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Texas Lawmakers Want Surplus Combat Equipment on Border

Texas Lawmakers Want Surplus Combat Equipment on Border

congressman you've written a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta asking about the military equipment that our troops are no longer using in Iraq and Afghanistan how did you come up with that idea first of all the local sheriff's and the Border Patrol and the state officials that patrol the border they need help contrary to what some people in Washington think the border is a terrible place in some areas for the drug cartels when they come across their very violent so they need equipment taxpayers have paid for this equipment it's been used its veteran equipment some of its very good equipment and it's going to be brought back to the US stored someplace why not just send this equipment to the border where they need it and we're talking about specific equipment we're talking about Humvees the new Humvees that they have drones and the night vision equipment send it to the border let the border sheriff's ward Patrol state officials use it you go down to the border frequently I've been down there and you can see despite with this administration what President Obama Janet Napolitano want the public to think they insist the border is safer than ever we've seen it you've seen it it is by no means safe or secure I don't know why the administration and specifically homeland security lives in blissful ignorance of the truth and there are portions of the border that are secure primarily the legal ports of entry but the other places in between the legal ports of entry is where the drug cartels bring in their drugs and they come in armed into the United States to protect their load talk to the people who live on the border talk to the citizens who live on the border the ranchers who put on bulletproof vests when they go out to look for their cattle during the day they do that because of the fear of the drug cartels and the local sheriff's who know exactly what's taking place local officials know and the Border Patrol doesn't talk much because they've gotten those orders to just not say a whole lot about it let the administration handle it but people need to go and see exactly the portions of the border that are unsecured where the drug cartels do their mischief and that's one reason why we need to help the border protectors as you mentioned the sheriff's need all the help they can get but what do you say to those critics who say why would we give this equipment to them this is militarizing the border what do you say to that well I don't know what they mean by militarized border border security is a national security issue it is something the federal government is supposed to do is supposed to protect us from people who wish to come in the United States and do us harm and that includes in my opinion the invasion by the drug cartels coming in the US but so using military equipment to help our locals is something that we should should do our local sheriff's and the Border Patrol and the local state officials they are out manned outgunned and out financed by the drug cartels we know that let's help the border protectors because this national security is something that we ought to do and isn't part of this battle having a presence because right now the cartels are not by any way intimidated because there is no presence on the border we don't have enough boots on the ground and i believe the Border Patrol does as good a job as they can but I believe also that the philosophy is somewhat skewed our philosophy seems to be that we catch them if you can in other words we let people cross in the US and then the Border Patrol tries to catch as many as they can and then send them back and of course if there's a drug cartels try to prosecute them the system should be that we should have a presence on the border to keep people primarily the drug cartels from coming into the United States because once they come into the United States they become our problem so the president should be on the border we should rethink our whole philosophy about border security and not be 25 miles behind the board or trying to catch people catch the drug cartels after they've crossed you made a good point about this being a national security issue and it really is no longer just a border issue Idzik I mean I was just talking with sheriffs in North Carolina so they've got the Sinaloa cartel operating in their backyards Americans need to understand that when those drugs come into the United States by the drug cartels those drugs are sent to other parts of the United State and their operatives in different cities continue to sell those drugs the zeta's are the main problem we have in Texas the most violent of all of the drug cartels and they set up their little cells in their operations in our cities to sell the drugs Americans should realize that and that these people work for an international organized crime syndicate that is committing crimes not only in Mexico but in the u.s. one of the questions you asked Secretary Panetta was whether they plan to sell this equipment to foreign militaries and governments before they make it available to local law enforcement right there on the border makes sense to you that we'd give it to foreign governments before we'd give it to our local sheriff's how ironic is it that the United States right now is protecting the borders of other nations that we may use this equipment from Iraq either give it or sell it to nations that want to protect their national security and their borders but yet we're hesitant to give it to local people and even Border Patrol agents who need the equipment to protect the border and the national security of the United States it seems to be somewhat ironic and the sheriff's I already told you there what 17 of them signed that letter saying this is a win-win situation for everybody and the Board of sheriffs do support the letter that congressman Cuellar and i have sent to Secretary Panetta and asking that we use this equipment that's already paid for let the people who need it use it and they want it it's not like they don't want it or need it they're asking for it so let's take care of America first how frustrating is it to you to be doing what you're doing fighting this war for these these deputies and sheriff's down there how long does it take to get an answer it seems like it's taken too long to get an answer we need to have an answer right away for a lot of reasons not just because the problem is still there it's that these this equipment is staged now in Kuwait and the Department of Defense is going to send it somewhere so before that decision is made on where you're going to send it send it to the border of the United States because once the decisions made by the Department of Defense we've got to try to reroute the equipment to the border so time is is very important it seems like this is not a difficult decision to make to me but does it seem like it's a priority of this government well the administration in my opinion does not seem to have the enthusiasm the intensity of protecting the border as it should be these drug cartels are not just a bunch of thugs smuggling drugs in the u.s. these are highly intelligent they are businessmen many of them are highly educated and they know how to work a very profitable illegal organized crime business and money is no issue to them so we need to have the intensity we need to have the enthusiasm and first of all we have to have the awareness that the border is still a problem when it comes to the drug cartels coming in the US what's at stake if President Obama and his administration continued to ignore what we're seeing happen down on the border we will wake up someday and people in the US will start talking about you know there's some organized crime drug cartels working in our neighborhood some different parts of the United States no kidding and then when they have those cells in operation which they are continuing to do and they have this network then we have to deal more on a internal basis on what we're going to do with these drug cartel operations so let's solve the problem right now at the border and deal with the reality of it we know the problems that countries have when they have the internal problem of drug cartels we found that out in Colombia we're learning what's taking place in Mexico we don't want that strong presence in the United States but it could happen here because of the fact that they have it access to the u.s. they're going to market their products and we have to be aware of the situation right now in Americans unfortunately because of really i think the national media they're talking about other things other than national security on the border and you've got these boats down there do you have any indication they're making a difference the Department of Public Safety in Texas now has will have a total of six of these boats the speed boats that go 70 miles an hour on the Rio Grande River six 900 horsepower they are armed with 50 caliber machine guns the president's on the border on the Rio Grande River surely i have heard anecdotal information from the department of public safety the texas rangers that it's making a difference and they will continue to do that and interdict the drug loads that are coming across the river so it's a one it's a step and it's money that was forfeited to the federal government that was given back to the state in the drug cartel operations and where would we be if we didn't have these sheriffs and deputies on the front lines because there's nobody else on the front lines working at the way they are well it's imperative that these sheriff's work and their deputies and God bless these people you know a deputy sheriff and one of these rural counties on the border makes about 25 thousand dollars a year one of these drug runners bringing drugs in the US for one of the cartels can make five thousand dollars a load but yet these border sheriffs and their deputies they do it because they think America is worth protecting and I admire them for that because they are out financed out gun and out man by the drug cartels do you see this as an issue so important that it should be something that they talk about on the campaign trail this year yes I think that the the president and the Republican nominee presumably Governor Romney they ought to be talking about this it's a national security issue and maybe get off of these little issues that have nothing to do with the country and talk about border security I doubt if we will hear a whole lot about it though what more has to happen on the border how many more people do we have to see pay a price for what we're not doing and that's securing the border it's phenomenal to me that we as a nation as the administration focus on other things other than the national security of the u.s. when it comes to the southern border it's a national security issue the drug cartels at will invade the US doesn't that bother anybody it bothers the people who live on the ball and many times they're prepared they are violent if necessary so it's something that national press not only should be concerned about but Americans should be concerned about and aware of it as well

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  1. thats actually not a really bad idea…WE as a Nation develope new laws/technologies/branches/etc… as Our problems evolve; well this seems to be one problem that Our current President refuses to notice any growth; idk how he can remain so silent about the border problem…yeah, Border Guard–sounds pretty good 🙂

  2. Humvees are not exclusively military: you can buy one today in every state. Ditto for drones: there are clubs flying these from dozens of colleges and high schools across America. Same for night vision gear: you can buy it at sporting goods stores and even Harbor Freight stores. Your argument doesn't hold water.

  3. No military equipment for non military units, There's a reason for posse comitatus. Most of this problem would be solved by legalizing drugs which would take the profit away from the cartels exactly the way the repeal of alcohol prohibition did. Throwing money at this problem and militarizing our police will not and has not fixed the problem.

  4. janet napolitano "Secretary Homeland Security" shes anti-guns how do u protect our security w/o guns?????? maybe ask the drug lords nicely to stop bring drugs over.

  5. Citizens having to wear bulletproof vests to go outside and work…..What a discrace to our country. We need to get these fuckin borders secure on the double!

  6. this is true. there is alot more going on on the border. I the people had seen what Ive seen before 911, well lets said people would be more concern.

  7. Get Wells Fargo to chip in for the borders. They laundered some 395 billion in drug money. Got caught and fined 3%——– And bring back the DU contaminated equipment to re-issue

  8. Smile!… that is exactly what the government does… supply both sides.. help the companies that buy the politicians make a profit from everyone

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