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The BEST value MUDMASTER G-SHOCK! | All Black GG-B100 Carbon Core watch review

The BEST value MUDMASTER G-SHOCK! | All Black GG-B100 Carbon Core watch review

hello everyone GHF here, today
we’re gonna have a look at the new Carbon Core Guard Quad Sensor Bluetooth equipped MudMaster G Shock watch (long name -_-) Before I begin I got three announcement
to make. (Better listen!) first we’ve already picked the winner for the GA-2000 G Shock watch
free giveaway which I’ll announce separately, second of all more giveaway will be made starting from this month (not sure till when), what all you guys have to do is just keep watching and be alert. Third of all, this MudMaster is
insanely incredible and this is a must-have master of G watch in
everyone’s collection. All thanks to which is the sponsor for today’s
video (seriously they helped me a lot) is a proxy shopping service
website based in Japan, so if you want to buy anything at all from Japan including
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even vintage models, I highly recommend you guys to use their website, they’d been
supporting this channel and I’d like you guys to let them know that I send you guys there by going through the link in the description box below. Let’s continue there are a few way for me to describe
how or what this MudMaster are all about but to put it simply, just imagine this
is a combination in between that twin sensor mudmaster with a GWR-B1000X gravity master all in one package because it has this carbon-fiber bezel
on top, it has all button operation without any crown and it is an ana=digi
models, it is also carbon core structured, the watchband is similar as the twin sensor mudmaster model including the size, shape, and texture all the way to
the watch band keeper and also the buckle at the same time, and the adapter is
similar as the one on this GWR-B1000 making it incredibly tough and solid and
the best way for me to describe the function is like a twin a twin sensor mudmaster again mixed with a rangeman triple sensor model all in one package and the
retail price for this is only forty-five thousand Japanese yen but I
paid thirty four thousand Japanese yen only since I buy it from, when you
think about it the price for this is roughly similar as the triple sensor rangeman and this twin sensor mudmaster so I gotta say this one beats
both of them at the same time including the triple sensor mudmaster in term of
function, but the quality? there’s no way near to the high-end
master of G models just keep that in mind; and there’s one more way for me to
put of how good this model is; it is closely similar to the triple sensor GPS
rangeman g-shock watch, let me tell you guys why; to better understand how
or what the watch can do I’m gonna need to fully zoom into the watch face and
demonstrate that instead it operates on Casio 5594 which you could already read on your website before you made your purchase but regardless, keep watching. Obviously this is an ana-digi models with six button operations and right now it is showing the time in the
analog and the atmospheric pressure information. Just by pressing the adjust
button on top you could access the time and digital or swap the display to step
tracking function which is the first sensor in this watch. It works similarly
as the G squad model in one package Mudmaster model and next you’ll have
yourself a day-dated display and back to graph display, next if you press this
button you could access the compass function but in my case I found it
there’s a little bit of issue where the hands is going to the right side when
the reading is going to the left side but I guess I could calibrate this I’ll
go back to this feature after this. Next you’ll have the altimeter; which is the
third sensor in the watch right now it is showing negative one agree basically
change in height, press the mode button to go back to home timekeeping, press it
again to go to the barometer mode in here it works similarly as previous
triple sensor model except if you press the adjjust button, instead of showing
twenty hour range atmospheric pressure change graph, it is now showing us 56
hours range. On average model, the best one will be the rangeman, where this
graph has a range to 48 hours now we have 56 hours that is a lot of data and
so far it is super accurate on weather prediction. Next, temperature which is the
fourth sensor in the watch. Next you’ll have recall which is associated with
the altimeter reading next sunrise and sunset mode and what I like about the
watch is that it has the animations on this side to show you guys the sunrise
and sunset time at a specific date. Next a stopwatch to 24 hour range this part is
pretty much similar as most G-Shock, countdown timer to also 24 hour range. Alarm with NO snooze but you do have signal, last but not least world time
instead of just showing all of those 300 cities abbreviation, the watch will spells all of them out for you and I found it to be really
convenient, pressing mode button again will brings you back to home time. So far the
watch works very much similar as all of these models at the back, I gotta say my
Quad Sensor Gulfmaster could do most of the thing that this watch could do minus
the step tracking feature, but when you pair this watch to your phone then
specialty really shines once you’re done pairing the watch to
your phone you could access three important function that is special to
only this mudmaster. First it’s the altitude setting, the watch will utilize
the GPS of your phone and measure the elevation meaning you’ll have yourself a
very accurate altitude reading or if you want to manually correct that use this
setting at the bottom once you’re done you could use this mission-log commonly
known as flight-log what it does basically it will ping the GPS satellite
for every 10 seconds once you turn it on to create a path to which you are going
start and to the end you can turn it off or turn it on using this altimeter
button over here press and hold it for about five second instead last but not
least is the most fun part about the watch is called location point formerly
known as bearing memory instead of just showing you the bearing the watch will
now showing you the distance as well it will utilize this GPS on your phone and
calculate the distance and send the data to your watch and you could find a
specific points that you firstly need to register in advance and then the watch
goes just point to you directly without need the phone anymore
basically it works similar as the back tracking function on the GPS Rangeman.
Alright those are the three important parts, the rest are very much similar
you’ll have your steptracker and also calorie-burn-meter, you’ll have your world
time to 300 cities setting and lastly utilities to set the five alarms,
signal and timer, finally the Illuminations this watch features two
LED lights one for analog and one for digital and they are insanely bright, it
came equipped with auto-light functions and also lume on indexes, including the
hands, the luminescence on this all-black version could only glows the top of the
index but if you get the olive green one it could glows the entire index which is
better (wrong; just the same*) but if you’re looking for a minimalist look I gotta say the
all-black version is a go-to watch and also if you’re looking for a master of G
on a budget right now in 2019 I would straightaway and recommend this
watch to you it could do a lot things meaning you can get a lot of
values for the price a few downside though it is not sapphire the glass is
just mineral but it does feature a dome shape which could work with the glare
and it is indeed pretty much anti reflective and the digital display again
not as good as the one on high-end master of G third of all it featured a
non rechargeable battery this watch aren’t solar powered but Casio mention that it use CR2025 and it could last you for two years with all the things that this
watch can do I gotta say it indeed overshadowed for all the things that
this watch cannot do and that is impressive before a nice video I’d like to point
out one more problem that I just found out about my mudmaster g-shock watch
being the compass function specifically ‘indicate feature’ which is the main big
function for the watch, in my case I tried it multiple times I followed the manual look
five five nine four but every time I do it, it always fails, somehow it cannot
retrieve the location function for my phone and..meaning I cannot use this
indicate function at all, probably I’m doing it wrong somewhere or probably the watch is faulty regardless I’ll keep you guys posted in the future and I’d like
you guys to comment on below if any one of you guys have the similar experience as the one like I am right now that should sum it all. Thank you very much for watching this is GHF and I’m… out!

Reader Comments

  1. Wow. Feature packed. Believe in near future Casio will start the solar-powered battery version. Thanks for the video

  2. Looks awesome but……………………No Tough Solar no sale. Getting the battery replaced every 1 1/2 years if you use it like it was meant to be used, no thanks
    GWG-1000 FOREVER!

  3. Hey buddy… great review… for the price it isn't bad hey, like some of the connection features that look easy to follow.
    Being that it will require battery replacements every two years, how easy does this look on your eyes to replace? I would've thought having a separate battery door would be something smart, as I know many will wonder if it'll be as resistant as when factory new after a battery replacement?
    I can see a market for these new carbon cores, sits in nicely between the ranks, but personally the Master of G has just that more refinement, but does carry a huge price difference. Glad to see the Quad Gulfmaster is in your collection still 🙂
    Thanks for sharing my friend… lucky 13 likes from me :))

  4. Awesome G. Hope it gets released in India soon. Great video as always. Curious to know what is the function of 'Indicator' above digital display.

  5. I've got the green version, but i like to customize it to orange, do you know where can i get the orange band or any other color

  6. Im always a fan of tough solar features of gshocks. It’ll be a must have for me if that has a tough solar cuz I hate replacing the battery. But thats just me. Keep it up bro! Nice review! 👍🏻

  7. Great video. I have the green version. Actually, the lume is the same as this black one. Only the top that glows. 😁

    I do also have the issue with the location point. Only works sometimes. Seems to work better if the app is up and running on the Phone…

  8. I think that the gw9400 rangeman is better, beacuse it doesn't depend on your phone. If I had signal for gps and everthing then why wouldn't I just go to google maps? Also after you replace a battery your whatch loses some waterresistance. If they do a bad job it will die on you (happened to my friend a week ago). So thats why the though solar thing is so important. Step counter is useless for me, but I can understand that it can be seen as a benefit. What really is nice though is carbon fiber and thats it.

  9. I own a GW 9400 Rangeman. Is it possible to instal the 'wings/wristguards' for the wrist from the GWG 1000 Mudmaster onto the Rangeman GW 9400 ? Another great video as usual.
    Thanks in advance ⌚.

  10. Interesting development here. I need to try one to see if it could take the place of my Mudmaster… Thanks for another great video.

  11. I was really excited to see and hear about it when this model first announced.
    However, when you have watches that have the automatic functions, like "Solar Charging", it is hard to go backwards. and going back to a battery model that may need it's battery changed out approx. every 2 years really put a damper on the excitement level. Especially considering the costs.

    Will Casio come out with a solar version?

  12. Très belle montre mais a votre avis quelle est la meilleure entre celle là et et celle que vous avez sur votre main droite golfmaster merci pour la vidéo vous êtes top 👍✌️

  13. Been wearing this G for the past week and I absolutely love it. I cant recommend it enough and the Estimated battery life isn't an issue for me, I'll just change it myself when the time comes. Just been on my 10 mile hike this morning, I normally wear my GPR-B1000 for such things but decided to put my B100 through it paces today. Nice to see the step counter run up 20,000+ Lol. Love it.

  14. Looks great, great functions, and great review! (As stated several times below, just a pity it ain’t Tuff Solar!)
    Thanks for sharing 👍🍻

  15. Yet again a great review – what I love about your reviews is that they are impartial. You pick out the clear advantages/positive points about the models but point out their limitations (in considering cost/other models etc). Personally I think the watch is OK but the digital display looks a bit 'naff' and as other people are saying the solar capability I would miss. I would say, if you are able, always save up for the top of the range G-Shocks as the extra money is well worth spending. The Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000 for example is beautiful and the quality stunning.

  16. Was a sure buy for me until I realized it doesnt have tough solar. Bummer! Guess I'll keep dreaming about the Rangeman Gpr-B1000

  17. Nice review … awesome looking watch with plenty of useful features over the GWG1000 …the bluetooth &the sunrise / sunset added … however, I wish we can use a ten year battery for the GG B to partially compensate for the lack of solar charging??? … can anyone help in answering this plz? …

  18. Could anybody please tell me if I can take this watch to the sauna with me without worrying about frying it? My last watch was lost in the gym, cause I was taking it off to the sauna, and I was stupid enough to forget about it, yes. Greetings from Glasgow :)!

  19. I agree with the rest on the solar charge capability, it is a must. Once you open the watch to replace the battery there goes your 200m water resistance.

  20. Loved this watch.. help me buying with best deal as it is not available in India.. also want to know what's small robot like ??

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