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Tactical 50000Lm 5 Modes T6 Led Flashlight Zoomable 18650 Military Focus Torch – 2019 – 1

Tactical 50000Lm 5 Modes T6 Led Flashlight Zoomable 18650 Military Focus Torch –  2019 – 1

summary of home defense flashlights our ultrafire g6 50,000 l m5 mode waterproof Lotus head LED flashlight fit black is an economical compromise a lot of all this flashlight is optimal for hill climbing outdoor camping trekking woodland checking out caves discovering light wise extensively made use of it residents like fixing or discovering tiny point tactical settings as well as typical settings modifications one activation regardless of if the light gets on or off pressed a button two times to accessibility stroke item police flashlight summary brand ultra fire type tactical NPN does not use light bulb type t6 led features adjustable emphasis and held a strobe light waterproof battery type one eight six five zero brightness 50,000 lumens and also over nation / area of manufacture China light bulb type LED material aluminum alloy item name ultrafire t6 50,000 LM LED flashlight trust fighter zoom ablaze package 1f Salter fire t6 50,000 melon LED flashlight trust fire 13,000 lumen flashlight setting arrangement eyes until reduced strobe SOS note not include battery / battery charger / owner / triple-a clip size 13 point 5 X 3 centimeters zoomable tactical military LED 18650 flashlight torch lamp requirements 1 liter cond t6 led to illumination 50 thousand lumens optimal illumination 3 light shade white or illumination range regarding 300m 5 LED lifespan 100,000 hours 6 battery arrangement 1 2 X 18650 battery not consisted of 7 plan Hamid reduced strobe SMS hey brought it lightweight aluminum alloy nine focus size 4.9 inch zoomed out size 5.3 age 10 weight two point three nine ounces to one in strobe setting press tail button two times to cycle strobe SOS sign stroke three pressed tail button swiftly to return to the remembered lighting setting keep in mind tactical settings as well as regular settings can be transformed rapidly push the tail button seven times to change the settings LED will see [Music]

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