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Tasting Muslim-Style MUTTON DUM BIRYANI At Chichaba’s Taj | Bheja Fry | Barrah Chops | Seekh Kebab

Tasting Muslim-Style MUTTON DUM BIRYANI At Chichaba’s Taj | Bheja Fry | Barrah Chops | Seekh Kebab

You, just going by the aromas that are emanating from this pot… The biryani is steaming hot inside! Hi folks, welcome to another episode of
Gourmet On The Road. It’s a Friday afternoon and I’ve just stepped out of my office to try and score some biryani. Now it so happens that Bakrid is just around the corner. A few days away and I’m hoping that you get to see this video before Bakrid. Well on Bakrid I will typically go to a Muslim friend’s house… … and eat some delicious biryani. And as I was thinking about this biryani that I would be eating on Bakrid… … I suddenly had this craving to taste some good… … Muslim-style biryani. The kind of biryani that you would eat in someone’s home on Bakrid. So I put up a post on Facebook to find out which restaurant serves up a good Muslim-style biryani. And I got a number of responses. And thank you very much to all of you who responded to my query. And of the many responses that I’ve received, I’ve zeroed in on this… … restaurant called Chichaba’s Taj Now this restaurant’s lineage goes back
many, many years… … to another popular restaurant called Taj which is perhaps about 60, 70 odd years… … old. I don’t know exactly how many years. Chichaba’s Taj is a recent off shoot of the iconic Taj And I’m told it’s named after the owner or the founder of the legendary Taj. So that’s where we’re headed to taste what will hopefully be great biryani. Janab Abdur Rahman who was known as Chichaba. So he was the one who started Taj Hotel in Shivajinagar. It’s just about three so the restaurant is empty but I can smell biryani in the air. So I think we made a good choice in
coming to this place. I’m going to taste both the Chicken and
the Mutton Biryani. But then when you come here and you smell all this food and you look at the menu… … you start wanting other things. Thank you. Always a good sign when the plate arrives on the table. You know the food is not far behind. Mint chutney. Seekh Kebab. So that’s the Chichaba’s Fried Chicken And then you have the Seekh Kebab. So there you go, I have my Seekh Kebab and the Chichaba’s Special Chicken. I’m going to taste the chicken first because when you taste the mutton… … I think the chicken always has a tough act to follow. So in Bengaluru we love our chicken kebabs. and the chicken kebabs that we love in Bengaluru are the fried kebabs, the ones that are deep-fried. And then you have this glorious, fiery red-looking kebab. Let’s taste this Chichaba’s Special Chicken Kebab. Mmmh. Sometimes with chicken it can go very dry… … but this chicken is soft… … and almost juicy. I think it’s made very well. It’s succulent if I could use that word for
this piece of chicken. Mmmh. So you look at this piece of chicken… … you can see that the marinade has penetrated deep inside the chicken… … making it a flavourful bite. Mmmh. You know there’s nothing as comforting as eating onions in between kebabs. It just kind of refreshes the palate, moistens the palate. I also like the crunch of the masala. I’m going to taste it with the curry leaf. Speaking of kebabs, I must now taste the
Mutton Seekh Kebab. Now the Mutton Seekh Kebab is a specialty of the original Taj restaurant… … along with the biryanis. It’s been a while since I’ve tasted it. So I’m quite curious to know what this will taste like. As I break into this Seekh Kebab, you can see all that juiciness ooze out. The thing with Seekh Kebab, because
there’s some fat in it with the mince … you’ve got to eat it as soon as it is served. Because that’s when you taste the
juiciness of the kebab. Mmmh. I’m told the kebab is grilled on a sigri. So the outer layer of the seekh has a nice crust and it’s got this… … flavourful mutton mince inside. Mmmh. You definitely taste the flavour of the meat and the fat that’s been mixed into the meat. When I’m tasting kebabs I like to taste the
kebab just by itself. Of course you have the mint… … yoghurt chutney here… … that I can use with the kebab but I like to taste the flavour of the meat… … just by itself and I think that’s what
makes it interesting. What I also like here is the spicing of the kebab. So while it looks fiery red, on the palate the kebab is quite gentle. Some onion just to break the taste of the
kebab on my palate. Mmmh. Halfway through tasting the kebabs… … I decided to order a couple of other dishes that came highly recommended on the Chichaba’s menu. The Paya, Bheja Fry and the very popular Barrah Kebab. It certainly smells aromatic. You have the peppery notes… … of the soup and then you have that… … zesty freshness of the coriander that’s
used as garnish. So you’ve got all this gelatin… … that’s been rendered into this broth. I think that’s what makes it so nourishing as a soup. Mmmh. So the gelatin in the trotter has rendered beautifully. I’m going to rein back my appetite or my greed… … and also taste a bit of the Bheja Fry that has also landed on our table. Ahh! This feels soft to the touch. Mmmh. You have all that unctuous, creamy richness of the bheja or the goat brain that just coats your palate. Mmmh. And then I’ve got a crispened curry leaf that’s cresting this luscious piece of brain. This is going to be one lush mouthful. Mmmh. I can feel it dissolve in my mouth. That custardy creaminess of the goat
brain or the bheja… … has permeated every pore… Well I was talking to one of the chaps out here and they said they do a good Barrah Kebab. So I said, well before the biryani, perhaps I’ll taste one of the Barrah Kebabs and… … see what this Barrah Kebab is all about here. This Barrah Kebab peels away almost effortlessly from the bone… … yet has the right amount of bite, allowing you to chew on it. You know, you want your meat to have a bit of a bite. You want to feel like you’re eating meat. And this kebab is grilled to perfection. I love these burnt ends on the kebab. So you’ve got all the flavours of the meat that have caramelised into that burnt end… … and sometimes that’s the tasty part of the kebab. Mmmh. So there’s the smoky notes, there’s the mellow spicing of the kebab. And the bite of the meat… … that you have on your palate as you
taste this Barrah Kebab. I had to get these pictures. What’s arrived on the table is the reason why we’re here at Chichaba’s. So we’ve got the biryanis here. So I have the Chicken Biryani right here. And I have the Mutton Biryani. And of course the biryani is served with
a Baigan Ka Salan and some salad to go with it. I’m going to begin with the Chicken Biryani first. So the biryani here is made with the short grain jeera samba rice. So there you go I’ve got piece of chicken right here. It has a nice gentle aroma. Not the sort of biryani that you’ll smell from half a block away… … but it has that nice gentle aroma. And the rice… … each grain of rice is separate, which is also the hallmark of a good biryani. And the rice feels nice and warm to the touch. Enough said, time to taste the biryani now. This is a mild biryani. Let’s taste some of the meat. Mmmh. Taste some of the meat with the rice. Just get a bit of the masala to lift the flavours of the rice. Mix it all up nicely. Mmmh. You know this biryani has tomatoes in it so it kind of has that hint of tartness. And of course, you’ve got the fresh
flavours of the herbs that have gone into this again. The masala is nice and mellow. It’s gentle. It’s not the sort of biryani that’ll jolt your senses. But it’s a very mellow sort of a, gently
flavoured sort of a biryani. There’s little pockets of masala that you see in the rice. And you should mix your rice into that. And that’s really where you get the complete flavour of this biryani. The chicken is cooked fine. Enough said about the chicken. Let’s move onto the Mutton Dum Biryani. You, just going by the aromas that are emanating from this pot… … even as I unsettle the biryani… … to get the rice onto my plate and also
the piece of meat… … I can definitely sense by the aromas that are wafting out of this pot that this… is going to be flavourful biryani as compared to the Chicken Biryani. I need to gently nudge a piece of the meat
onto my plate. The biryani is steaming hot inside. So the rice is warm on the outside but inside… … it contains these hot pieces of mutton. Oh this is hot! I’m going to taste the rice just by itself. Mmmh. With due apologies to all the chicken lovers out there… … I think there’s nothing that comes close to a good Mutton Biryani. I’ve got this plump piece of meat and this meat is hot! I’m going to take some masala and a bit of the rice. I’m sure this is going to be a happy mouthful. Mmmh. What I really appreciate about this biryani
are the mellow flavours. This certainly feels like a biryani that will
leave you satisfied… … but happily so. Without too many if the unsavoury side effects of… … consuming all that meat and rice. The masala is mellow and then you have the gentle undercurrent of tartness that comes from the tomatoes. So this meat, also has a bit of fat. You need the fat to convey all the flavour. And there’s a lot of the flavour that’s there in the fat. Mmmh. I’m going to have some of that biryani rice. See there’s a cardamom here. With some of that Baigan Ka Salan on my plate. Mmmh. The sourness in the Baigan Salan lends a whole new dimension to the biryani. It suddenly makes it livelier. So if you like your biryani mellow, gentle… … have the biryani as it is. … maybe go for those pockets of masala, you know with a little bit of the tomatoes, with a little bit of the spices… … and mix it well into your rice just to give it that slight flavour oomph. But if you like something very robust, if you like something very sprightly… …take some of that Baingan Ka Salan and mix that into your rice… … for a flavourful mouthful. Mmmh. Taste the last piece of meat, before I wrap up. I like the fact that they’re quite generous
with the meat here. So you’ve got the meat and you also have… Well I sat down to film this episode on the back of a biryani craving. And the biryani that I’ve just tasted… … especially the Mutton Biryani here at Chichaba’s Taj has certainly quelled that craving. And I know that I’m going to be back. Not just for the Mutton Biryani… … but also that Barrah Kebab and that creamy, custardy Bheja Pepper Fry. So until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road… … stay safe. And happy eating! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share, and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV… … do log on to and hit the ‘Support Food Lovers’ banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating.

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