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these are already starting to fall oh we just got into the woods to cup this new vest get the camera right here microphone ready right here so that's good I can put the tripod my water here I could even put more more stuff here I got a cooking pot here my shovel a little bit of kid in the back she's a carp holding in a bottle here everyday stuff down here knife I wish I could put somewhere else because it's really it's not that safe I could put it here there's a extra pocket here it's pretty cool pretty cool so I got all my Molly and I got a three pouch system this is too warm for today but it's for the evening this would be good with a poncho and I and the whole kit for the we could we could set up so many things with these vests it's very versatile so let's go get some fire the comedy growth against birchbark and we're gonna split some wood obviously it's been raining just it all day let's finish it off let's step one tree today oh just like that never did that like that wasn't perfect you haven't been on the ground like to find these all around start a fire with a small maple branch you can see what the woods yes I just I just brung my machete and and my song big boy in in the waist out and here with this feature I can't use my saw and I can go around do my thing and I can always put it here in between there's like four place second stuff here so I can work close expect my knife here it's still here it's not really secure but it's ready to go now all I can do no tripod just to start it does I have to bark do that one feather stick is gonna make the birch bark useful because it's gonna take the first flame because everything is with I kept this knife unsharpened for all the time I've been using it seen me a lot using me using it and good all wrong knife look at that eben I got the nice split piece here that's good more like that I made the feather stick okay it's a simple routine to light fire but there's some stress sometimes for beginners it's good to see somebody so this is really good for scrapes and you always want to basically break it apart and I'm putting it on our platform of wood which allows air to flow by always maximize the surface area which the fire can catch we're gonna scrape this part here laughs eat it up let's see if it works okay now I'm gonna put that back because this is the main thing people do drop their stuff Oh see I just messed it up okay I'll put that in the center now usual statistics as dry tinder on top of it to everything and there's nice little twig like this and you can stabilize the whole thing they put it putting it making a teepee fire around it you should have really fast flames shouldn't be long so my fire steel is back in my pocket forgot the memory card for my camera but anyways I got this set up right now I can pull out a bit of water maybe tools can get in there pretty amazing so let's start building this fire up it's pretty cool cuz they're like two panics with this mix pretty small so let's make sure let's make sure it's not too thick I mean not too thin it's gonna be all so I have extra I got more for sure that's gonna make sure it's really really solid as a mix so I'm gonna make him get it size really really thin close off any export that's and I just need a one edge to hold properly so I'm gonna put a stick like this here possible punch hardened bit so I'm just gonna poke it nicely bring the fire closer and this is one small Bannock so it's my favorite favorite way to make them couldn't do it any other way they're smaller so I did grill really nicely this one is ready actually look at that that's perfect open it that's oh oh hey we gotta have to come over here after it's amazing yeah that's good mmm so be a living more cooked it's fuming burn yourself don't burn yourself cleaning out the spot making sure I'm making more ashes just a lot of branches the smallest possible put a bit for bigger branches with finger size best it's just making better that's the back if I'll be accessory pouch Molly – Molly – fil ve and that straps onto my belt I have it on my belt that's here I can put a whole lot of things in it that's the BCD concealer kit those are sharpening stones and all a lot of things that's my camera that's what it's all about and what I'm about to use trifold merit military shovel ah thank you for watching I just want to show you the skip very cool very cool I got the clip ready with Molly – very nice backpack that's all there is to it everything is here really really cool my book I can put my books here couple of things first aid kit here as I said small more more small accessories sharpening stones you got your keys wallet that goes well and yeah I won't tell you the brand but I need anyways get yourself a nice vest it's worth to get one because you can put your stubble and everything the fires things I can even have a nice cooking set up with a MSR dragonfly in this pocket right here which I always have them in and I mean configured to go out with this vest to having a nice meals fishing and stuff like that pretty pretty cool pretty cool it can bring out like a small box of fishing stuff and just open it do my stuff go back here and have anything on me it's pretty cool so I can run around because I might hurt myself don't want that take care occasionally you need to wear kind of boots that gives you more confidence when you're walking with heavier packs more stability for your whole foot for your arc and your ankle so these give you a lot of support and protection all around the rocks and stuff like that would nice leather there's the hand wag Alaskan you know see anything wrong with these boots it's pretty much one piece right here and I think they're dumb third of most light versatile boots that I've ever had solid as well

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  1. Why not just use a pack… your set up is autistic. Go for a multi day hike like that. Shit go for a day hike like that. Your body will be wrecked.

  2. Je suis seul dans l'ouest du Canada, en Colombie-Britannique. Mes arbres sont au Québec, depuis le début aux Châteaux Richer, mais toutes mes racines sont profondes en Europe, France Normandie, Poitu et aussi en Pays Basque, où ils recherchent encore et toujours leur indépendance, comme les Quebecois. La généalogie est mon passe temps dernièrement. Aller à "" c'est assez intéressant de trouver nos ancêtres de vraies familles. Bonne recherche!!, ma famille est en ligne avec les Stuart d'Angleterre, ainsi qu'en Écosse, et surtout en France. Pas d'ours en Angleterre, imaginer vous camping! LOL de Carolle qui attend acors les nouvelles des Francais a Quebec, vivre un peuple unique!

  3. Wish I could do this, I was born in the country side, I absolutely loved it, I used to help my grandparents with their farm, making wine every October, smelling clean air every day and having good friends with the same interests as me, and then I moved to NYC, it was the worst thing I have ever done in my whole life, its falt, its overpopulated, overdiverse, dirty, the air and smell is awful especially during summer, its too strict, the laws are awful, there's no trees, no nature, extremely humid, and very loud. The people here are extremely rude, and I dont have any friends, all these pricks think about is "fukin bichez everyday, smoking weed, and being gansta"
    I wish I could go back to the country side and do what I love most, farming, hunting, fishing, shooting.

  4. I love ugly firelays like that. They ain't pretty, but they burn well
    and they only take a minute or two to have ready. Good stuff.

  5. Nice video. Molle vest are next on my list. How do you like your Silky Saw I have had the 240 for 2 years and seriously considering the 500 Katana boy for some extended winter weekends making some Siberian log fires. I have used the 240 almost non-stop every weekend for fires in the back yard or mostly for over-nights with my son and dog. You can get a lot of work done with one of those. Hardly carry a hatchet any more.

  6. your're a true lumberjack no fear of fire, and asbestos fingers too LOL. I do have a vest, however I need to do some alterations, adding buckles and pockets on mine. I'm thinking of sewing on some Velcro straps as well, I hate zippers. Thanks for the video. Bonne fin de semaine.

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