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  1. Also note that they won’t make everyone in these MOS’s reclass or get out. They will first look for volunteers and see what that gets the numbers down to and then if that’s not enough then they will get how ever many more to reclassify. There will still have to be some soldiers in these MOS’s they just need to reduce the numbers.

  2. I like the format. Although I like your love for skulls it doesn't go with the news format. But I'm all for It. Great stuff!!

  3. “Oh you were forced to re class and not happy about being a 11B now?? Cool story guy, start low crawling!” Lmao

  4. Checked out the video to make sure cyber operations specialist wasn't on the list of forced MOS changes > Turned out it was the largest bonus range on the screen =D

  5. I'm about to go to boot camp next week and my MOS is 35P. I have no idea what language I'll get at DLI, but I've been told that I may get Russian or Mandarin. I got a little scared watching this video until I re-watched the portion where he mentioned 35P.

  6. The MI positions are a surprise. 🤔… most of those lower enlisteds could re class into a good job. 👍. BTW, I saw PMC type MI interrogators were earning $1000.00 USD 💵 per day in SW Asia! 😘 that's a nice 💰 if you can get that MOS & related TS/DoD cleared level access…

  7. I'm 5 months away from my 17th birthday and I had intended to join on my 17th birthday, I wanted to be 68W (combat medic) and my backup if I couldn't get it was 11B I DID hear him say something about the 68 class, could someone explain to me about how screwed I am at the moment?

  8. Yeah I'm a 38 year old Carpenter I'm too old for Military Service. 6'4" 220 raised and Trained by WW2 Army Air Corps Drill Instructor and Vietnam In Country 65-68 ECM Reconnaissance Father….but too old.

  9. Sounds shitty. I had to do a double take when you said there was a possibility of making E-5 out of AIT. What a fucking joke. Nobody has any business being an NCO out of AIT. MAYBE after their first deployment or a good few years at their unit, but definitely not fresh out of AIT. FFS you don't even make PFC until your 1 year mark.

  10. I don’t go into A.I.T. Until next year cause I’m split op, do I get a chance to volunteer for one of these MOS’s?

  11. No they are still offering them to enlist into. They will continue to load new blood into the system as the older ones are asked to leave. They will only limit the number of slots.

  12. The day I decide to enlist as a watercraft engineer and they’re firing people, what are the friggin odds!

  13. I signed my contract as 19D yesterday at MEPS. My liaison was really trying to push me to sign as an Orthopedic Specialist since I scored a 97 on my ASVAB, but I want to do something physical at least for a few years. I ship to Ft. Benning September 3rd.

  14. I'm 12r interior electrician, reserve unit. I haven't even gone to basic yet. I'm assuming I'm not being affected but what does this mean for me? For example, am I more likely to be deployed if they're down sizing the mos? Can they pluck me from my unit if they need to?

  15. The Army changing things up a bit. I hope that any potential enlistees will be informed of the situation. Chaos, this information is good to know. I wonder if I could get a list of the available MOS's the Army has.

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