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Tested in 2017: Adam Savage’s Favorite Things!

Tested in 2017: Adam Savage’s Favorite Things!

Hey guys, it’s Adam from tested And it’s time to go over my favorite things this year. The five things (counts) that I have chosen Are weird and they show a wide range, but that’s also because the range of my interests is wide And I thought I would choose some things that showed just how disparate and strange it can be The first item up is this amazing casting from a 3d print of downtown London made by a company called chisel and mouse and They have a host of different three-dimensional maps of cities on their website of different sizes and different scales This is the first one I saw and what got me to their website, and it’s actually my favorite thing that they offer It’s an incredibly reasonable price for what it is. This is a highly detailed 3d print and casting of downtown London, and it’s in the case retails for 279 dollars I believe which is really Impressive to me that they can hit that price point for an object this gorgeous. I am actually a bit of a map Fanatic, and I this won’t be the last thing I think I purchased from these guys that is a magnificent piece And I love that they’ve been able to manufacture it at such a reasonable price Considering what other things of this ilk can cost the second item much much cheaper This looks like a fancy pen, but in fact it is simply a fancy holder for a sharpie This is what’s called a sharpie Sherpa and my friend Michael Weber the magician, magic designer and director of brain candy live turned me onto this, Sharpie Sherpas make your Sharpies even fancier; or actually fancy to begin with I Love this. I’m also a bit of a pen fanatic. I have a lot of them and this this is great I love a pen that feels kind of heavy in your pocket, looks good I know I got that pinstripe edition but there are Literally as far as I can tell hundreds of different color combinations that you can get in the Sharpie Sherpa Department This makes me very happy The third item is a birthday present I got from a dear friend of mine this is a beautiful folded steel I guess Damascus blade Japanese made Knife blade with an american-made walnut handle And it was bought for me From the incredible craftspeople at Bernal cutlery here in the mission. If you don’t know about Bernal cutlery go by their store Because you will go buy things in their store. They have gorgeous and amazing stuff. They are all Fanatics about what they sell and the staff really understands their merchandise and it’s delightful to talk to them. This knife is so Freaking sharp the very first time I used it I went right through a quarter of one of my fingernails not realizing what I was dealing with. The friend who gave me this is a chef, and they use these professionally. I feel delighted to be brought into that company at least with the tool The third item is from the Star Wars universe and it comes from my friend Tom Spina at Regal Robot This is a Mandalorian skull And this is a licensed, Lucasfilm product that Tom sculpted cast and makes and sells on his website; again for not an incredibly high price. The cost of entry for something like this on Tom’s site is relatively inexpensive considering what other people often charge for things of this quality and up close I’m gonna tell you the quality of this thing is gorgeous Yep, now. You’re looking at some deep close-ups Yeah, that we got a second very coverage but look even on the underside the side nobody would ever see cuz it’s hanging on the wall they decided to do finishing of the teeth of the tusks every last bit the weathering is Multi-layered this is an absolutely gorgeous piece and I’m proud to have added it to my collection yep Thanks Tom. You do beautiful work. The last piece on my favorite things comes from a Local manufacturer and by local I mean United States. American giant makers of the famous hoodie that Is hard to get when it first came out because everybody wanted the hoodie It’s my favorite hoodie. My whole family has them; we wear them constantly and they came out this year with a magnificent jacket, and I just would love to call out how great this jacket is. It’s made of a heavy canvas, but not too heavy – so unlike a Carhartt, it’s not quite too stiff I love Carhartt jackets But this solves one of my problems with them being at the beginning you have to really wear them in. American giant has released this gorgeous jacket and really the moment I got it, it became my daily wear around jacket. It’s got a great cut it’s a little bit boxy and yet I feel really great in it which is surprising to me because I tend to like a more fitted cut, but American giant, whose stuff is all produced here in the United States has hit this absolutely perfectly. I love this coat. I love buying from local stores that keep manufacturing in the United States and Especially stuff that looks this good, and is this rugged and hearty. Thanks American Giant. Thanks for watching! These are my favorite things. I hope your guy’s holidays are all exciting and awesome I hope you go see Last Jedi as I did; it is fabulous And I will see you guys and talk to you in the new year where we have some more 1-day builds in the pipeline

Reader Comments

  1. I normally like the vids on this channel, but I feel like this was completely a commercial. If you liked something so much you would talk about it outside of a best of video…

  2. "Sherpa" pen carrier?! Dang!!. That's sort of racist (but probably just ignorant). A Sherpa is not a porter, they're an ethnic group.

  3. Depth of field just doesn't work in this video. The 3D London map macro shots were dreadful.
    Sorry for the negative feedback, but I intend it to be constructive.

  4. I know Adam is a box/case lover. Has he ever seen these? Amazing and super interesting combo of Tech and Craftsmanship

  5. As a Londner I can tell you it isn't known as "downtown London", you'd say "central London". Downtown london sounds strange.

  6. I just bought mandalorians looked like humans, like jengo fett and boba fett (I’m not that into the Star Wars lore so this is an honest question)

  7. On the note of pens I recently purchased a Lamy tripen in black. Changed the blue cartridge to a black one and have since bought two more pens. It is by far my favorite carry around pen so I always have a red and black pen as well as a mechanical pencil. Solid weight. Brass tubes comfortable and durable. Best edc pen you could ask for

  8. yes, im a bit of a map fanatic.
    yes, Im a bit of a pen fanatic.
    yes, Im a bit of a fan fanatic
    yes, I am considered as a fanatic of many fans because I am a fanatic of fans
    Im an Adam fanatic

  9. I love that Adam is very appreciative of different artists and that he understands good quality work when he sees it.

  10. When the dog bites
    When the bee stings
    When I’m feeling sad
    I just think of my favorite things
    And then I don’t feeeeel
    So baaaad

  11. First time I have watched this feed…I was surprised Adam didnt drop his trousers and show us who's underwear he favours….the only thing missing from this 'ad' was an apple watch and a couple of cans of Pepsi!!

  12. Must be nice to buy pretty much whatever u want,gezzz yeah it was only 250$,that's 1/3rd my pay for a month Adam,gezzz…

  13. Can you make a blue silver and black sniper it is my brothers dream to have a nerf sniper black blue and silver

  14. I would love to see Adam and Jamie working together at least one more time. Always loved them both when they were hosting Mythbusters

  15. If you were wondering:
    Cityscape= $315 U.S.
    Pencover= $35
    Knife= $200-$2000 (not sure which one from catalog)
    Star Wars skull= $230
    Jacket= $228
    Adam Savage PR man= priceless

  16. The Sharpie pen holder could be used with a battery and small pyro charge to become an awesome James Bond dart firing device. 😀

  17. Isnt folding steel irrelevant now?
    We have better, and more accurate ways of ensuring a good carbon mix into the metal. If anything, doesn't folding make it weaker than modern techniques?

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