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Taking on the Red Pill | Men’s Rights Activism

Taking on the Red Pill | Men’s Rights Activism

If you’ve spent any amount of time discussing
politics with just about anyone, you’ve likely come across the argument known as a
Whataboutism. Even if you’ve never heard of the term, you know what it is. Usually
it has very little to do with the original topic and just aims to derail the conversation.
Oh, you want to fill that pothole? Well what about fixing the sidewalks on my street? Oh,
so you care about [terrible tragedy]? Well I didn’t see you complaining during [other
unrelated terrible tragedy]. You’ve heard these arguments before and they’re somewhat
easy to spot. But what do you do when the counterargument seems to directly contradict
whatever it is you’re advocating for… Oh, so you made a video about Feminism? Well,
what about Men’s Rights? This video was brought to you by CuriosityStream.
Men and women are biologically and psychologically different. I don’t know any serious person
who disputes that. And while you can’t say that men or women are better overall, you
can say that when it comes to specific categories, on average. Like upper body strength, pain
tolerance, or color perception. Because of those inherent differences, men and women
have taken on different roles in our society. These societal gender roles have made men
and women culturally different as well. Much like the biological and psychological differences,
you can’t say that men or women are culturally better overall. But again, you can say it
when it comes to specific categories. Over the last century, women have been trying
to break out of those traditional gender roles with a good deal of success. They aren’t
quite there yet, but I already made a video about that. Instead, this video is about men,
who’ve been watching women successfully getting out of their roles and saying – hey,
we want out of our traditional gender roles too.
These men are typically known as Men’s Rights Activists, or MRAs, they’re part of the
broader Manosphere and they’ve become pretty popular in recent decades for reasons we’ll
get to later. A few years ago, they released a documentary called The Red Pill. Named after
the red pill in the Matrix, which makes you wake up and see the horrible reality of the
world, as opposed to the blue pill, which is feminism in this case. If you go to the
doctor and ask for the blue pill, you’re going to get something very different. In
the movie, they say that one of the defining characteristics of men’s role in society
is the concept of Male Disposability. Every society that survived, survived based
on its ability to trade its sons to be disposable. Disposable in war as warriors, disposable
in work as firefighters, as workers on oil rigs and so on, coal miners.
Male Disposability is the idea that men are seen as less valuable and therefore disposable
for the betterment or preservation of society. Which is why men account for most deaths in
the workplace. The film makes it a point to mention how many
people died on the job and what percentage of those deaths were men. In 2017, it actually
increased to 5147 workplace fatalities, 92.5% of which were men. Just to put that into perspective,
that’s more casualties than the entire Iraq War, all seven years, put together… every
year. So, this is a genuine problem worth talking about.
The most dangerous profession when it comes to how many deaths there are per worker is
fishermen. If you ever watched Deadliest Catch, you’d know that. But the most dangerous
job, when it comes to absolute numbers, is truck driver with almost a thousand deaths
in 2017… more than the next ten professions combined. Why aren’t these the jobs we talk
about when discussing Male Disposability? The Red Pill mentioned coal miners, oil drillers,
and firefighters – even the watch commercial responding to Gillette uses firefighters when
quoting the same statistic. Only 35 firefighters died on the job in 2017, don’t get me wrong,
I wish it was zero, but these aren’t the guys dying by the hundreds – these are.
Why aren’t truck drivers the face of Male Disposability? Because they aren’t heroic,
even when discussing the plight of men dying in the workforce, we want to be seen as hypermasculine
and heroic. There’s nothing heroic about this. Truck drivers are seen as some of the
lowest people in society because… you know those Gatorade bottles you see thrown out
on the side of the highway? Yeah, those aren’t filled with Gatorade. Disgusting!
So instead, they go with firefighter, which I find interesting, because that profession
in particular is one that women have been trying to get into for decades. But have been
kept out of for… reasons. Probably because we all imagine women as these little 90-pound
frail objects but… If Zarya wants to be a firefighter, I say let her.
But we’re the ones dying… and we die for you guys.
You don’t get to say that we’re the ones dying and we’re doing it for you… in jobs
you want but you can’t have because… they’re ours. Women want those dangerous jobs. And
as long as they are kept out of them, we as men don’t get to complain that we’re stuck
with them. Take the military, for example. Women have
always been in the US military in a support role – nurses, administration, that sort
of stuff. But they’ve been begging to be in combat for decades. The Secretary of Defense
finally opened up combat roles to women in 2013, and they started filling them in 2016.
Much to the chagrin of male politicians. So whenever you’re shown these statistics,
keep in mind that women weren’t allowed in combat during any of these conflicts – despite
wanting to be. Whenever we talk about the military in the scope of men’s rights, we
inevitably end up talking about the draft. Officially known as the Selective Service
System. Every male in the United States is required to register for Selective Service
between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, not doing so is a federal crime that will
haunt you forever. Luckily, you may have done so without remembering. I filled out a card
at the post office, I remember it being a big deal, but you might have done it by just
checking a box on your FAFSA – the form you fill out when requesting financial aid
for college. Or, if you have a driver’s license in any of the yellow states you were
automatically registered. The draft is somewhat of a non-argument for
several reasons, the most obvious is that it really hasn’t affected you. You had to
fill out a form or check a box once. We haven’t used the draft since 1973, we’ve been an
all-volunteer force since then, meaning that it hasn’t affected anyone born after 1956.
If you’re not collecting Social Security, the draft isn’t something you’ve ever
had to worry about. And the draft is so historically unpopular that it would take Red Dawn happening
for us to ever use it again, and I have a feeling that if that were to happen, we’d
suddenly be okay with the draft. But you know, it still might, some day.
Men feel that this is unfair, since they have to sign up for the draft and women don’t.
But actually, that’s about to change. One of the main arguments against women being
part of the draft was that they weren’t allowed in combat, since that changed in 2016,
Congress set up a commission to re-evaluate the Selective Service System. Whether that
means including women or abolishing it entirely. There was also a recent court case that ruled
that an all-male draft is unconstitutional on the basis of that 2016 combat role change.
But since Congress was already set up a commission, that decision didn’t carry much weight.
But there are a number of other ways that men are disadvantaged that Men’s Rights
Activists often cite. Some more legitimate than others.
Men are dropping out of higher education at very alarming rates. We’re down to 38% now,
of college students are men, and it’s dropping rapidly.
It was actually 43.3% in 2017 and isn’t dropping rapidly, in fact, it’s been increasing
since 2005 and is projected to stay the same for the next ten years. Women first became
the majority of college students in 1979. But he is right that there’s a difference
in college graduation rates, among women who start a bachelor’s degree program, 62.1%
of them actually finish, while only 56.1% of men do. It’s not that big of a difference,
but still a difference. You’ll also hear that boys drop out of high
school 30 or 40% more than girls. Which is true, but that’s relative to girls. In 2016,
the nation-wide high school dropout rate was 7.1% for boys and 5.1% for girls, which are
actually near-historic lows. In 1979, it was 15% and 14.2%, so, trending down. But a 2%
difference doesn’t really sound like much of a crisis, so, seven is 140% of five, which
gives us a 40% relative difference. You see this relative risk trick all over the place.
There is a small difference, but I’m not sure I would say something as dramatic as
“boys are languishing academically while girls are prospering.”
Boys are languishing academically while girls are prospering.
While men are slightly behind in the education system, they’re well ahead when it comes
to prison system. Men are sentenced to 63% more prison time
for the same crime as women. That’s actually true and pretty much indisputable.
Of all men in America, one in nine have, are, or will eventually spend time in prison. Among
women, it’s only one in fifty-six. This might lead you to believe that men commit
crimes more often than women… which is statistically true. But even when a woman is convicted,
her punishment is far more lenient. They are twice as likely to receive no jail time than
a man, and if they do, say they’re sentenced to ten years, a man convicted of the same
crime will get sixteen years. And if he’s a black man, he’ll get twenty. Criminal
justice reform, and especially prison reform, is something I’ve been pushing for for a
long time and I’ve never really considered it a male issue, it’s usually a race issue.
But I can see why they include it in the list. Other indisputable statistics that MRAs often
cite when discussing the difference between men and women have to do with healthcare outcomes.
On average, women live seven years longer than men. We spend more on female healthcare,
mostly because they just happen to go to the doctor more often. Women have more regular
healthcare needs. Breast cancer and prostate cancer kill people at similar rates, but breast
cancer gets a lot more funding, which mostly comes down to marketing. If prostate cancer
had something similar to a pink ribbon or a yellow wristband, I’m sure that could
change. Prostate cancer actually has a ribbon – but you probably didn’t know that. Men
aren’t encouraged to go to the doctor regularly like women, even when they’re sick or injured,
they’re told to suck it up or rub some dirt on it. Which leads to worsening physical and
mental health problems… Four of five suicides are men.
That was true when he said it, but it’s actually closer to 3 out of 4 now, because
female suicide has been increasing. Strangely enough, women attempt suicide more often than
men. For every three men that commit suicide, five women attempt. And only one succeeds.
Men successfully commit suicide more than women because men choose more violent methods
like jumping off of things or guns. Firearms account for just over half of all suicides.
Women tend to choose less violent methods like drug overdoses or cutting, which have
a very low probability of success. This is a valid issue, because as I said, men are
far less likely to seek help. We live in a society that looks down on men who ask for
help, so maintaining that pride drives men to things like suicide, drug and alcohol addiction,
and homelessness. Is a man… disposable? Is a man… broken?
I like this one because they’re putting their thumb on the scale a bit… single homeless.
So if you’re married and homeless or have a child and homeless, you don’t count. In
truth, men are 60.2% of all homeless people In homeless shelters, 55.4% are men, which
is actually pretty even – but when it comes to actually living out on the street, 70.3%
are men. Again, men don’t like asking for help. And now that I’ve mentioned shelters,
I’m going to have to talk about domestic violence…
As of 2016, there’s only a single domestic violence shelter for men. My initial reaction
was that there needed to be thousands more women’s shelters because that many more
women are being battered. But as it turns out, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will be victims
of physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.
If you’re alarm bells and red flags aren’t going off, they should be. That statistic
is true; however, the definition of physical violence in that survey includes literally
any form of physical violence. From pushing, to slapping, to throwing something at you.
From the infographic attached to that same source, women are far more likely to be afraid,
far more likely to be concerned for their safety, and far more likely to develop PTSD.
Why is that, if just as many men are victims? Because when we look at physical violence
that actually results in injury, it’s one in seven women and one in twenty-five men.
This is from her 2010 source, link below. For every man that needed to go to a hospital
as a result of domestic violence, five women did, for every man that needed housing services
in order to get away from domestic violence, six women did. The Red Pill tries to portray
this as some both sides in equal numbers issue, but it just isn’t.
Domestic violence shelters were first set up in the 60s and 70s, when many women didn’t
have access to a job or money. They had no resources and nowhere to go if they were in
danger. Men, on the other hand, could go to a hotel, or a friend’s house, or even a
bar if they needed to get away. Not the healthiest options, but still options. But now, there
are domestic violence shelters all over the country which provide a place for women and
men to go. That’s right, I said and men. The domestic violence shelter she says is
the only one for men is not the only one for men. It’s just the only one that serves
only men. According to her source, nearly half a million male victims used housing services
as a result of intimate partner violence – where did they all go? Some domestic violence shelters
are for women only, but almost every domestic violence shelter will help male victims either
by housing them directly or by putting them in a hotel, free of charge. There absolutely
should be more domestic violence shelters for men – but framing it as if there’s
only one is a lie. The Red Pill is about understanding that men
and women, like everything else in life is a mixed bag, you’ve got victims and perpetrators
on both sides of the fence. That’s true, but it’s not even close to
being 50-50. While we’re on the subject of men being the victims of violence, men
can also be the victims of rape. In fact, men can be raped by women. And we should call
it rape, not an affair, when it happens. MRAs and The Red Pill again try to portray this
as a both sides are victims in equal numbers issue, when it isn’t. Not even close. From
the same source she got her one in four men physical violence statistic, one in five women
will be raped in their lifetime, while one in seventy-one men will. For every male victim,
there are fourteen female victims. That’s an order of magnitude difference and accounts
for female on male and male on male sexual violence.
But really, when men are concerned about rape, their biggest concern is being falsely accused.
Many in the Manosphere believe that 40 or 50% of all rape allegations are false and
that women are lying. And they get that number from one discredited study.
When a woman reports a rape, sometimes there isn’t enough information or evidence to
prosecute, sometimes the woman changes her mind about pressing charges, and sometimes
the guy is found not guilty. All of those added up is where they got that number. If
you go to the police to report that your bike was stolen, and they don’t find enough evidence
to pursue it – that doesn’t change the fact that your bike was stolen. That is not
a false allegation. Numerous studies have been done on this and all of them have found
that false rape allegations occur between 2 and 10% of the time, with the largest study
finding 6.8%. Meaning the woman is only making it up 6.8% of the time. Believe it or not,
but that’s actually pretty consistent with the false allegation rate for just about every
crime. Including bicycle theft. In fact, parsing out the numbers, as a man, you are more likely
to be the victim of a rape than you are to be falsely accused of a rape. It does happen
and it’s awful, but it’s also very, very rare.
Men often feel like they have no choice when it comes to conceiving a child. Once the woman
is pregnant, all decisions are left to her. Which makes sense on multiple levels, biologically
and evolutionarily she has to invest much more and has much more to lose. But it also
makes legal sense. It’s scary to think that a woman’s reproductive choices would be
at the mercy of a man, whether he wants the child or not. Which is why the Supreme Court
said that shouldn’t be the case. You know what would solve a lot of these issues and
level the reproductive playing field? If men had access to a birth control pill. That’s
what started second wave Feminism, after all. But paternity traps and even false allegations
and domestic violence really only seem to come up during particularly messy divorces.
There is no question that the family court system is biased against men. The divorce
rate in the United States rose sharply during the 70s and 80s, but has been holding at 40-50%
for the last few decades. Half of all marriages end in divorce, whether it’s your first
or third. Dividing assets during a divorce is a messy
process, anything you earned or bought while you were together is technically both of yours,
so things get divided 50-50. Which is usually a raw deal for the man, who was the primary
breadwinner. But that’s historically, in the decades since the women’s liberation
movement, women have become the primary breadwinner in 40% of households. So dividing assets is
becoming more equitable – but alimony and custody, still favor women.
Alimony, or spousal support, was an idea from back in the day when women’s only job was
to be a housewife. After a divorce, they’d go onto the job market for the first time
ever with no marketable skills. So if you wanted to divorce a woman, you had to financially
help her until she could get a job. But now that women are more independent, you’d think
that alimony would be phased out or at least, very rare. And compared to forty years ago,
it is. Women are only awarded alimony in 10% of divorces today strangely enough, men are
awarded alimony 3% of the time. Spousal support is based on who gets paid more, and typically,
men still get paid more. But men often get the short end of the stick
during a divorce when it comes to child custody. Unlike dividing monetary assets, dividing
children is… somewhat more difficult. These numbers were accurate for the time,
the more recent numbers are 80.4% for women and 19.6% for men. However, they are missing
vital context. In 1986, women were given sole custody 80% of the time, by 1994 it had dropped
to 74%. In 2008, women only got sole custody 42% of the time. So why does that census number
still say 80-something percent? Because you have legal custody of a child until they’re
twenty in some states – depending on if they’re still in school If you got custody
in 1994, you could still have custody for the purposes of those 2015 numbers. So yes,
currently, 80% of custodial parents are mothers, but the family court system and social norms
have changed and it’s going to take a decade or two for the census numbers to reflect that.
Joint custody is actually the norm now. 27% of the time custody is split 50-50 between
mother and father and 18% of the time it’s some uneven balance. Sole custody going to
the father has remained pretty much unchanged since the 80s. But here’s the kicker, the
thing the Red Pill never mentions: 91% of custody decisions are made without involving
the family court system at all. And 51% of the time, the father just lets the mother
have custody. The family court system truly is biased against
men, I mean there’s just no question about it.
There’s no doubt that there have been some men who get screwed by court decisions and
custody cases. The unfairness in the family courts, the unfairness
in the way child support is so often structured. Remember, only 9% of cases go to family court.
But child support is a rather contentious issue and is often cited as one of the main
ways men are disadvantaged. And it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that’s been changing
too. Child support depends on a number of factors including how custody is split and
who makes more money. It is still possible in joint custody situations. But of women
who have sole custody, 52.3% also get child support, of men it’s only 31.4%. Since men
tend to earn more, that makes sense. Interesting side note, we’re all familiar with the term
“deadbeat dad’ for a father who is delinquent on child support. 25.4% of men who are supposed
to pay child support… don’t. But among women who are supposed to pay child support,
32% of them don’t. So “deadbeat moms” are actually more common as a percentage.
It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that divorce is the primary recruitment tool for Men’s
Rights Activist groups. Many men’s rights activists come into being
men’s rights activists as a result of getting a divorce wanting to be equally involved with
children and realizing that women have the right to children and men have to fight for
children. Again, I think it’s important to point out
that the vast majority of divorces and custody disputes don’t end up in family court, but
it is safe to assume that when they do, men tend to lose. So what is the feminist response
to the current state of divorce? You should all know who this is, she’s the go-to thumbnail
for anti-feminist youtube, she goes by the name Big Red and she is very loud and obnoxious.
But look past the tone in her voice and listen to what she’s actually saying.
Feminists do not want you to lose custody of your children, the assumption that women
are naturally better caregivers is part of patriarchy!
Feminists do not want you to have to make alimony payments. Alimony is set up to combat
the fact that women have been historically expected to prioritize domestic duties over
professional goals, thus minimizing their earning potential if their traditional marriages
end. Why didn’t the MRAs stop her right then
and say “hey, we actually agree with you, let’s do something about it?” I realize
the tone is an issue, but outside of that. None of the things I’ve talked about in
this video are actually against feminism, in fact a lot of the time, they’re parallel
issues. Why aren’t MRAs and Feminists working together? You know what would solve a lot
of the issues that men’s rights groups and feminists are working to solve? An Equal Rights
Amendment that makes men and women equal under the law. It was squashed in the 70s because
anti-feminists wanted to keep divorce and custody unequal and women out of the military
and the draft. Why aren’t MRAs pushing for that legislation?
The common trope is that MRAs aren’t actually trying to change anything, they just hate
women… What you’ll hear is that we hate women.
You’ll hear that it’s a backlash against women’s rights.
That’s somewhat difficult to argue against, since MRAs didn’t exist until the 80s, it’s
clearly a direct response to Feminism. But MRAs are just part of a larger picture – known
as the Manosphere. Just as Feminism is not a single monolith that agrees on everything,
there are several groups within the Manosphere that don’t always get along.
First, you have the men’s rights activists that care about equality in divorce and male
disposability – legitimate issues discussed in this video. But then you have the incels
– short for involuntarily celibate – men who are unsuccessful in their dating lives
and blame women and feminism for it. Sometimes violently. Then there are the voluntarily
celibate – or “Volcels” more often called MGTOW for “Men Going Their Own Way.” These
are men who don’t like women and don’t want women. And on the flip side, there are
the pick-up artists, who don’t like or respect women, but still very much want them, even
to the point of tricking them. There are other factions, some of which are
even creepier, not all MRAs like them being around, but when one of the leaders of the
men’s right movement says stuff like this… If men made the rules to benefit men at the
expense of women, here are some of the ways the world- here are some of the ways the world
would look like. We would make rules that every woman would be sexual with us whenever
we would like. And that the women who are very young, maybe 13 or 14 would be very interested
in us. It’s kind of hard to deny that they are
on this list. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there is a significant overlap
between the Manosphere and white nationalist groups. Not every MRA is in the alt-right,
but some are. The point is, whenever there’s a men’s rally, these guys show up too…
While these guys try to say that they don’t hate women – they just hate feminism.
Feminists aren’t the only problem, the problems didn’t start with feminism. So when I start
criticizing feminism, I want you to know that you’re just part of the problem.
It’s so hard to convince people to look at men’s right activism and support it without
first allowing them to at least escape the stranglehold that feminism has on their minds.
When men’s rights groups bring up the issues that are important to them and present their
information, they don’t bring up any serious solutions. Instead, they just conclude that
therefore, Feminism is wrong. The Red Pill seems to be more about downplaying and dismissing
women’s issues than anything else – a way to delegitimize feminism as a whole. It’s
an evil ideology that brainwashes people. Are you conflating feminism, which is an ideology,
with women, which is a demographic of society? Ideologies and -isms aren’t inherently bad.
Capitalism is an ideology. Men’s rights groups appear to be more of a coping mechanism
for men who feel defensive against or even victimized by feminism. If men were looking
for end-goal solutions, they would see feminists as allies. A big hang up for many in the men’s
rights movement seems to be the language – why is the bad thing patriarchy and the force
for good feminism? If it’s about equality, why don’t you call it Egalitarianism? You
have to look past the surface-level language that was developed back when it was objectively
true fifty years ago. You might even find that it’s applicable to men’s issues.
The fact that men are always suspected of being the aggressors in a rape, that female
teachers never rape their male students, and prison rape is always a punchline. That’s
all part of Rape Culture. When people automatically think that men are capable, they’re more
likely to listen to and believe you, but when you actually need help, they’re less likely
to offer it because you’re supposed to be capable. That’s the downside to Male Privilege.
The fact that you’re supposed to man up and not be a p**sy, never show emotion and
not cry like a b**ch. That’s Toxic Masculinity. That hypermasculine pride is what leads men
to never go to the doctor when they need to, or end up homelessness, or with drug and alcohol
addiction, and eventually suicide. Patriarchy doesn’t only oppress women. Not only does
it expect women to be in subservient roles, it expects men to be in dominant ones. Whether
you want to be or not. It expects you to be the breadwinner of the family and to be willing
to sacrifice your life for your country or work in some heroic masculine profession.
Like being a firefighter, or coal miner, or a knight in medieval times. Which you can
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None of the issues that men’s rights groups advocate for contradict feminism. None of
the points that the watch commercial makes are actually a response to Gillette, instead
it’s just a list of ways men have it bad. We see the good in men. This all seems to
be one giant Whataboutism. Oh, you want to close the gender pay gap? Well, what about
male suicide rates? What about workplace fatalities? What about them? We can work on all of that.
Men being the victims of domestic violence is an issue and there should be more funding
for male shelters. But that doesn’t mean we need to take away from women’s shelters.
This isn’t a zero-sum game, we can do both. The conclusion shouldn’t be therefore your
original point was wrong, it should be therefore, we should work together, because now, you
know better. I’d like to give a shout out to my newest
Golden Fork patron, Qemmuel (Kem-you-el). If you’d like your name added to this list
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Reader Comments

  1. *Regarding the 1 in 5 Statistic*
    I used the 2010 NIPSVS in my video is because that's the same source The Red Pill uses. If you accept that 1 in 4 men have been the victim of intimate partner physical violence, you have to accept that 1 in 5 women have been the victim of sexual violence in their lifetimes. You cannot agree with and accept the methodology of the study when it comes to a statistic you like, but dismiss it when it's a statistic you don't like. If you're going to say that some of those women are lying – I can just as easily say some of those men are lying.

  2. Shouldn't we also include the fact that these lines of work you referred to didn't have a version for men and women, it was just one standard across the board? There were, in fact, women in the infantry before, it was very rare because they had to pass the men's physical fitness test. In the Fire Dept, you don't have one test for a guy who is 120lbs, and one for 180lbs, it is the same standard across the board.

  3. I'm living the trauma of complete loss post-divorce due to a phenomenon you didn't discuss…hypergamy. Women in relationships will not leave until and unless they have their next nest arranged. It's not always a vertical move. As in my case my exwife made a lateral move, but also satiated her thirst for ego boosting by shaking her tail feather one more time. She is now with her 4th husband. I lamented the loss of her only 3 weeks until I became aware of her new man, in which case I was over her by the next day. My point here is men are more likely dedicated to battling through the marriage struggles to keep the family and home together. Men do this because they are far more likely to love than women are. Women mostly covet and lust. Not going to explain those two claims. You ruminate on them for several hours and observe both genders behavior in public. Hang out 72 hours with me and bring a notebook and I'll show you where these two axioms manifest as true with remarkable precision.
    Regarding DV you downplay or dismiss the emotional and psychological abuse women inflict upon men especially when it comes to parenting. Mothers often undermine the fathers' authority when he's not home. Furthermore, when mothers are upset with children they'll often threaten the child with the promise that dad will punish them when he gets home. This undermines fathers two ways. When we get home we are cornered and often must show solidarity with the other parent and deliver on her promise of punishment, thereby making us the parent the children have an unhealthy fear of. Secondly, when the child is upset with the punishment it is the mother who so conveniently and manipulatively steps in to serve the comforting role and garnering more allegiance from the children (coveting!) I will concede that this dynamic is changing as women are becoming more violent, especially towards children. Just look at how many children are killed by mothers as compared to by fathers. This is because women can't show empathy unless they inherit a gain by doing so.
    Between the husband and wife themselves the emotional abuse can be brutal. Women control sex. And a out half or more marriages experience an infidelity. Add those two facts together and you see where a man will like his wife to be accountable to him for where she's been and what she's done. Men are often accountable de facto as defined by our jobs. When we men inquire about accountability our words are twisted and we are claimed to be controlling. This is not true. Furthermore, women are more sneaky and planning in their transgressions. They premeditate their actions, especially the infidelity. I think if you inquire from home paternity test manufacturers you'll find they are the most transparent with statistics about false paternity rates…20-30% throughout much of Western Civilization. Government statistics on this are unreliable because of corruption ubiquitous across all counties' domestic relations departments as they are inclined to believe any woman on her claim alone, and absent the man's presence, as to who fathered the child she's carrying.
    So now were onto the domestic relations issues and child support. If the man (historically true, although I concede the trend is becoming more equal) is the primary earner and doesn't get 50/50 custody upon divorce, then he is luck if he'll be able to keep 40% of his earnings. This is what I tried. Fail! I should have hit the reset button and budgeted a life going forward on 20-25% of my earnings. The algorithms most states use are skewed and biased towards recipient parents and pad the coffers of the domestic relations departments for both their operations expenses and expected "growth"…government programs rarely get cut.
    One last phenomenon you didn't address probably because it's not quantifiable, is the social acceptance of divorced adults divided by gender. Women are considered by society writ large as more in peril than men. Men are considered to be less in peril. A married couple is far more likely to welcome in a recently separated wife (especially with kids) than they would a husband. I experienced these signals sent by all my married friends. Even though I didn't need shelter my social invites dropped precipitously. Two dynamics are at play here. Wives, if they are strident feminists, will reject their husbands suddenly helping out or spending time with their newly single male friends. The wives have inherent suspicions. The other is if the married man is insecure and therefore very unlikely to invite you over to watch a game or to a cookout, as he doesn't want his wife looking at his new single male friend. (Remember…women control sex and the married man knows this so he doesn't want another male around, especially one that may have higher sexual market value.)
    Some of what I address above is from both real life experiences, close observations of others close to me, researching psychology and sociology articles. And much of it is just plain old instincts from the reptilian parts of my brain. I'm a hyper aware primate with a good memory for nuance and subtle changes.
    Some of what you presented was accurate, some was close, but some was conjecture and relied on jamming hexagonal pegs into octagonal holes…close but no fit. Of course you need to experience much of what I talk about to endorse it.
    If there's one fact I state that I stress you to believe it's that women are getting more and more violent and sexually deviant towards minors. The love vs lust thing I trust you'll challenge yourself to examine because that's the epiphany out there you're drawn to.

  4. MRAs Released the Red Pill documentary?

    Wrong! MRAs had NOTHING to do with the production of that movie. Cassie Jaye (with the help of her husband and family) did it with money raised by crowdfunding. Framing The Red Pill as having been produced by MRAs is 100% bullshit.

  5. You people with your ability to tell certain reds and greens apart; Also purple and blue, Sometimes neon green and yellow. *Shakes fist*.

  6. Honestly listening to the whole "if men really controlled the world…" Thing made me sick. It really opened my eyes to the bitterness some of these people have and allowed me to more closely scrutinize my own.

  7. How does one define attempted suicide, because I know girls who have tiny scars in their arms and say they're suicide attempts. Attempts do tiny it would never even be lethal.

  8. It's sad that people instantly dislike without even listening to what he's saying. He talks in favour of women as much as for men.

  9. I'm an equalist. I'm not here to fight for the rights of a specific, I'm fighting for equality. Something you can not control or change should decide whether you get to be treated the same as the "normal".

  10. truck drivers. as much as I hate them on the road they are the ones who are keeping society going. delivering valuables to everyone who needs them.

  11. I'm a trans dude, so I understand both sides and their problems. and what I have to say is you shouldn't be dictating how many rights a person gets based on things they can not control like race, sex, gender, sexuality, wealth class, etc. Because if we could choose that then I'd be a cis, straight, white rich dude because I would be as discriminated. But alas I can't be and it seems that no matter how hard we try no one wants people to be equal.

  12. I follow the red pill but I think you make some good points, most surprising was the 40% female breadwinner statistic. However, as others have mentioned, its not barriers preventing women from joining the army/becoming firefighters it's either not meeting physical requirements or not wanting those roles. I also wouldn't fit into any of the categories that you listed, probably closest to the pick up community however I don't wish to sleep with hundreds of women, just use the reality of what attracts women and ensures their long-term commitment to find a good relationship. Most people are still looking for a Disney romance, which as you say, will most likely end in divorce.

  13. Feminists hate MRA and stop their activities by any costs.
    They still believe it's men oppressing them, not people in charge, rich capitalists.
    They believe MRA's oppressing them.
    MRA acts defensively because of the blame and active aggression from feminists.

    What you call patriarchy does not include poor men, only a powerful minority, so no reason to call it like every man is part of it.
    What you call "toxic masculinity" is male gender role or cage, masculists call for liberation from, while feminists together with traditionalists are fighting male's liberation.

    It's feminists and traditionalists believe like it's zero-sum game.

  14. I agree with some of what you say, and disagree with other points… as I have with your entire catalogue. You and Big Joel are some of the few creators that I can listen to views opposite of my own without feeling an aneurism coming on.

    The one part I will challenge (even though you are 100% correct) is the rape/bicycle analogy. If an accusation is made and the prosecution fails to make the case that person has to be viewed as “not guilty.” That doesn’t mean they are “innocent” but that is why a jury is instructed to reach guilty/non guilty verdict and not an innocent/non innocent verdict.

    Unlike a bicycle theft, being tried for rape and found not guilty carries a ton of baggage in the court of public opinion. And even though I guarantee a lot of shitty dudes have escaped justice on technicalities, I have to believe that a system that fails to convict 9 guilty people but protects the 1 wrongly convicted is better than the opposite.

  15. Women invented what it is mean to be a man and man did the same to women for the reason to describe what they are attracted for

  16. Lmao.
    Maybe the reason women are being kept out of firefighting is because upper body strength is actually pretty important to that job. Like if you go into a burning building and have to carry someone out in, you know, the fireman's carry.

  17. I disagree about the importance of the draft. The vast majority of military roles can be performed by women (and are). It really boils down to the idea that men can be exposed to mortal danger but women shouldn’t be. I heard very few women complaining about not having to register for the draft – regardless of how unlikely a draft would be.

    I am a liberal man who agrees with feminists, and this one is just one we have to accept shows a societal bias against the value of men’s lives. It doesn’t help the liberal cause to be clearly wrong on an issue. It’s better to recognize the truth and ponder the reason for it than to insist that the bias against the value of men’s lives doesn’t exist.

    I will be truly amazed if and when women are actually required to register for the draft.

  18. The only world leader I could accept would be hermaphrodite. Equally man and female. No possible ism. Hmmmmm

  19. Good video but when talking about big red remeber they pulled the fire alarm on a mra conference. So they weren't going to get along.

  20. Funny how when one sex does well and has statistical improvements, the other sex does as well. We must all be the same species or something

  21. Not trying to belittle the FACT that most rape accusations are truthful, I was a victim of a false accusation.
    The ridiculous (now) thing about the accusation was that I was in the military OVERSEAS when the incident supposedly occurred.
    That is literally the ONLY reason nothing happened to me. They still wanted to come after me, but I had absolute 100% ironclad proof that I was in the Middle East.
    All because I refused to sleep with her… seriously… we never even had any sexual relations whatsoever.
    They need to take EVERY accusation seriously. They really do.
    What pisses me off about this incident is that false accusations ruins the credibility of ALL actual rape victims because they get distorted in the media.

    I also knew a guy who was raped by another guy in the service and the rapist got probation (and kicked out), but served no time.

  22. I just watched this video and i will let you know that i have disliked this video.
    If you one day maybe see this comment i think you should read it.
    First of all i think your channel name is misleading, knowing better implies that you know better than rest or something. You should rename it to "dont knowing right from left and then pushing my own agenda."

    Lets start of deconstruction of your little video.
    First thing you start about is about the
    "women arent allowed into male jobs, so that is reason why women dont work dangerous jobs like military or firefighters. "
    Guess what, that may be the canse in you imaganery world, lets call it la-la land, but here in reality jobs have requirements and you need to pass them. Requirements are there for reason, woman usually dont fill those requirements. Is woman strong enough to be firefighter, do women even want to be firefighters?
    You need to look at requirements, the truth is something you want to avoid and that is that women just arent capable enough to do those jobs properly, it is not because they are not allowed. Someone has to do those jobs, and those are men or women that are capable and in some fields you mentioned women are mostly less capable than men.
    Males do more dangerous jobs not because they are disposable but because they are the only ones mostly capable of doing them. If you want more equal society you maybe should give more attention to all humans doing those more dangerous jobs instead for pushing this women equal right nonsense, gender has nothing to do with it.

    That thing about education you next mentioned is so stupid that i wont even comment on it, its waste of bits used to type this comment.

    Then you go about prison time, after you admit that males get short end of stick here but suddenly you say most dumb shit "it is not male problem it is racial problem."
    So let me get this straight, this problem revolves around men getting higher sentances and then you say it is not male problem but racial problem??? So it is about males across all races but then still its not male problem but racial problem. You fail at basic levels of logic. There is nothing more to say.

    Then we get to the "men refusing to ask for help." thingy, and that is reason why men insert here health or violence problem get their lives worse. So i guess if males dont ask for help, it makes it okay for them to suffer like that or what? You just kinda ignored this whole point and immidiately skiped to women shelters, in a video that is about men and their problem you seem to mention women a lot.

    Then you go about suicide "men sucesfully do more suicides cause men are more agressive, but women try more suicides but they arent as agressive so they fail at suicide."
    Do you even realize how stupid this sounds?
    People who really want to kill themselves do a bit of research on that you know? They go on about how to kill themselves with least of pain and to make sure that they die. People arent as stupid, you shouldnt underestamate them. Most people who really want to kill themselves do it sucessfully.
    Those failes are people who want attention, dont really want to kill themselves but want to hurt themselves or who are just emotionally unstable and due to that do stupid things which may or may not be dangerous.
    This has nothing to do with agression you bafoon, people who do suicides arent agressive, they are broken.
    But i guess that is not important for you, what you care about is to somehow paint this picture into "but women have it equal."

    Then we go to famous women reproductive choice vs men making decisions about it…
    You just failed biology 101, guess what genious who "knows better", males also have reproductive capabilities and choice, and owmen cannot reproduce without men.
    When woman has child, it is not that woman child, it is that man and woman child. Men have same right to say or decide about child as women, anything else is unfair. You say woman has to carry that child for 9 months, well guess what women also have better immune systems than men, they have better reparative systems than men and can withstand more pain than men. There is a reason for that, there is also reason why men have more muscular mass than women.

    Then you move onto topic of alimony… Its to stupid to even type anything about it. You lack basic logic and understanding about that system.

    Then you mention something "rape culture",
    Wtf is rape culture? Is in your society rape accepted so it is culture?
    Are you brain damaged?

    And final straw at video ending is how we shouldnt focus on only one problem and lets mention both problems and do about everyone problems equally.

    You really are clown with that little hat of yours, that is how 5yr old kids imagine problem-solving, have you ever hear of resource allocation?
    You cannot solve everyone problem, or wati maybe in your imaginary world you can cause you have infinite resources to do so. In reality you dont have infinite resources so you have to allocate them.

    Seriously this video is so stupid, your feminists of whatever wave and those male right activists and you "knowing better", you are all trash. Out of touch with reality.
    Most of these trash ideas of yours came in last 30 years or so and what is for worse it came from society that is what, like not even 300 years old. So hypocritical society which arose on genocide of its continent native people and slaves, you grew into this trash ideas of hypocritical justice.

    Women and men are like a ball that is split but not split in straight line but zig-zag line, so there are things women are better at and things men are better at. Society functions best when women do women best jobs and men do men best jobs, so everyone potential could be used to its maximum.
    It is just that there are out there greedy trash like those feminists who want all rights for themselves and no responsibilites and to counter them greedy trash male right activists rose up to grab as much rights as they can.
    Rest who follow either feminists what ever wave or male activists or whatever are just retarded sheep whom dont use its own head, you are no better than them, you are also trash.

  23. Look shithead. If someone says, "We need MORE women shelters!"
    And in reality, we actually DON'T need more women's shelters, we need more MEN's shelters.

    One contradicts the other. Do you get that?

  24. I think being a medieval knight is not a bad deal, I mean we get crusades (which all the proceeds go to the pope)

  25. The blue pill in "The Matrix" is remaining blissfully unaware, still dreaming. I'm not quite sure how that's feminism, but OK, the blue pill is the polar opposite of the red pill.

  26. 8:55 PragerUniversity – the most stupid but one of the most dangerous misinformation and propaganda campaigns of the political right ever

  27. Regardless of your response to the Dr at the beginning's politics, we should all agree he looks like an Onlivion NPC.

  28. Your entire response to the draft was awful. Just because it isn't used often doesn't make it any less terrible that men are forced to sign up into a draft and legitimately be called to fight a war while the women have no such requirement.

  29. Your outfit in this is poking fun at Davis Aurini! Hah!!!

    And the moving skull in the background confirms it.

  30. So what's you are saying is all of bad things happening to men are deserved? or all of this relative numbers are right but people dying does not matter?

  31. I didn't watch the full video with Warren Farrel and the if men set the system up to benefit men, but it appears your taking it massively out of context. It looks like he was doing a thought experiment to prove a point not stating exactly his desires.

    13 and 14 is really young and gross by todays standards for good reasons but they aren't that odd in historical context. Stating that if men were in charge they'd do some of what they did (partially at least) throughout history is not a legitimate take on his views and I think you know that.

    You're good enough with the facts, you don't need to resort to dishonest tactics like that. Yes it comes off as sounding weird but a flub in making a point is not a good faith take down of someone's stance.

    That said while I have some nitpicky gripes I'm overall in agreement MRAs and feminists should be natural allies and I don't understand why they aren't. I don't understand why MRAs are hostile towards feminism, but I've also noticed some misandry in some feminist circles which I can't make sense of either.

    I think there's a very resentful emotional response going on where people won't distinguish groups and ideas from individuals.

    Anyway yeah agreed no reason not to try and make everything better for everyone rising tides and boats and all that jazz

  32. Feminism cares not one whit about equality. They have one ideology, and that is to treat men like shit, period. No such thing as "Toxic masulinity"…all a bunch of sjw bullshit. Listen to Milo on the subject. He nails it

  33. I'd still call men firemen and women can be called firefighters or whatever they wish to be gender neutral. As I a man, I still prefer to choose my own nouns or pronouns.

  34. While I live many of your videos, this one is so wrong for your glazing over truths. Women aren’t kept out of Firefighter roles because of vaginas.
    The physical requirements are key. Yes there are probably a low number that can cut it without lowering the standard, but few I’ll bet. Also how many women who do get these Jobs regret it( careful what you wish for) and leave? How women have made Navy Seals or Delta Force? Also Truck Driving is easily obtainable for women and yes there are a number of them, but in the whole they ain’t clamoring for it.
    Did you forget to mention that there are many more truck drivers than firemen? No you didn’t ….. so many proportions may make the deadliest assertion different or at least narrow the gap immensely.
    Don’t beat up on Adam destroys everything( I can’t stand him and know his half truths and lies) and then emulate him.
    Keep up the good work and keep your work good.

  35. "The Red Pill" is a bullshit phenomenon invented by a few dumbfuck, right-wing teenagers on the Internet. It doesn't actually exist in reality, there isn't a problem with "oppression" against men. It's just a bunch of people who took the matrix too seriously and now think anyone who is in favour of civil rights that doesn't concern them is the enemy. It's just victim culture, because mens rights activism is pathetic when you think about it. Stop whining about it on the Internet…

  36. The reason women are kept out of combat and firefighting ect ect is because of the disparity in size and physical strength. The idea that some women wouldnt be able to carry a 200+ lb person out of a building or off the battlefield. I'm all for women in these roles but the standards for physical requirements has to stay the same otherwise you are putting people in danger. Im suprised you did not mention this especially serving in the military yourself.

  37. wait till you get married, the marriage lasts 15 years, you divorce (she cheated) and you have to pay alimony and you lose your job. Try telling the judge about your reduced income … good luck.

  38. I wouldn't agree that "I want to escape traditional male roles and their disadvantages" = MRA. I very much believe, along many other men, that feminism is the tool to dismantle harmful male stereotypes and exepectations.

  39. It's kind of strange you went in about jobs keeping women out but trucking, the #1 cause of death does not discriminate against women at all, they will take all men women and children

  40. While I disagree on some points, I greatly appreciate your intellectual honesty, and your clear lack of bias.

    One thing I want to say where a lot of people can see me:
    Gun suicides shouldn't count as gun fatalities, but as suicides. In the case of suicides, the method matters a lot less than the reason. Counting gun suicides as "gun fatalities" greatly increases the rate of gun deaths in a way which is intellectually dishonest.

    20:17 The reason for that is because men give up because they think the deck is stacked against them, and they don't wanr to torture their children with thoughts of "where will I go? Can I see my parents again?" You can. Both of them. But one of them very rarely.

  41. It's almost like if MRA and Feminists took the time to actually listen to one another instead of bickering, they might actually realize they have more in common than they thought. But in all seriousness, I do think there's some good points to be made on both sides for equality and if they'd drop the team spirit charades and other nonsense, a lot more would get done.

  42. Not every MRA is a member of the alt-right, but some of them are… is it fair to use the argument than that not every feminist is a member of Antifa, but some of them are? I don't get your point here. Could you elaborate?

  43. I bet you're the kind of "male" who struggles with "his" sexuality and loves wearing women's clothing on the weekend.
    Why not just embrace it as opposed to being a male feminist?

  44. I say let women go into whatever workforce and career they desire, but my views on men’s rights center around marriage, divorce court, custody battle and criminal justice. Those are the biggest issues to me

  45. The problem I have with "believe women" is not that I question whether a rape occurred. My issue is whether she identified the correct rapist. There are growing numbers of convictions being overturned by DNA or findings of prosecutorial abuses. Small numbers sure but those men still matter. And that's why you can't go only on the allegation.

  46. 13:04 God, it is sickening how freaking biased you are. You cherry pick statistics worse than the people you are accusing of doing the same thing. You say for every man that had to go to the hospital as a result of domestic violence 5 women did… Gee, you think MAYBE men have a higher threshold for what constitutes an injury requiring a hospital visit? Did you REALLY not think of that? Give me a break. Your misandry matches your hat and I bet you say "m'lady" frequently.

  47. 10 years and no end to seen on this trolling (i mean all hot Trolling topics) argues. Same s..t on tube, facebook, twitter…ex. Never ending loop… New generation will fill every spot that people vice up.☝🏻😬🤨😇 #stopsomesh

  48. Women shouldn’t be in combat. I don’t care what anyone says. I’m an 03 in the Marines so my opinion is definitely gonna be different than a lot of others

  49. Women don't want the dangerous jobs in general. The difference between men and women you mentioned at the start of the video influences choices of career. Women generally choose more people-oriented professions, men choose more object oriented ones. It's biological, men were designed o be the warriors, protectors, hunters and builders which is why they're more interested in and more suited for dangerous jobs as well as STEM jobs.

  50. The problem is feminism is a tool of the Deep State Marxists to destabilise and divide society. They want to break down the basic unit of social cohesion to increase state control. The family is that unit. Devotion to family before the state is a barrier to complete state control. Thus they confuse and destroy traditional gender roles to make men and women less compatible leading to less marriages and less families. Feminism is also designed to subjugate and emasculate men as men are the biggest direct threat to a dictatorial state.
    Feminism like all of Identity politics has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with increasing State power with an eye toward destroying he West and pushing through a world government.

  51. The problem is Big Red mentioned the fictitious 'Patriarchy'. Traditional gender roles are the result of biology not some secret male conspiracy. Men's biological role is to protect and povode for their women and children. Women's is to nurture and raise the kids.

  52. Hold up, you can't just say that men tend to outperform women in terms of physical strength / pain tolerance and then be surprised when women aren't considered for military combat roles.

  53. 4:38 If Zarya from Overwatch wanted to be a firefighter I don't think there'd be a person with balls big enough to tell her no. Look at HER! She's an absolute unit! 😂😂😂

    24:40 my jaw literally dropped. Dude wot

  54. I consider myself a men's rights advocate, but I listened to your video and I think you make good points. I particularly agree with your support of an equal rights amendment. "No legislature or tax-supported organization may enact policies that favor one demographic over another." That said, I think you are wrong to equate MRA's to white nationalists or misogynists. MRA;s developed as a defensive response to misandry. I'm disappointed that you don't see the misandry in our universities and newsrooms and that you don't apply your skepticism to feminist claims and goals.

  55. In highschool i was unfortunate enough to have a sexual relationship in which, while I was definitely a little annoying and a pest sometimes, I always had consent. However the relationship went sour, rumors among my friends were spread, saying that I forced them to have a threesome with me, which never occurred and I asked maybe like 5 or 6 times, always getting a no. The closest i got to real sex was enjoying some time with one of them when I came over, every escalation had consent though. It ruined my highschool career, and I lost more than half of my friends just because the rumor was spread around.

  56. I dont think women should be in combat or fighting fires or policing the streets. We need someone who can run into a burning building and throw a person over their shoulder, someone who can't be easily overpowered by almost any Male, we need big strong men. Not women.

  57. The part about rape was completely wrong. Rape and sexual assault are different. That study counts cat calling and other things as sexual assault and includes it as part of the 1/5 sexual assist stat.

  58. Re 26:14, "Ideologies & isms aren't inherently bad" – That's a broad-brush statement, don't you think? Not every "ism" is equal to every other. I'd be hard pressed to find much decency in one-country Socialism (what the USSR had under Stalin), for example. (I could point to a more well-known example, but I won't)

  59. Anecdotal evidence here, so take it with a grain of salt:
    My brother's recruiter (Army Nat. Guard) was discussing women in combat roles in a high school class with other recruits (I just happened to be present). She talked about how many women in the military she knew wanted combat roles, but to not have to sign up for the draft. Granted, this is a small data set, most likely biased, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Another thing I've heard (can't confirm the legitimacy, so once again, take it with a grain of salt) is that some women didn't want the right to vote because it would mean signing up for the draft. Regardless, women have wanted (and had) combat roles in America as far back as the Revolution, just most of them signed up as men, or found some other way in.

  60. On the false rape allegation issue: Statistically rare, yes, yet if we look at statistics alone, we could also argue that school and mass shootings are statistically insignificant (the total number of mass shootings between 1982 and the earlier part of 2019 was around 164. The FBI's statistic is based on at least 4 dead, not including the shooter. So a generous estimate would be around 600-700 people may have died from mass shootings in almost 30 years. 250000 people die per year from medical error.) However, mass shootings are widely publicized and portrayed as a major issue. False rape allegations are often not talked about, and those who falsely accuse often get away without punishment. Not to mention for more public cases, the men involved get major public backlash. Take the Duke Lacrosse Team or Bret Kavanaugh for example. While Kavanaugh turned out alright (getting the appointment), many people falsely accused still face backlash, even when proven to be innocent. The simple solution is to keep any and all rape suspects private until the jury turns out a decision, but that doesn't happen. The media flaunts high profile cases and cause public outcry. We have a media problem in this country. People on both sides are too focused on pushing narratives and propaganda, and not reporting news.

    I may not always agree with you, but you provide great insight and help me develop my ideas further. I just wish you discussed the social aspect of the allegations rather than just the raw statistic.

  61. Thanks for this video. You get so many videos online rightfully fact-checking and calling out 'feminist' view points and opinions, but the problem is because as far as I've seen feminist tend to rarely respond to this content you don't get the same scrutiny for the stuff the MRA's claim.

    Ironically a lot of the numbers are skewed for the same reasons the feminists numbers are, like that one about women having a high rate of custody because of court rulings decades ago very much mirroring things like why there are more rich men than women.

  62. "They released a documentary" – I was under the impression that documentary was actually made by a feminist, not MRAs.

  63. In regards to the language, one should never put the responsibility on the audience to just accept the terminology. No, one should adapt the terminology to the audience. Feminists are trying to sell their ideas, but they call their good guys "feminists" and their bad guys "the patriarchy", which is just going to come off as "women against men", whether you mean it or not.

    Since the case is that the patriarchy is in ways oppressing not just women but some men as well, surely it makes little sense to call the enemy "patriarchy", and the oppressed class as just "women". I suggest the following adaptive change in terminology. Instead of saying "women are oppressed", say "the working class is oppressed". Instead of "patriarchy", accuse the "bourgeois, capitalist class". After all, it's not the particularly well off people who find themselves actually doing the draft.

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