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Testing 7.65mm French Long Ammo (Reed's and Buffalo Arms)

Testing 7.65mm French Long Ammo (Reed's and Buffalo Arms)

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  1. Okay, hold up.
    Does this mean that in the far future when we have magic powder, people are going to be feeding French 1935 gats with enchanted .32ACP ammo that's just beefed up

  2. Mike Beliveau has made ammo for his French 1935. His video has reloading info.

  3. I had a different experience with Buffalo Arms loads. I just shot 50 of them and the only issue I had was a couple of failure to fires despite primer strike. this could be a gun issue. all of the rounds I fired cycled by 1935A just fine. I didn't chrono them but I was pretty pleased with the Buffalo loads. just my experience. thanks.

  4. I guess you could buy the surplus and put new primers in it? Better than buying expensive ammo that won't cycle

  5. Couldn't they be rebarreled in to 32 ACP and end any shooting problems and lower cost? Not original but make a decent shooter out of them?

  6. Thank you for posting this video and information. I have a 1935A with Nazi production marks that my dad brought back as a war trophy from WWII. I distinctly remember firing .32 ACP rounds through this pistol back in the day when surplus ammo was scare and production rounds were non-existent. Every round fired failed to eject. Some years ago, I purchased some production rounds from Gad Custom Cartridges and was impressed with them, despite being about $1/round. Every round cycled perfectly with no misfires. I also agree with your assessment of these pistols…they are impressive in terms of accuracy and field stripping is as easy as it gets. The 7.65 Long is certainly not a “go to” choice as a defensive round, but properly loaded, my experience was that bullet trajectory was dead flat at 30 yards.

  7. You might not need to cut the recoil spring of your gun. I was watching This Old Tony's video on making springs, and he mentioned the outermost, close windings being inactive. In theory, you may be able to inactivate part of the spring by precompressing and clamping it with steel wire or something similar. Then you can just loosen the clamp if you ever find proper ammo.

  8. Could you look into the mic you use for shooting? It just sounds like a loud burp.

  9. Is it possible to convert the 35A to a caliber of marginally greater commonality?

    Or would it be more worth it to tune a really, really weak sprint to it to use 32 ACP?

  10. Dont buy Reeds, got it… Btw, are those ammo boxes in the book case?! I pray those are empty, flammables and bullets dont mix… Hopefully Ian will stick to Buffalo from now on, until proper repro ammo becomes available at least, hooray for having two springs then, though its a shame to fiddle with the internals just to expend poor quality ammo! >.< (Moral of the story here is to stick to weapons that have available ammo and not to waste money hoping that ancient gun you just bought has ammo out there so you can go play at the range with it. -.-)

  11. No way I would buy a French 7.65mm when the market is flush with 9×19 modern pistols of much higher quality, and ammo is running 20 cents per round.

  12. Have you considered buying the brass alone from buffalo and just loading it hotter? I know it's a pain, but that's likely your best bet until good commercial loads come out.

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