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The Amazon isn’t “Burning” – It’s Being Burned

The Amazon isn’t “Burning” – It’s Being Burned

good morning John so I’ve seen a bunch of tweets for the last few days I’m pretty angry which you know makes it exactly like every other few days in the last few years but in this specific case it was tweets like these the Amazon rainforest is seeing a record number of wildfires large swaths of the Amazon rainforest are burning fires are raging the Amazon region is burning now mostly this comes down to like a problem I have with reality which is that there’s just too much of it and thus it is very hard to be aware of all of it and so we end up with things that are incomplete making their way into our brains but if there’s anything we should be aware of it’s this cuz you know future of the planet at stake and stuff like that so why do I not like these tweets well because here in America where I live usually if there’s a wildfire it was an accident and sometimes fires are okay because fires are a normal part of our ecosystems in America and sometimes they were done on purpose by like criminals who the government wants to arrest so when you read these headlines as an American you think oh no a fire happened I hope someone’s trying to put it out but in the Amazon fire is not a natural part of the ecosystem and because of that many trees in the rain forest can’t survive what we would in the u.s. consider a trivial burn these fires are not natural they are intentional this isn’t intentional like it’s arson it’s intentional like this land is more economically productive when we graze cattle on it than when it’s the rain forest so the headline here shouldn’t be large swaths of the Amazon are burning it should be large swaths of the Amazon are being burned now sometimes in the dry season which we’re in right now there are natural wildfires in the Amazon and in fact the number of natural wildfires appears to be increasing because here’s a thing about the Amazon and other rainforests with plenty of water and plenty of sunlight the ecosystem is really good at using everything that comes its way that means that most of the water that falls is immediately released back into the atmosphere by this tremendous amount of vegetation photosynthesis gets done when water evaporates out of plants a single tree can evaporate more than 50 thousand gallons of water per year and once that water is back in the atmosphere it falls again rainforests don’t just thrive on rain they make rain so when there’s less rainforest there’s less rain and more fires that’s not the real reason there’s so many more fires this year it’s not hotter than normal it’s not drier than normal the thing that changed in Brazil is who the President did the moment he was elected I air Belson ro rolled back environmental protections in Brazil earlier this month he fired the head of Brazil’s national space and Research Institute after he defended data showing that deforestation had grown 40 percent in the last year Bolson ro says that figure is wrong and the deforestation is down that’s a lie when asked why there are so many fires this year bull Sonora said that maybe environmental organizations are setting them to make him look bad that is also a lie but this isn’t just like pure malice and like love of destruction there’s an ideology here there’s the economic part of it which is just that there’s a lot of value in the rainforest and no one’s making any money off of it if it’s just being rainforests and then there’s sort of an ideological thing of like the civilizing interest of man we must bring our superior way of life to this wild jungle racist manifest destiny kind of stuff so to make the money you encourage legal logging and farming you reduce inspections reduce regulations and you ignore illegal land grabs where forest is slashed and burned and then seeded with grass and sold the ranchers there’s also another piece of the ideology here that I think is really interesting reality is that most of the good that the Amazon does is for everyone it produces oxygen for everyone it traps co2 for everyone it preserves biodiversity for the whole world but Brazil isn’t getting paid for any of that stuff far-right perspectives ultra nationalist perspectives don’t really allow for stuff that helps everyone it goes against this ideology that the nation is for the nation only and here’s where this gets super wild the fact that the rest of the world cares so much about the Amazon rainforest isn’t perceived as a reason to protect it it’s perceived by these people as a threat it’s like a claim on their sovereignty it’s it’s thought of as internationalisation after all like legitimately what right do i as an American I have to tell Brazil what to do with its rainforests in America we have DeForest did everything we can so our interest in protecting it actually becomes a reason for some people to want to destroy if you live in a world where everything is a zero-sum game why should anyone else benefit from our property and then there’s the reality that the Amazon is not as we sometimes imagine it empty there are many indigenous people other people who live and work in the forest and who rely on the forest for their livelihoods but those people are often not seen as real Brazilians by these nationalists nationalism is an inherently exclusionary ideology and that’s why fascism nationalism and racism so often walk together here’s the thing of course if the if the Amazon rainforest was a hundred percent pasture land and soybeans that would not just be a disaster for the whole world it would be even more of a disaster for Brazil itself see how hot it is in northern Africa that’s actually farther away from the equator than Brazil is Brazil receives more solar energy than Saudi Arabia but because of the rain forest it is much more cool this is the effect of that evapotranspiration the rain forest makes rain if there is less of it it is clear that it would be hotter and drier and these man-made fires or even the natural ones will spread on their own leading to a feedback loop that could end the Amazon and 70% of the GDP of South America is made in places where Amazon rainforest rain falls even here in America again internationalization for you much of the rain that falls here is a vapo transpired in the Amazon rainforest and an important note when I talk about rain falling really what I’m talking about is agriculture I’m talking about food we eat that rain there’s a lot of talk about tipping points and I think it’s important to note that there are always many tipping points along the path to something being completely destroyed but yes there is a time when less and less water falls in the rain forests and fires happen more and more often and there is a time where we lose most if not all of the Amazon that’s a terrifying prospect considering that it produces 20% of the oxygen that we breathe and it’s why we have science to warn us about stuff like this so that we can take action and it’s why we have human rights to protect people whose land is their land whose life is their light but it is all too easy to deny stuff like this when you have more of an allegiance to your ideology than you do to the truth and that is something that I like to try and say to myself constant it’s why we need to call a lie a lie no matter who says it it’s why we need to say that the rainforest is not burning it is being burned John I’ll see you on Tuesday obviously this is a big and complicated thing and this is a short video so I’ve linked to a bunch of other resources the article in the intercept from a few months ago that basically predicted all of this was my favorite resource for this but there are lots of other smart people talking about it and it seems like people are having a better idea of what exactly is going on and why it’s happening so and I guess thanks for caring about this because because that’s a big deal and it is the only way we have slowed this in the past

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  1. CORRECTIONS (Because of course)
    1. I just said the widely-shared fact that the Amazon produces 20% of the world's oxygen without checking. This is not correct, and I should have checked it. The question of where the oxygen comes from is a complicated and interesting one and, frankly, I'd like to make a whole video about it. A good estimate is that the Amazon produces about 6% of the world's oxygen. Which still seems like an important amount.

    2. The cat I show in the video is a jaguarundi, that's not a correction…just something lot of people asked about.

    3. There's a lack of clarity in statistics right now, this isn't because scientists are bad, it's because the dry season is on-going and there are more fires every day and existing fires grow. So when we say "there are 88% more fires than last year* that doesn't necessarily mean "88% more land has been burned" nor is that number set in stone. Figuring out exact numbers from this year's fire season will take a long time because, like, the Amazon is very big and humans have to draw shapes on satellite maps.

  2. Similar stuff going in western ghats (india). Coffee/Tea plantation owners are poisoning rainforest trees to expand the plantation area.

  3. The economic reason for this is european consumers of brazilian meat and soy for pigs and another animals for china.

  4. Sadly, the truth is that this problem is much bigger than anyone could think. Putting at side these big and rich people which just care about farming, people who set Amazonia on fire probably haven't had a good education. Public schools sucks in Brazil and less of 20% of the population have access to a private one. Brazilians don't know about their history, their forest or anything about their own country. Brazil is on crisis. Educational, political, economic… anything you could think Brazil has this crisis. I don't know why, but it seems like our government like it. The political men want us, the population, to be stupid. But trust me, Brazilians who can see behind all the crazy stuff that is happening on Brazil are sorry for everything. Sorry for shity English.

  5. As a Brazilian, as a Biologist, and as a Botanist
    the only thing I cant feel is anger and sadness. I feel I must fight, but now I'm just destroyed.

  6. I'm proud to be an American.

    You may stop APOLOGIZING for me immediately. Perhaps you should speak only for YOURSELF and the guilt you must carry — simply because you were born America.

    If YOU think Nationalism is 100% evil, perhaps renouncing your American citizenship and living "internationally" would bring you a sense of "belonging to nothing" that is apparently missing from your life.

  7. I can confirm, I have went to many countries in the middle east and there is way too much Brazilian meat sold here and for a low price. It isn't even exclusive to one type of meat but all types….

  8. Those pictures of the Americans forest acreage floored me. I never realized how green it used to be here. That is an extreme tragedy that I never even knew occurred.

  9. So many of these people that willingly destroy our planet for what is essentially blind greed. I know it's never going to happen but they seriously need to be arrested for crimes against humanity levels of evil.

  10. The Satanists own our invented nations. They own everything. The elections are staged. Only Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan is holding out, currently under attack by USA, Russia, coalition of 80 countries, Saudi, Iran, Pakistan, etc, all based on lies of 9/11.
    Keep voting, cattle, and uniting with other cattle based on your nationality, skin color, left/right, republican/democrat, etc…instead for the GOOD/TRUTHFUL/JUST people to unite with other GOOD people and crush the evil.

  11. I love how people THINK they know what's going on when they don't have a clue, still, it gets subscritions eh? Well done you 😉

  12. Humans will be gone in 200-400 years. But look on the bright side, the problem will eventually solve itself once we're gone 🙂

  13. "Far right perspective" doesn't have anything to do with deforestation. It's selfishness and irresponsibility, not a political agenda. Far right=anarchy. Far left=all power to government. Neither have brought on the burning of the rain forest. To blame these issues on "them" is lazy. The problem is the natural man and it resides inside of all of us. It's the irresponsibility of those who care for those forests and those who put these caretakers into a place of authority. The problem is us. Be a better person.

  14. what pisses me off is the fact US companies paid the president of brazil off with kickbacks to clear out the forests for more farmlands to feed the demand for product resources for these companies like starbucks, coca cola, and chocolate companies, then to make things worse, you have BP wanting to tap into the untouched oil that has always sat beneath the amazon forest that is now accessible with the forest being scorched

  15. Thank you for using your channel to educate people and spread awareness!!!!! It’s something we should panic about now! It’s making me cry but my tears are dry and need to take action

  16. The Amazon DOES NOT produces 20% of the oxygen. The amound of oxygen all the jungles and rainforests produce it's close to just 10 percent. The greatest productor of oxygen it's actually the ocean. Watch out for missinformation and half truths.

  17. Hey vlogbrothers, usually you keep your head cool wich makes your opinions in different matters very well grounded and self critical, and multisided. Like to be expected with one who can read between the lines and get whats really going on.
    But I have to say that on this one you have finally let emotions take hold and clouded your senses.
    There is more going on than you know, and the story is more multifacetted and not as black or white as we are being led (lied) to believe.

  18. Lets get upset about something??? i know the amazon!!!! Dude this been going on for years………. Didn't see you idiots get upset with the Indonesian fires for the palm oil?? Just as big of a rain forest and just as important. This is all politics

  19. Awesome, you just missed the part the Bolivian government has also been playing and in Venezuela and area as huge as Bulgaria is been destroyed as well thanks to government policies. The "Arco Minero", look for it too

  20. Turns out a better name for this planet would be Titanic. I was just reading about that ships design flaw that doomed it. The compartments that we’re meant to isolate a breech in the hull were inadequate, so once a portion of the ship became overwhelmed, the domino effect took over. So, you may have a secure stateroom somewhere that seems protected, but once the balance passes a design maximum, the entire ship is going down!

  21. Deforestation and Capitalism are alive and well 🙄. The amazon needs to be left alone!!!! It is the second lung of the world! The first is the OCEAN!!!!! WE HAVE TWO LUNGS AND NO ONE IS HELPING BY EATING ANIMALS EATING ANIMALS IS KILLING THE PLANET AND US!!!!!!!!

  22. That's what I've been saying. Who is burning it. 85% more burning from last year? Macron is responsible.

  23. Ok…Brazil wanted more farmland…oil companies wanted to drill…so how much easier it is burning and getting rid of the animals and Amazon Rainforest peoples and just take their land from them…for free…

  24. Forest fires aren't cause by photosynthesis Dan are caused by people purposely starting fires in dah amazon… Hmm wonder who could be responsible for dat…………

  25. I really wish International Press could see the desperate attempts of Bolsonaro's goverment to deny the extraordinary magnitude of these burns. The post-truth media scenario here in Brazil is scary and hard to understand. I dont know how we got this fair

  26. so, here is a thing…
    Amazon Rain Forest — Forest burning or already cleared land?

    deforestation is a bad thing…

  27. To be honest you’re kinda wrong about the indigenous people of the amazon. The current government doesn’t want to exterminate them, they want to integrate them into our society, and some of them manifest they want to integrate. Some Indians, by the way, have tried to start soy plantations in their reservations and were fined for that. People living in the forest want roads to connect to the rest of the country, the roads we have now were almost completely taken by the jungle, it’s the only region in the country that doesn’t connect to the rest of it, they can’t even have certain kinds of food there because it takes days by boat to get there. depending on who you ask, they will tell you that grasslands and soy plantations will produce the same amount of oxygen as the rainforest. What actually makes the oxygen we breathe are the algae in the ocean, the trees consume oxygen almost at the same rate as they capture carbon dioxide. The rainforest in Brazil doesn’t influence the rest of the world in a significant way, but sure, the climate in Brazil and neighboring countries may change dramatically without it. So Macron with his pseudo environmental alibi may deal with his agrarian protectionism in a different way, telling the world the truth, that he’s criticizing Brazil with 15 year old fire pictures and pseudoscientific mantras because he doesn’t want Cheap and high quality Brazilian products in French supermarkets harming the subsidized French agriculture and taking his popularity down even further. To sum it up we do have a problem, but it’s severely out of proportion as it is announced by the media.

  28. The National institute for Space Research data show 72,000 fires is right in line with normal for past few years. In fact during 2002- 2007 there were twice as many fire in Amazon January thru August , 140,000.
    Perhaps more facts and less hype would do us all good. Deep breath the world is not at stake.

  29. The only thing that will fix these problems, is if we can reset the Western mentality that has been corrupted by the acquisition of money and GDP. We need Bhutan's Gross National Happiness to replace ever mounting piles of debt and human misery. This is the proposal in Andrew Yang's American Scorecard, a new basket of measurements that will include health, saturation, freedom, etc. When we put the right number to work as our national priority, we will be able to get things done.

    For the Amazon, if other countries have an interest there, we need to trade/give something of value to them. It's a simple negotiation, and not a time to blame and shame. Shame on ALL of us for not doing more. #YangsClimatePlan

  30. NSS. It's time, people, past time, we take matters into our own hands. For the good of the Earth and Humankind that WE TAKE CHARGE — WHAT EVER THAT MEANS!


  32. When I heard about the fires my first thought was how this would effect the climate locally and globally. Like so many other things it comes down to the desire of “ how much can I profit from this “ , thank you for keeping the citizens informed ( I live in Canada ) globally. It was impressed on me as I grew up how important the Amazon Rainforest meant to the O2 supply that we have on earth. Man has destroyed our once beautiful world that it should not have to struggle to maintain it self.

  33. So, I do hope this means that you are vegan or going to be?
    “There is enough resources for everyone’s need but not for anybody’s greed” – Mahatma Gandhi.

  34. This vídeo so full of misinfornation. 1st of all Jair Bolsonaro haven't change any regulation; this is done by criminals probably NGOs, The Amazon dosen't produce the world's oxigens, all the oxigens in the Amazon is all consumed by the Amazon and the São Paulo and southern Brazil rain come from Argentina. Bolsonaro cut the government money that they were giving to the NGOs and they but fire as a revenge. Also Brazil protect its land and have one of the toughest enviromental regulation in the world. Most of Brazil's food aren't produce in the Amazon, Brazil's agricultural hart land is in the south, southest and central east which is cerrado. And also if you look at statistics the Amazon fire peaked during Lula's socialist government, and his enviromental ministry at the time was Marina Silva, she have ilegal logging company in the Amazon. The fire and deforestation never been soo low! It all a lie, the EU just made a deal with Mecosur and now the French are scared because their agriculture will run out of buissiness. Brazil uses 10% of its land of agricultural uses, while the USA uses 20% and Brazil produces as much food as the US.

  35. I hate my self for being a human……shame…humans!!
    We are destorying our planet for money….
    But money will not save us ..

  36. If they want to get economical benefits by farming in an "unused" land that is the amazon they should go to the moon, or Mars, there's no oxigen there to steal and kill

  37. its amazing and scary that vlog brother hank green has the most enlightened and nuanced perspective on this and not any media channel or their twitter account

  38. Demons are in high power within the government and they are destroying the Earth because Jesus our Lord and Savior is coming back .. The demons are trying their best to get you in hell before the Lord comes ..

  39. Back in May of 2018 I tweeted about how I thought nationalism is an existential threat to our survival as a species and may well be one of the Great Filters responsible for the Fermi Paradox. It is comforting to see someone else I respect speak out in a way that is explicitly anti-nationalist. Thank you, Hank.

  40. Lost me at nationalism. Nationalism in and of itself IS NOT a bad thing. It's only a bad thing when defined by America haters (in the case of the USA) and globalist wannabee tyrants. Fascism is NOT nationalism neither is socialism. Racism is nationalism to an extreme, seen mainly ONLY in countries like China, Japan and most African nations. America IS NOT RACIST, but there are racists here, usually demokkkrats and illegals. 'Nuff said!

  41. TL;DW:
    Hank did half a second of research, causing such simple facts to be misinterpreted, ignored, or in the case of this video, made up.

    1)The Amazon Rainforest does not account for 20% of the Earth’s oxygen. Not even close. But he “corrected” it in his comment… But this is an obvious lie, so for him to make that claim in a video, edit it, and then upload it, it shows he didn’t even try to fact check. The same could be said for the rest of the video, BECAUSE…

    2) over 90% of the Amazon Rainforest that is currently being burned is either agricultural or already deforested. The number of fires that have occurred this year are around 80, whereas the expected number of fires is somewhere around 200. Now, we still have a few months left to go, but we’re not seeing anything close to the 88% increase Hank suggests in this video. On top of this, NONE of the laws regarding wildlife preservation have affected the Amazon in any way. Everything Hank said in this video is just false.

    He came into making this video thinking “human’s bad, must fight bad humans” and completely ignored the truth because of it. This happens with every single video regarding politics and current events these two post. They scratch the surface and ignore everything below it. No. This is not the deliberate destruction of the Amazon. This is what happens every single year, but this year’s numbers are lower.

  42. 🎶Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?
    Pave paradise! Put up a parking lot . . .🎶

  43. what measures have we taken to take care of amazon rainforest? what organizations are trying to save it?

    its mostly lacated in Brazil but if it is so important to the world, all of the countries around the world should do something to preserve it

  44. So… fires are a natural part of some places in the Amazon, most fires are on agricultural land and farming practices have nothing to do with having a right wing nation first government.

    a) Fires do happen in the Amazon, but due to the humidity and type of forestation, it hardly burns anything or ever gets out of control. Climate change may have reduced the ability of the rain-forest coping with naturally occurring fires.

    b) Satellite images show that fires are mostly contained on already deforested land used for agriculture. In fact fires are less than in previous years, if you read NYT.

    c) the Brazilian government is responsible for allowing mass deforestation in the decade. That's a result of putting the country first rather than the environment. It's compounded from the huge debt since hosting the world cup and Olympics since tourism post events have not recouped their initial investment. The fires are a result of ineffective policy or inability of the government to stop such practices from being carried out. The parallels to Indonesia are too similar to ignore, with the slash and burn farming in Sumatra mirroring the Brazilian fires.

    What we can conclude is that the government in Brazil has allowed too much rain-forest to be cut down. It's the DEFORESTATION that's the issue. The fires burning now have nothing on what's been done to the rain-forest in the past 10 years.

  45. Democracy vs. the Evironment. The people of Brazil voted this government in. Maybe the nations of the world should collect taxes and send the money to Brazil on condition that Brazil will preserve the jungle. THEN you will see democracy reconciled with the evironmento.

  46. I reckon this is where the next great plague will come from. Awakening some sort of ancient bacteria, virus maybe something worse

  47. The Amazon forest is the largest existing rainforest in the world in area. Rainforests are one of the oldest biotopes in the world, just like coral. The climate there is always constant, and therefore suitable for a wide variety of living organisms. The Amazon forest has many unexplored animal and plant species. These can be very useful because, for example, new varieties of crops and medicines can be found.

    On the other hand, you have Bolsonaro, the most demagogical party leader you can find.

    He says he creates jobs, but only for the rich people of the country, the farmers, the farmers, but also the mining industry and the trade in tropical hardwood. Because, as is clear, Bolsonaro is mainly supported by the lobby parties, according to the documentary (edge ​​of democracy).

    In addition, the indigenous population in Brazil is still oppressed and abused despite the 1988 constitutional law. Bolsonaro believes he can support the country by implementing his Christian beliefs in the constitution. Bolsonaro believes that by grubbing up the land from his resources, he will have the best advantage for the white Christian man. Bolsonaro allows the plundering of raw materials to turn the rainforest into a plain of herbicide and GMO soy.

    But the fact is that the Netherlands is actually the second largest importer of soy products, mainly Brazil (1). Why? For feeding cattle, to provide the world with a piece of meat every day. So in the end we all have butter on our heads. Together with Brazil, the Dutch embassy wants to plant a highway through the rainforest and thereby make the area accessible for lawless practices because of the current government there is no government supervision and no democracy. That is why it is necessary to stop buying meat and of course other products that are not grown under responsible conditions from Brazil.

    It is now necessary to stop Bolsonaro practices and let it be known that no one can benefit from destroying the Brazilian rainforest. New negotiations are needed to ensure that only certified products leave the country. Bolsonaro needs to be boycotted because he puts scientists out of their positions who tell the truth to people. But all other countries in the world must also realize that all the products we buy, large companies that go on sale with sustainability and our own consumption behavior all contribute to this problem. In addition, the products in the store must state the country of origin for freedom of consumption. And I would like to call on everyone to stop buying products from Brazil.

  48. The #1 cause of Rainforest deforestation is caused by the animal agriculture industry. So if you want to help, quit supporting the industry that wants to see it burn. Quit eating meat and dairy and help the Amazon!

  49. @vlogbrothers hey not sure if you have considered this, but maybe we are going in the direction of the Sci Fi future that has been already drawn out? Like Blade Runner? Replacing trees with machines that convert CO2 to Oxygen? Self interested supercorps like Google? I'm not sure what's the "best future," I'm just observing what's been trending lately and putting it all together into one complete picture.

  50. I just want you to know I’ve lived through devastating wildfires erupting in CA over the last 2decades, from San Diego up to the Pacific Northwest. Your broad characterizations are absolute lies: that it’s normal, okay or simply some random criminals, is sourced from where? I’ve lived in various parts of the planet to see &understand things, but anyone can tell you are just making stuff-up, about something you have never experienced. Not only that your misinformation is dangerous. Dead animals liter the areas for miles, ash falls for weeks to darken skies, destroy gardens, car paint and so much more. Friends, neighbors or just locals you don’t know; those who have lost everything crumble under the enormous fate of it. We are not being good stewards of Earth’s vital resources. Leadership is lacking and corruption in the political system exploits our air, water and environments in devastating ways. The resulting fires, mudslides and other artifacts are pretty much all man made disasters. They are not part of some, grand elaborate cycle of greater good; they are ignorant laziness by folks who speak on topics they are ill-informed about. The misuse of our valued, shared resources have caused the sands of the world’s largest desert to migrate over the ocean where toxic waters already percolate to create poison gases. Your intro dialogue is a fabricated lie. I’ve survived Southwest & Pacific Northwest disastrous fires you spoke about, multiple times and your intro could not be more wrong about what that means for people, businesses, Eco systems and commerce. You are misinforming people about a true life topic that threatens life and property.

  51. I gotta ask…Why do you LIBERALS make everything about racism and nationalism? By the way I'm black. Just curious this this event got linked to far right racism…make me understand.

  52. I am Brazilian, and I'm here to tell you the truth behind Macron's statement.

    Contrary to popular belief, the Amazon does not provide over 20% of the world's oxygen, realistically speaking. The jungle itself reuses all of the oxygen it produces, resulting in virtually zero contribution to the rest of the world. Over 80% of the world's oxygen comes from algae, not trees. While the environment is indeed in danger, the Amazon is not "Earth's lungs", and anyone with half a brain can easily research this.

    Macron, being the ignorant politician that he is, claims that he wishes to "save" the Amazon from the fires that are currently spreading.

    First off, he conveniently doesn't mention that most of these wildfires are taking place in BOLIVIA's territory, not BRAZIL's.

    Second: Fires in the Amazon have been happening for years, long before Bolsonaro was even running for presidency. The climate over there turns dry around this time of the year, and the fallen dry leaves and other debris are easily set ablaze by humans, most of them being illegal farmers. These wildfires were seldom reported by the opportunistic national media outlets, who were scheming with previous socialist governments along with NGOs to silently benefit from taxpayer money that they claimed "would be used to protect the environment", which has always been an obvious lie. The same national media is feeding these lies to the international media, who, being sensationalist liars that they are, feed these lies directly to you. President Bolsonaro IS taking action to prevent the wildfire from spreading, and he has already dispatched the military to the area to combat the fires. Do not trust the media.

    Third: Macron's statements are shady and his intentions are very clear – he doesn't care about the environment at all. He's taking advantage of this dire situation to try and put his foot on Brazilian soil, and threaten our sovereignty. He wants to not only draw attention public attention away from his own country's problems, but he also wishes to sanction the Brazilian government due to our trade and agriculture market with Europe surpassing that of France. Make no mistake: Macron is not trying to help us at all. He's trying to hold back our economy and, on top of that, steal our territory for the sake of what he calls “international justice". If he were indeed trying to help, he would have already started with reforesting efforts in his own piece of Latin America (French Guinea). Hell, he would be reforesting his own country's land right now, but he's not.

    Macron and the media are conspiring against the Brazilian government. You are being deceived.

  53. I could tell you were a beta, effeminate, high voiced liberal lunatic just by your thumbnail of your flabby pale face with nerd goggles. Why are you morons so predictable?

  54. Nationalism is the cancer of the world. It is an outdated idea that just won't die.

    Balsanaro is justifying the burning of the Amazon.
    Modi is removing annexing kashmir and removing their autonomy.
    Xi is denying Hong Kong's demands
    Trump is denying climate change

    The world is burning because of selfish nationalism

  55. Why doesn't the world pay Brazil not to burn the rainforest rather than dictate to what Brazil should do, if we so value the rainforest of the world, then it shouldn't be difficult to put our money were our mouth is

  56. I think we should be asking why the people in these forests want to burn them down, stop being outraged and start creating more economic opportunities than just cattle farming.

  57. Awesome content – really important distinctions to make with natural/man made fires and how exponentially profitable dairy production could kill us all.

    Only thing is the Amazon is "their" [the native peoples] land. Not from their perspective. They ARE an organ of the land. To say they own it is projecting our western concept of land being just a bunch of stuff, not a living organism.

    Kia ora from NZ

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