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The Arizona Shooting

The Arizona Shooting

you know we have witnessed a very dark tragedy here in the United States with the shootings that have just happened in Arizona where nine people were killed including a federal judge and many others wounded including a US Congresswoman and here a very troubled man that had mental and emotional issues but who could have a do could have identified someone that would have actually carried out such a heinous crime it is a dark day for America and we need to be praying for these families now two things that are very important the Congress right now has gotten into a frenzy about passing laws and throwing blame Rush Limbaugh Sarah Palin glenn beck all of these are conservative thinking speakers and i listened to all of them and I've never been led to do any kind of act of violence but this guy wasn't necessarily a conservative at all in fact really there were more tendencies toward liberal than conservative from what they can tell but a lot of times but politicians will use that as a springboard for their own political agendas and we need to nip this in the bud as soon as possible new laws that are being voted on and proposed need to be approached very soberly and almost as a sacred proposition so please you need to contact your congressmen and your Senators and tell them to stand down that we don't need new laws that this was an individual episode and it was a something that was senseless and had no political motivation whatsoever and it's just something that happens now one of the questions that I have and really rightfully so is why wasn't there security there on the premises if they want to do anything that will prevent something like this they should have had security there at the event it was an unarmed man that actually took the shooter down if Congress is concerned about themselves then they need to have their own personal protection to change the Second Amendment and to infringe upon my rights for self-defense to to dictate what I can and cannot listen to is absolutely asinine this is not a time to move on a political agenda it is a time to mourn it is a time to step back and reflect and to pray for these families and that's what it should be all about and to celebrate the heroes that stood in the gap thanks for watching god bless america long live the Republic

Reader Comments

  1. Even semi-auto is way more killing power than anyone needs.
    Since you bring up cars, why is it easier to get a driver's license than a gun license? Why are you so opposed to regulations on guns that would be no more intrusion or restrictive than those for drivers and cars. Every car is registered and license by appropriate authorities. Why don't gun owners have to have insurance on their weapons like car owners have to have on their autos? I just want guns/owners licensed like cars/drivers.

  2. Saddly the Pima County jail is the largest mental illness provider in southern AZ. It is sad that a Congress Woman or Man needs a bunch of body guards. There should of been at least 1 uniformed police man at her event. If more people would exercised there right to carry concealed (Sheep-dogs) there may of been less victoms that sad saturday. Food for thought.

  3. Politically when you have reps of the gov jumping on these scenarios all you have is people fighting for what they like and don't like. The ratio of the gun death problem to regular health issues that face america is so uncomparable. It has nothing to do with insight of one another's cause/justification of owning a gun. Anti gunners should be against ANYTHING that can kill. Sorry anti-gunners, there is no perfect world, and to leave others defenseless against it is just naive.

  4. @subysuby well, though I am pro gun, I disagree with what you're saying.
    It is impossible to be as deadly with a car than with a gun.
    And a car serves other purposes than kililng. A car isn't designed to kill unlike guns. A gun's sole purpose is to kill.
    I feel like using the old retort of ''well let's ban kitchen knives" or "cars kill more than guns" is just taking the debate off course and straight into a dead end.
    How can we expect to be taken seriously when we don't use sound arguments?

  5. @subysuby Finally I read something I can agree with! I"ve been saying it since the morning of the shooting….Those caliming for more gun control and laws, etc…not only are UNAMERICAN for not caring one bit about the constitution, they are also ignorant and ignorance is not an excuse for what comes out of their mouths.
    Besides, all one has to do is look at the history of other countries where "the people" have no rights to defend themselves to see how bad they have it.
    Thanks subysuby.

  6. ok whatever rocks your boat may peace be with you sometimes blind man see better then the one with perfect two eyes ————sonne0ne

  7. gm is made to transport people not build to purposely kill someone and vehicles kill tons of people each year on the other hand guns are tools of death purposely build to kill not for fun but most of as use them for fun so if you have common sense you will see deference and about ccw well it is good to have them but they have their side effects to in crowd where you can kill someone that was try to protect him self from real killer but all you see gun in hands and open fire and mess fallows

  8. @thegangvault2 he WAS stopped with the help of a ccw holder, unfortunately it was a too late for the ones he had already shot but who knows how many more people he could have killed if those brave citizens hadn't stepped in and stopped him.

    my dear sir or madam, i'm afraid your absurd accusations against my character deserve no reply. a fool will not be reasoned with. to do so would be an exercise in futility.

  10. @acrophobe Even more, what about the Fort Hood, and Colorado Springs, all the other instances when CCW has saved the day. What about virginia tech, many people killed but if someone, teacher security guard etc, had a ccw could have stopped the incident well before the police arrive. Even in columbine the shooter killed themselves as soon as a sign of resistance arrived. But I suppose someone like you likes it when more people die, as it gives you more "ammunition" to attack guns & owners with.

  11. @acrophobe Also, that is one incident, the man took property restricted only for government use. This will never happen but, if citizens could own and drive tanks freely about, they could have stopped him as well. Your making a statement that is like saying "well, Hungarians in WW2 had rifles, but that didn't stop Nazi Germany from storming through with tanks. There for guns are useless." Also you have an extreme example, when even a police man's 9mm would be useless.

  12. @acrophobe So you think we should have stayed British? Because that is exactly what we had to do. the 2nd amendment and many of our documents, state that men have the right and obligation to defend our country. Even though the 2nd amendment mentions a militia it is not saying arms stay in the hands of government. Back then militia was made up of free men who opted to put their own life on the line to protect us. Men who had no obligations to the government, strictly fought on their own accord.

  13. @idRATHERbeOUTDOORS in 95, Shawn Nelson hijacked a tank and went on a rampage in san diego. no one saved the day with a CCW or extended magazine; nor would they have been useful. as with most of these cases, the police handled it.

    if gun owners across the country stockpile weapons and ammo more suited for offense than defense, and are preparing, if not eager, for a war on the pretense of defending their rights, this will eventually become a massively destructive self-fulfilling prophecy.

  14. @thegangvault2 I agree but guess what, according to Arizona law at a public event like that one even a ccw holder would have been restricted from carrying. I think that that is just about the dumbest thing because where do these mass shootings happen? Not in a 7/11

  15. @Wudenshoe
    there's only one reason to have a high capacity magazine, and at the risk of sounding insensitive, the arizona shooting was an excellent example of the tactical advantage of such firepower. its a mistake to assume no one will abuse it.

    we dont need to be able to kill en masse. for us not to be able to own 33 round pistol mags, 12 gauge drum mags, or have automatic weapons is not a very restrictive gun climate. im fine with CA's 10 round cap. i want to defend myself, not declare war.

  16. I don't like using this forum to talk about this,because the Arizona shooting was tragic incident, But what is the real reason someone calls the police? its not so they can make a record of the incident.Police are called so they can fight the gunman with another gun. if firemen were the ones with guns we'd call them first to something like this. In events like this if there isn't a misfire or loading failure on the weapon itself it takes a second gunman to stop the first gunman.

  17. sootch, i'm always disappointed to hear intelligent individuals such as yourself repeat Fox news and NRA talking points verbatim. Loughner killed a federal judge and a congresswoman. Giffords was the first person he shot. that that could not be a political act is beyond absurd. i've yet to hear a single conservative advocate for even the most moderate gun control since the shooting. reinstating the ban on high cap magazines is a perfectly reasonable response to this incident.

  18. i believe it is disgusting that politicians turn a terrible tradgedy like this to something politcal, pushing their agendas and such, have some respect

  19. Very well put Sootch!! I wish more people would have the same insight as you do. May God watch over those of the fallen and help mend the wounded.

  20. The libs will use any excuse like this for more gun control. Everytime a tragedy like this occurs, we need to be even more on guard to protect our rights from the gun-grabbers.

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