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The Affordable Zombie Apocalypse Plan B Humvee: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know ( Part 1)

The Affordable Zombie Apocalypse Plan B Humvee: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know ( Part 1)

thank you for inviting me to your facility here oh you're very welcome what is Plan B supply all about so Plan B supply kind of got started on accident we we've been around for about almost eight years now but eight years ago it was just me wanting to build my own truck for my own preparedness purposes and after I built it about three four months later someone bought it from me and I built another one it the truck for me was just there's these military chassis that carry a lot of weight there EMP proved it there's just a lot of reasons of why people like me and people in the preparedness community want something like that and I didn't know how popular was going to be at the time but over the last few years now it has gotten extremely popular in the last two years especially it went crazy to where we're building I mean 10 15 trucks a month now where I used to be one or two a years now I'm in neutral yeah your transfer cases are nice then you're just going to put it from new children to drive okay okay computer that's your brake is off right you brake is on yep you're good more easy and try their front now your lights before you go younger lights over there I want you to put here there's three pods right we're gonna lift up the far the bottom right and then click the top lever over one click that makes it so your lights your blinkers normally work okay now here's the starting procedure on the Humvee this one just has an ignition switch no key you move this switch to the middle and you have to wait for the glow plug light to go out once it's out you just push it to the right working brake drive you can also walk out the Top Gear's on a transmission reverse very easy it does pretty good it's only about 5,200 pounds the actual humbie curb weight is you're good you're good you're clear thing about this is pretty wide right the only truck is not it's less white it's only seven feet a dually truck is about eight the pricing is 27 for for a two-door pickup but the average the average person Julie is starting with a four-door pickup and that's 28 for May some Humvees are priced pretty high our whole goal is trying to make these as affordable as possible to the average person because those are the people that are going to be helping us in a preparedness situation so as many people that can get involved the better their their military-issued vehicles they're retired or they've been released for public use and so all of these even the big trucks and the Humvees they all come straight from military bases okay so then what happens what are you doing them after then well we we actually take them and try to make them a little more comfortable a little more usable than just military purposes and so but the way they come stock and I can show you a stock one it looks like but when we get done with them and put we put nice hard doors on them we put nice interior seating we like the ruggedness of how the Humvee is designed we just add a couple more creature comforts so that people can make them more usable for their private use it's got a diesel engine and you have to some of these have grille guards and so yeah because the because of the reverse hinges on the hood you have to pull the grit the grille down and out of the way is it something you add as well or this is something we can add to any Humvee some of them will already have them when we get them off a basis but usually they don't but we can add them to give you a little more protection when you're when you're roughing it so this particular one this one has a 6.2 liter GM diesel engine with a turbo 400 transmission that is a three-speed so this is this is the epitome of like the 1980s and 90s military so top speed on this we have clocked it to all you naysayers who say this is a 55 mile an hour truck not true I actually got this one up to 81 and put average the average govern you know speed on these is about 74 75 miles yeah low range will block the axles and then you have high range with the tail that means high lock as well we have to get out there and lock them up that's all right there feet doors hard doors over the soft doors and then a hardtop some sound deadening and the the door can we make you got to see these two holes here so those are new mirror mounts so that the mirrors actually you can see them through the window instead of through the windshield okay makes a little easier you can see a little bit more around a round truck yep and every time you over the door doesn't bump your mirror you have a lot of configurations that people can shoot from believe in this rig we have I mean we can take the slam back off in about 20 minutes the hardtop off in ten minutes and you can turn this truck into a pickup a two-door pickup if you want to do in fact we take we took this from Salt Lake City to Phoenix three weeks ago and averaged over 72 miles an hour the entire trip so what's the power so the stock the stock GM 6.2 is about a hundred and thirty-five horsepower the military version of the 6.2 bumped it up to about 185 so and that means torque rating on the on the military is about 330 foot-pounds mechanical injection it is okay so its EMP proof the the military Humvees our EMP shielded they still require a few very basic electronics for glow plugs and for the injections but the injectors but they're very very simple not not a whole lot of electronics required for this engine sorry does better than the h1 yeah about 2,500 to 3,000 pounds heavier page 1 let's just be la the doors themselves way a lot but then all the interior wait they have a lot more creature comforts Carter kids headliners all the all the interior panels now the this tearing right power-steering yep power-steering it's really easy I mean I'm not struggling with steering or anything else but it's a smaller steering wheel to the military hard roofs they're they're a little leaky okay they like to leak a lot of water and so when you talk to any soldier especially the slant backs you talk to any soldier and say how was dealing with the slant backs and they said we never put any gear in the back here because it would always get drenched just the way that they had their system so we built a new a new design it's supposed to look very similar but it's a little more leak proof than than the original same with the doors same at the top the military hard tops were made out of steel and they were they were integrated with some sometimes with those uh gun turret rings private individuals don't need those we do all aluminum so it matches the aluminum body the military had an aluminum body with steel back steel top and it had a lot of rusting issues and corrosion we just went all aluminum frame I like these seats it's very the home D is very picky about what seats will fit if you want tall and big people they will fit still you get to think of a seat camp in big people and takes up too much room yeah most of the rigs if if people on a basic service will go and do the tranny so we'll pull the transmission pan off through the filter all the long-term and short-term so the oil transmission all the old agreeable serves and air-filled through all that stuff the military do t approved okay split rim so they're also beat they're also be logged will beat locks and they're alright from the military yeah these outer bolts here are what connect this front part of the rim to the back okay and so you know a lot of times you don't even have to take the the rim off of the hub you can actually jack up the Humvee do the split rim pull the tire off put another tire on and then do it that way if you want if you have if you have a tire doesn't have a rim on it I mean do you have hitches on the is these have pintle hitches on them okay you know that toe-ring the tow rating on the military Humvee of this this rating anyway the earlier versions was about eighty seven hundred pounds the biggest thing is just power you're not going to be climbing hills really fast if you've fully loaded up the this one we modified a little bit we put a a two-inch receiver underneath okay so you spin the pintle sideways like this and you hook a standard receiver and you have a 7 pin connector this is still military oh there's actually a pre-made box that mounts underneath here it plugs into the military and then it has two ports one for military connection steel and then one that downgrades from 24 to 12 volt seven prong RV pin so you can convert that all over there are many cool things about this Humvee first of all it's affordable plenty supply trucks start around $28,000 and a popular version is around $36,000 of course they're very cool and they're super off-road worthy come back soon when I take this off road and see what it really can do this is under spring off for the fast lane truck go back to TfL truck comm for more news use and real-world reviews and of course super cool Humvee test drives Oh ah it's all the Sun Hung me a full water I've got the 6×6 here from Plan B supply and that's now my true plan B

Reader Comments

  1. "offer sound dampening" The one they were filming in didn't sound like it had sound dampening. Also would be great if it goes underwater, to keep the water outside the vehicle.

  2. I have a M998 with the 6.2 & a 3spd. If you do 60mph it is so loud inside you need earplugs, it feels like its at its limits. that 3 Spd is shit. I haven't got the cash but it needs a cummins, Allison swap then it is awesome. it gets about 15mpg now, not a fuel guzzler at all. You can always find diesel fuel somewhere.

  3. 6,2 liters of absolutely nothing but horrible fuel consumption… Can someone who knows better tell me are they at least reliable?

  4. 81mph, right, but if you cruise it like that a few minutes, you end up picking the pistons from the road… Also, a Hilux is a lot better.

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