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Testing Of Hunter H-45 Type II

Testing Of Hunter H-45 Type II

there's a big race I don't know this oh you have rain in the water huh you're gonna put that right in the water yes way I'm taking but it looks like it's working we're gonna check through this little viewer it's working oh wow he's really went for me no rockets it's not too uh how much gas did you spill no I just took so that grease on the floor well that's because I was taking a sample works very good a little too much for that can but uh I know it doesn't leak it was Brian you can smell the oil it stinks it's working good see these cables are to be attached to lines to the tent so this will flop over after you have doubled the height bed and put the whole thing that's just for testing okay I'm gonna go back down here is bring it down to three oh yeah that was pretty dumb did I leave your tempo on top or lighter so it's reaching inside as you see the water that rained on my meter is bubbling up took me three hours with brake fluid to clean it all up and probably needs another clean some uh leave a three four feet away no three feet away and I'm sweating like a bitch what's funny about this thing this regulator is made in British Columbia so it looks like it's working well we're just gonna let her operate for a little while as you saw I had to do was fill this up with gas here the gauge type to select gas TP for gas mouse out GP for eight and diesel and as you see there's numbers I have it on the low reading three and it's already bloody hot I think I'll put it down to two and right now it's burning up all the crap that was on it grease some of the fumes from my brake fluid and off the top of my can is starting to get heat treated so looks like it's working very well so far then over here play when you operate this has to keep both doors open just start her up this is the fuel supply line from the 20 liter fuel cannon if we here you have a little shut off valve which has very careful we take that cup that comes with the so why'd you have to be careful explosions are fro whatever because this lets you turn it it just flies all the fuel comes out I want which I'm not gonna do now so how do you stop it you turn it that's first because it's brain you had a hard time turning it I tell us something busted but then I I just rocked it and it came loose right away and did all this fuel came down that's why I have fuel burns on my asphalt it's a starter up you filled this up with the fuel coming out of here and by the way I thought like a bonehead the fuel comes out of here no it has a little hole here that pisses this way at a 45 degree angle well depending how we have this this is easy to extinguish yeah are you playing right place does anyone looking are you looking at if you want to point today all I did was take that cup full of fuel place it inside and bus by the way this is that number two right now actually I'm on loan now this still looks like hell in there all I have to do is take a shop towel clean out the cup i light it very gently to the Zippo put it in and the fire starts right away it's very easy and it comes with this auger to help you push it in to us I won't give courses on how to use this thing and how everybody will light it and as you see it's doing a very good job it's still burning out the crap that's about it yeah I look inside so for $95 I didn't do too badly it looks like after all that cleaning but we'll clean it again once it's nice and cold it looks like as it's burning all the marks of rust would have yours burning right off anyway so maybe you don't have to clean it like I did but the technician part of Mia told me to do it so that's the auger okay that's hard to move no here's a pivot point I meant a little window okay you can keep it put a putt there in a pot there you can do a pizza on this I guess again nice fire inside so these guys this year we're not gonna is it on that thing yeah we're not gonna freeze and got to know like I did mark Stars I learned my lesson so I was lucky I got all this for $95 I picked that up and I picked up in Plattsburgh so when we have our week we can train you we're gonna learn how to use this so everybody can set it up not just me because already we have the tent to worry about we have this to worry about probably we don't know yet but maybe Matt will do the cooking maybe I will too was that yeah me too so that's about it just to show you my new toy hopefully soon I will get my goddamn motor and I will do a review of that okay that's it guys and by the way that's a hunter age 45 but type 2 using fuel instead of hard fuels such as coal or wood I prefer this most of Burt's Queenie right now I notice oh go work it looks like all their crap burned off good you could turn it off and save gas yes so yes why don't you show us how to extinguish this thing that's a good question actually I guess first you put on low and then first guy in space Canadian doctor Portuguese in space I'm still to have you take too much fuel but anyway you go here I hope this is that huh wait it says on/off and I'm assuming that if I do this you will choke why don't you open that watch they'll see flames I do hear it sizzling inside let's take some time for it to fortunate then I read I do not read that part of the watch out for the second part of the video no close up for me well it is going down quite a bit fall yeah because I don't have much support oh yeah when you guys start this we're gonna have to have bricks under and make sure it's solid like this another way of doing this is probably perhaps turning this right side up but if you see there's no leaks have to watch out for leaks on this thing here here where it connects well went down if every lost like 30% he just has to burn off whatever excess well I guess you could turn it off but I'm gonna put that yeah okay sweetie going down yeah going down burn off your hair I don't got you here either once in your nose okay Decker got a control Wow I can see the fire inside where he comes out of the holes as you see here a hunter H 45 May 2001 got in the states now you fight dollars I didn't go wrong finally for the first time in my life picked me oh it's still recording yeah oh yeah the measuring cup this is your half a cup it's kind of funny it's an American piece and says echo made in China okay it's dying down pretty good after did not have it ought to shut off is it going down oh good going down I'm just burning off yeah we're bringing up whatever I thought it would have done that right now well I had on high so actually I was supposed to leave it for five minutes on high suck a deep primed but I didn't go that long because I thought I wasn't gonna light it all night and there's you see on the top and there was no sparks coming out of it so we don't have to worry about getting our tent on fire well you have to light it for five minutes why don't you do it now no it's okay that's that's it that's it has been running for 15 minutes over so do check out here we can and over at pre fair head belly it's brand new they did take a chance paid a little more I didn't want to I'm also going to get some black ones for water because well that's two things you could use okay so just a little spark I'm very happy with it it's working bloody well now I'm gonna cool it down I'm hearing the metal pinging and banging so okay cut it first camp

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  1. Love hearing the women comment… "It stinks" I wonder which she would prefer… Warm or no stinking heater? You have a GREAT multi-fuel heater for Only $95. Watch for a spare fuel regulator then you are set for a long time.

  2. Yes Mark you are right about the Zippo.Never ever do a video with your wife she constantly puts in her comments you then I lose my track.HAHA

  3. Leaving the lighter on the stove makes the fuel evaoprate much faster, leave it long enough and it will dry completley.(the lighter I mean)

  4. My gas can or Jerry is the current issue NATO version in plastic.I had bought this here in Canada but I believe it is cheaper at Coleman Militaria in US at least half the price they would also have the tri-pod and at times the fuel line kit.If you are missing odds and ends of this system try ebay stuff always comes up from time to time.

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