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Testing my sleep system in extreme cold weather success

Testing my sleep system in extreme cold weather success

hi this is mark from armored survival it's Sunday January 7th 2018 and I was testing out my military sleep system last night in mighty cop tent and it was under zero did warm up besides minus ten and it worked out great I never got cold all night got dark about 6:30 I came out about coral 7:00 I slept in it too like 3:30 4:00 it's about 3:45 never got cold got up twice to go to the restroom got back in warmed right back up worked out great I didn't have a pillow so I toss and turn cuz I'm a side sleeper but as far as cold goes I had no problems these are my sleep clothes that I put into this sleeping bag when I pack it up I have a renal wool sweater here I put on mid weight pair of long johns pair of gloves a wool hat in a balaclava down below my neck and all those are always in with the sleeping bag so I can switch out into the clothes that I've had on I usually wear like a silk weight under long-john I'll switch out into the medium weight to go to bed and it's worked out real well and I was hoping well I heard maybe Oh my pair socks fell down sorry my wool socks too during the sleeping clothes everything worked out real well I was if it snowed and that's my next test I'd like to see how the snow load goes on it because I don't really think it's a true four season tent but I don't think it's gonna have any problems in the snow solid I really like it it's been a test there was no cold I didn't get cold at all I had both sleeping bags in there it's a great system it's worth carrying it's heavy but now that's tested it'll make it lighter on my back okay this is mark from armored survival telling you I survived everything was fine MSS sleep systems way to go and thanks for watching

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  1. HI Mark. I'm a side sleeper, too. The one inch self inflating mats were not made for us. Pressure points on my hips with only the sim is not enough. Need two or other fixes. How about you?

  2. Carrying the modular sleep system is totally impractical it's good for Weekend Warriors doing some outdoor camping if you have to carry it any distance it will suck

  3. Great!!! Good idea to just keep ur pj's rolled in it, I'd like to see it all rolled up n on ur pack or is that was I see on ur Alice hellcat pack

  4. Awesome! Sounds like it worked out well. Snow load should be no problem with that tent, it seems like it’s pretty tough. I say it all the time, you just can’t beat good military gear.

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