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Tactical Tuesday: Tropical Boots and Uniforms

Tactical Tuesday: Tropical Boots and Uniforms

Marines from 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines recently
put Marine Corps Systems Command’s prototype tropical utility uniforms and boots to the
test during a multi-day field user evaluation in Hawaii. Marines tested the new tropical utility uniform
and three different boots at various locations throughout Oahu, and gave MARCORSYSCOM feedback
on durability, fit and function of the prototypes. The boots Marines tested are lighter and dry
faster than the current boot. The new uniform dries faster, has reinforced
fabric in the elbow, knee and groin areas, and is 30% lighter than the current Marine
Corps Combat Utility Uniform. [LCpl Herzog] “I would prefer the newer cammies
that we’ve been allowed to use over the old ones due to the fact that there’s thinner,
lighter material. These are perfect for this kind of environment
when it comes to humidity, and how fast you get hot when wearing them. For Marines stationed out in this kind of
environment, the new cammies are a must. They’re a go. I would wear them.” This feedback will help inform MARCORSYSCOM
on whether to move forward with these prototypes. Marines will find out whether the new uniform
and boots will be headed their way in 2018.

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