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well hadn't really planned on making a video out of this but I thought what the heck I'll document it just in case it works solve this on youtube I I apologize I can't remember whose video I was watching but it's a different brand of die while the Sun is really something that is made for polyester and other materials of I die poly and the wife found some it of Hobby Lobby or Joanne's fabrics and as I get ready for a new get home kit I've got these two brand new looks like they were never issued them I've been issued but they're very lightly used shoulder strap and waist strap for the Molly pack and of course they're in that ugly digital sage camo that the Air Force and Army used uses and and nobody wants that nobody wants to have in the past I haven't been very successful and dying this stuff but we're going to give this a try today and see if it works I've taken the two foam pads out of the inside of the shoulder straps the harness here because there's just no reason involved they might put them back in after their things dried and died can't do that anywhere else with anything else but where you can't do it might as well do it right well the smell is any indication this stuff will work as it stinks so it's supposed to get it to the boiling point but I'm gonna go ahead and put this stuff in here and it has started as I did this at the spur of the moment don't have time to be messing around I got some more to be so we're gonna do one piece at a time supposed to do this for a half to an hour and stir frequently and what I found is you got to get something to weigh it all down because I can't stand here all day all right well that happened so quick I didn't even have a chance to document it but I I didn't keep that stuff in there half an hour it was in maybe 10 minutes and look how dark it is that's that's huge that's a and I've already actually put that into cold clear water and run it through a couple times Wow that stuff seems to work very impressed let's do that one now all right this is working so well even though I'm short of time I just have to try some more stuff now this is some old desert camo that I have tried all of this has been dyed and I have been unhappy with with the results this was Air Force age this was Air Force age this was Air Force age and as I started to say this was the old desert camo so what we're gonna do is we'll read I all of them and see what happens alright here's the results after about 15 minutes of boiling in the high poly as you saw before this ass pouch the m4 magazine pouch in the saw pouch were all a Air Force sage camouflage and now they are an intense green I hope you can see that I like them for my environment that's good and maybe more impressive is this sustainment pouch that came in desert it is now a convincing green and I'm very happy with it and you know what the stuff doesn't die your fingers like the Rit dye does I used to have to wear the gloves otherwise I have a green fingers for a week I am very impressed with this and I recommend it if your me and you like to buy your war Gear surplus that you consider this because when you can buy the sage which is the most prominent color you're gonna find a surplus store and then make something useful out of it I think that's wonderful thanks for watching

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  1. ACU'S Are very good winter camouflage when it snows in areas that have evergreen trees, alder and birch, and brush. So do not dye all of your ACU'S, A fella needs BDU'S and gear for all four seasons of the year.

  2. Everywhere I go looking for something to dye poly stuff the darkest that I can find is charcoal….but I want black!
    Any idea if this stuff comes in black & not some goofy offshoot?
    The green will come in handy for a pack I have but everything else, the aforementioned black .

  3. Thanks for the video! My molle 2 pack is my favorite, rides perfectly but I can't stand the color, sticks out like a sore thumb around here. I'm going to get some of the green and brown and see if it will work with a spray bottle if I saturate different areas.

  4. Can you show a picture of the gear that has fully dried after the iDye process since the gear was still dripping wet in the video?

  5. Looks like a good dye. Are you going to leave some pieces outside so we can see if it fades much? Thank you for the video.

  6. Great info! I was most impressed with the result on the DCU sustainment pouch. It retained the darker brown areas which is good in woodland regions. I' ll be waiting to see what your experience over the longer term is, as to whether it fades when it dries or runs in the rain, or if it rubs off onto other items.

    In the meantime, I will be looking for some of that dye today. Most of my current gear is either the Gawd awful ACU or ABU sage camo pattern, because – mainly – it is readily available (as you said, nobody really wants it) and it is relatively inexpensive (and, I'm cheap). I've been wanting to dye it for some time, but haven't found a product which delivers the results I'm looking for. This one might be the answer.

    Of course, I'll have to wait for warmer weather and a time when she's not around, so I can sneak the old lady's stock pot out to the grill, like you did, before I can try it out.

  7. Everything that was issued to me was that crappy pattern. I've been wanting to dye them for almost a decade.

  8. Thank you for this video. I’m going to be getting some of that dye and giving it a go. I have some desert camo that needs to be green.

  9. Try the dark green rit dye. 3$ in the fabric section at walmart. My results from it look similar. I know why the ruck belt didnt dye, the material is water resistant to wick the sweat away to keep you cool and dry. I couldnt dye mine either.

  10. they look great, i'd be interested in how the dye does over time…if it fades or stains things that you pack in it. looks like a good solution (he, he) so far.

  11. That is very cool! I cant stand that Army/AF sage nonsense. No clue what they were thinking when they went to that. Thanks!

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