dollars delivered and then of course with all the different accessories that you get with this you know the price adjust to that whatever way you want to configure your box yes that is a fairly high price but when you're talking about putting you know a one AR with a scope is worth over a thousand dollars and you're putting five or six rifles you're putting a bunch of gear you got those scopes that are sited in and especially if you're going on a hunting trip somewhere you got them secure and ready to go in a tactical situation I mean there's a lot of reasons in it's good and sturdy of course it ties down is TSA approved it has the four points with the lock on it definitely very heavy for that but you can get all the gear you need in this box and I don't think the guys for sending the brug box for this test and evaluation and just giving you guys an idea of what this thing is all about and this is definitely a permanent part of our range here guys I'll tell you it will protect it it'll keep it safe be strong be of good courage god bless america long live the Republic [Applause] today we're going to take a look at the brook room the room club's Bronk whatever you're doing the grunt box would be able to handle the entry level Bronk box starts at 9,000 9,000 Hopson woo that would be way too high $9,000 you

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  1. This does look like a solid deal. Could be seriously useful in a overland bug-out situation, with a few 3a plates stacked around the outer core.

  2. It cost twice as much as I thought it would. Really cool, but not for a grand. Unless it comes full of whisky bottles. $1000 is ridiculous. I'll stick with my custom welded diamond plate box. The thing is still plastic, and the lockable corners could easily be cut off with a hack saw.

  3. $1000 ? Did you pay for this or was it given to you? Hard to believe a review without knowing whether or not knowing if it was given to you to review. Maybe you should disclose that . Just my opinion.

  4. you desperately need a hitch shim. reaaaaaaaly bad

    your basket will NEVER SHAKE again. takes 30seconds to install

  5. I've been looking for something since they stopped making the Gorilla with wheels but a GRAND?

    Edit: Just checked the accessories. $300 for a basic soft rifle case tells you everything you need to know. I Bought a Multicam 3 rifle case with chooting mat for $65.
    Look sootch, I love you buddy. But what does this box do that a $50 box can't do? It's jut as easy to steal, it's just as easy to carry… what makes it $1000?

  6. honestly the price isnt bad, a decent Pelican case to hold 2 rifles starts at $200, and that just holds 2 guns, this will hold obviously a lot more and since the $995 is shipped to your door you got subtract like $150 off the price since i bet thats what shipping is costing them

  7. A very enjoyable video! I may be an unusual Sootch fan. I don't own a gun, although I would like to. I don't even own a mag. When STHF I will basically be sitting here with a butter knife saying, "Get back Zombies, or I'll spread you!" But I really like listening to someone who is 10,000 times more prepared for everything than I am and I never feel that Sootch is talking down to me.

  8. Sootch did you happen to weigh it with all gear and ammo in it? You would probably have to have 2 men and a boy to load it. $1000 is way out of my price range too. But it is nice and it should be for that price

  9. Sootch thank you for reviewing this product!! I saw it a few years back and couldn't find it anywhere having forgotten the name. Thank You!

  10. Another Homerun Sir. !!!! I have a GoBox but not as heavy duty as this, maybe it's time for an upgrade !!!
    Question: Does it have a pressure regulating valve? I don't recall you saying so.

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