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The 3rd Generation G-Shock GA-2000 watch unboxing & review

The 3rd Generation G-Shock GA-2000 watch unboxing & review

fresh new G-Shock! before we get started a word of thanks
to for sponsoring this video and allowing me to get this G Shock
watch a lot lower than retails I believe I bought this from Yahoo Japan Auction through at only about 16,000 Japanese yen and added shipping and all
those after. So here it is GA-2000E-4JR JA stands for JDM version and
this is the kind of box you’ll get if you buy the red and black version. Carbon Core Guard,
G-Shock stamp and water resistant 20 bar since 1983 and this military font, I like
this thing a lot, so if you buy the one that is black and yellow or black and blue
you’re not gonna get this kind of box. 5590 japan module, pretty small and this is the spring bar remover tools, since this specialty of this model
is in they have the interchangeable watch strap, this is the manual on how to do so
I hope this thing on the last. So let’s have a look here is the packaging open
it up in three two one alright look at that. This.. almost reminds
me of the packaging on the casio protrek lineup, I mean protrek had been
receiving extra interchangeable straps way back, so this is new for G-Shock only;
having two extra straps, and it’s only gonna cost me like an extra 2,000 yen
each and you’re getting like in house made by Casio, that is a bargain in my opinion GA-2000E-4JR, retails at 20,000
Japanese yen equipped with hand retraction function, 5 alarm, with NO snooze function, world time to 48 cities, and countdown timer to 24 hours, one of a hundred
seconds stopwatch, to 24 hours as well, I already studied the manual just a little
bit before I start to make this video, so I could have a rough idea what
we’re looking at. So this is called the bands tag; carbon core guard, so that you’ll know that this is not resin this is carbon core guard model. From the name it is
carbon core guard, which means it is only at the core of the watch, let’s have a
look up close on this side, you’ll see this part is black, the center is a
little bit more grey, and it has a different kind of finishing to it, the
bottom layer is hard resin as well, similar as the one on top, so I have a
feeling the one is centered is in the carbon for the watch, it goes all the way
around here and it also made up the button guard on the side, so that’s why
this model didn’t require those button protection around it anymore because the
guard structure is already strong enough to withstand any sort of impact and those
guard will goes all around each of these five buttons. Just at the center and it
was sandwich with this resin material on top and at the bottom, so looking at the
bottom you’ll see Casio, 5590, GA-2000E water resist 20 bar, carbon core
guard stamped down here, Japan movement GE cased in Thailand, 9142AD some sort of
batch number, I’ve no idea what that means but you guys could probably tells
me. The code on this strap tells us that this is indeed polyurethane material the
buckle for the watch looks to me like a hard resin, I have a feeling this is
from the similar material as this back plate and this bezel on top, this bezel
has four screws to lock it into place this is not decorative, I’m pretty sure
this is to lock it to this carbon core center and the lug is actually built
together with this resin backplate, there’s actually another metal part down
here, so we’ll talk about further on the construction on the disassembly video,
for now this is the strap, it starts at 24 millimeter, this is the first ever G-Shock with that size, usually.. not usually, all of them only have 16mm size so this is something new. It will tapered all the way down to 20
millimeters at the edge here. All of the straps are 24mm. This is the
nylon strap I’ve seen a different variations of this that came in Cordura Nylon, I have a feeling Casio will announce that soon, this one have thailand signed at the bottom of it as well it is pretty soft though I’ve seen a Casio Protrek watch that came in exactly similar straps, so I have a feeling this
it’s just that. This is another one, that came in dark grey, it looks like black
but if you compare the tone, it is more like a dark grey. I have a good feeling
that this black strap gonna look very very good on this G Shock watch. Okay,
enough I’m gonna start wearing the watch right now for a good couple of days and
then I’ll be back and then we’ll continue talking about a function and
all the tiny little details that might be important and I’m back surprisingly, this is what I end up with, the one on Olive green in nylon and I like the one on black better when compared to the one on black and red; but technically this one
looks more of an orange than red, hold on, let me bring this over here, so this magma ocean is red and as you guys can see, this one appear a little bit more
orange than red, I have an orange Mudman over here, look at that they are almost
similar tone it is like 50 millimeter lug to lug distant, the width size is
24, the watch body is sized at 46mm but the engine itself is only 32 millimeters
so keep that in mind. The thickness is 14 millimetres, but that’s okay the button
alone is already like 8 millimeters thickness, so overall this really really
well-thought-out model but the thing about the watch that not a lot of people
gonna appreciate or gonna like it’s about a function. It didn’t have a lot of
function at all.This is the mode indicator, seconds counter, and day
display, I could change this to date display or digital time display instead, the
light button will be operated from over here, LED light, just one of them, with a
fade-out affects, so that’s very beautiful in my opinion, but WITHOUT any
auto light function at all!. Yeah, I know that gonna be a huge turn down to most
of you guys, and to me as well, I really wish it has that autolight function but
the Casio seems to not adding that in here for some reason, and next you’ll
have a quick time swap to world time actually, so there is, dual timekeeping
right away, and you could swap both of them by pressing and hold this button instead, pressing mode button once, will brings you to the world time function,
24-hour stopwatch, with split time and one of a hundred seconds precision, and
next you’ll have a countdown timer to 24 hour range as well, and that’s pretty
much it, and next you’ll have alarm to five of them, without any snooze function
at all. The mode indicator will be utilized using this rotational disk over there,
which have everything a lot of people gonna like, that designs just very very
good. So, overall it is a very simple watch and for the fitting, again if you
have a skinny wrist this watch will be really really good,
especially if you’re strapping this nylon strap, it’s gonna fit perfect. about the strap, it is a lot easier to
change actually, I just use my fingernail and not using the tool
at all to remove it. alright, I guess I should end this
video right away, I will talk even more in a separate video in the future but
for now that sums it all, go check BUYEE.COM link will be available down in the
description box, purchase any g-shock watch or anything that can think of from Japan. They already have a new app as well, that you could install in
your phone, and then you use that app instead of browser!. So thats gonna be a
better user experience, so for now that sums it all, thank you very much for
watching this is GHF and I’m.. out

Reader Comments

  1. Hey, cool new format 💯%!👍
    Like the watch big time, but as you said “pity it has limited functionality”! Still pretty cool looking though and something different with the extra straps (and that JDM packaging)
    Great review & thanks for sharing!👍🍻
    PS, Do you think it might end up on your merchandise page?

  2. give me your one old watch…
    i like your all watch collection… but I'm poor…😭😭😭
    i have not enough money to buy one…

  3. This is a really nice watch. The all plastic case means you dont have to worry about resin rot. You also get a standard lug size so if the band goes bad, you get an easy replacement.

  4. i approve of your purchase. that is a sexy watch

    can i ask you, is it worth it for a westerner to buy the 35th anniversary bible? if i cant read japanese, its just pics and model numbers, right? but still…

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with this new G-Shock model.
    I have watched some of your videos earlier and I enjoy your content.
    I subscribed and I will be watching your new videos. 🙂
    Have a good day, G-Shocker.

  6. Please, make one video "Whats inside a GA-2000"! We wanna know If have something much different from others G-SHOCK without carbon structure! Great tutorial, this is a great watch!

  7. I really enjoyed the editing in this video. A good sense of movement and speed, but still relaxed. The wrist shot sequence was particularly cool.

    I have a request: A video about your current favourite G Shocks, and why you like them. Do you like analogue, ana/digi or straight digital?

  8. Great new G-Shocks but they have two issues: They're not solar and they negative displays. But I am really excited to see your review of the GWR-B1000 when it comes out.

  9. Love the intro and the montage, you have a great style :))
    That spinning mode dial is very cool, and I like that it has a separate backlight button… I think CASIO are listening to what G-Addicts want, and I know removable straps was one on the list… fit some spring pins and a Nato could be used as a possibility..
    I'm still laughing over the new box sniffing, glad i'm not alone there LML 😛
    Thanks for sharing and as always huge thumbs up!!!

  10. Los relojes analógicos no deberían existir en esta época, casi en el 2020, deberían ser mínimo digitales o SMARTWATCH con sistema operativo y algún tipo de inteligencia artificial, NPU y con pantalla TRANSFLECTIVA, para que se vean perfectamente al sol y la duración de la batería dure mínimo un mes. Y la pantalla debería ser flexible para que se ENROLLE en el brazo y tenga más superficie y se quite y de pueda utilizar como un móvil convencional, eso es lo que esperamos de los relojes hoy en día.

  11. I must say, you are for me one of the best influencer at all. And despite the fact that I don't like the intrusive marketing, I wished upon a long time that you give us a link for purchase. Because your videos are awesome and I already bought many G-Shocks because of your channel. So leep the stuff on, man. Thanks from Italy!

  12. Is it just me? Coz i find the new g shock models suck in comparison to the old ones. Im sorry but its just my. Opinion. 😜

  13. Excellent video, editing, music, just EVERYTHING!!
    I have been waiting to see someone do a video on this. It is an interesting concept, although I am not sure I will like the feel of the thing. It reminds me of the Luminox Watches

  14. High fashion? These watches say douche all over them, not fashion sense or taste. Lolololol only children wear these!

  15. That thing looks ridiculously bulky. No need for a watch ⌚️ to be that big. And what’s up with the Phillips head screws on the backplate? Not impressed, looks cheep.

  16. i agreed with you! The nylon strap really looks good on the skinny hand. It looks really cool and bold at the same time😀

  17. You are crazy, you will burn at hell!! Rangeman is the best g shock of the world,take one and enjoy.Kisses my friend see you in the next video and remember carbon fiber is not quality,you must try a metalic 5600 this is a supreme g shock only for real shockers not carbon fibers jaja

  18. I like G-Shocks… A lot… But the new Mudmaster and Rangeman are so big on the wrist it is almost like you have an old mechanic alarm clock on your arm. Japanese are supposed to be good in miniaturization so come on CASIO…

  19. The Auto Light function has been eradicated from the new G SHOCK line up models. Even the other fresh range on the standard digital analogue (the latest design language) misses on that. It’s a feature which was really cool but sadly we won’t be seeing it anytime soon on standard models

  20. I can get the GWRB1000-1A1 for $600 now on sale in the US. Is that a goods price? Haven't found too much information on this watch, but I really like it.

  21. very nice! glad i found your channel…. i just bought my first G-Shock. a GA100, and did a quick review of it on my channel…. not the same caliber as your videos of course… anyway, i love these watches! thanks for the great video!

  22. Speaking from experience, those snap-knife cutters sink right through flesh. So watching you cut that box open with the blade out more than just a click or two REALLY triggered my PTSD. Knife out too far and force applied toward your body, two big safety no-no's. Love your videos… just please be safe.

  23. The straps are too big for you. It's a shame they don't offer in a smaller size option, as they would also be too big for me.

  24. Hi my wrist is 6 inches. The squares looks quite well on my skinny wrist, but I like the old mudman. Do you think it could fit my wrist or maybe is a very big watch?

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