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Syria Hearings & ‘Boots on the Ground’

Syria Hearings & ‘Boots on the Ground’

welcome to the program let’s get right
into talking about Syria yesterday we had a long day love appearing for the for a Senate
Foreign Intelligence Committee Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was
there Secretary of State John Kerry was there as well as the
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff martin General Martin Dempsey I was doing coverage on Al Jazeera
America and sat through the entire hearings and watched and and I couldn’t help but feel the entire hearings and morse most specifically
Secretary of State John Kerry’s testimony and the case he was making for
military action is limited and a %uh the these airstrikes that
would be limited in scope against Syria it felt a lot like colin powell what colin powell’s case Bob when it
came to Iraq and even though this is a different situation is a
different administration is it is a different set of circumstances we knew Lewis after the disaster of
colin powell making that case with faulty intelligence and then saying he made a case he was not comfortable
making and he felt pushed into any future cases similar to that one in
any way we’re going to be I don’t know under the
same type A boger cloudiness and and same skepticism that only make sense given what happened
with colin powell and that’s the way it felt for me I think perhaps that’s the only good
thing it came out of the Iraq war is that now
perhaps will scrutinize he’s a these decisions a bit more and I think you’re right it’s good to be
skeptical I think and I mean I think as long as we can
avoid a ground war thats that’s big right well that was the
main point of contention because after senator former senator now Secretary of
State John Kerry said there is absolutely no plan or intention above-ground incursion he
ended up getting a little bit mixed up I’m gonna play a little bit of that and
then we’ll make somewhat will I’ll give you my comments on it take a look at
this tration a its would you tell us whether
you believe that a prohibition for having American boots
on the ground is that something that the administration would accept as part have a resolution a mister man it would be preferable not do
not because the the there’s any intention or a plan already
a desire whatsoever to have boots on the ground I think the president will give you
every assurance in the world as Am I as as the secretary vance & and the
German but in the event Syria imploded presence or in the event there was a the a a threat I love a chemical weapons cache falling into the hands love the al no ser or someone else and it was
clearly in the interests of our allies and and
all of us there the British the French and others
to prevent those weapons of mass destruction
falling into the hands of the worst elements I don’t want to take off the table an
option that might or might not be available to
press the United States to secure our country alright so the big things I take from
this Luis R aground in a ground incursion is not the plan nor the intention and it is not the
desire have anyone but it is not off the table
senator arafat I keep saying senator Secretary of State John Kerry cannot
take it off the table it wouldn’t make sense because what if the president has to make that call at some point
whatever as he says Syria implode so we should all be aware and every single member of that a Senate
committee has to realize that I’m sure that they
do that if they vote YES to move this discussion about Syria to the
broader Senate that they’re voting yes not only
for the military air strikes but for the possibility Aven above
needed as John Kerry is saying the possibility would be needed ground incursions and everybody needs to
realize that the other takeaways from it this this kind of ground troops thing
was a big part for me Lewis but the other part of it was um not
calling it a war right this was a big thing a number of individuals up both on the the sides asking
questions on the side testifying saying we this is not a war write this air
these air strikes are not a war and this is interesting for two reasons
number one is that legally were it is required that does not be a
war give in order to be able to do it
without a formal declaration of war now the problem with that is that increasingly Louis with the a
increased ability to wage wars at a distance in with drone
warfare not that that specifically being discussed here the definition of war as previously
established to warrant being at war is increasingly irrelevant and
additionally this is also something that the global
War on Terror the so-called global war on terror has also kind of confused in model because at
this point we’re kinda being told we’re always really a war
with terror but at the same time we’re not really
declaring war in the formal sense against any particular countries and to me it’s becoming increasingly
irrelevant whether this is a war or not a war right it’s it’s hard to pinpoint when
you consider how many different ways you can you can interact with the country and in you know in the ways we’re
talking about here i mean when you look at it abstractly when you
start bombing a country I is not going to war with that country
another theme above the hearings was this idea that
was mentioned by a couple love senators that silence shows weakness and we would be consenting to the
chemical attacks chemical a a weapon attacks in Syria by
not doing anything this is fascinating because what was not mentioned every time that came up and let’s be
honest there was no one in that hearing room who had a microphone who was going
to mention this is how did the US and get into a
position where that’s even a statement that’s
taken seriously if we do nothing if the US does nothing in a sense it is consent would would Sweden say
that in other words Sweden is not sitting around saying if we don’t
bomb Syria it is a sign that Sweden consent so
there is something unique to the United States and its perceived role by some
internally externally different groups as a sort of
watchdog or World Police which both libertarians and progressives
often have a problem with that makes that comment reasonable
though is because that’s not a reasonable comment for any country to
make I’ll of course not consent can be
strictly verbal I mean I don’t consent to you to two
murderers and rapists but does that mean if I’m not out there killing them myself that idea but I think it’s okay
ultimately this group is going to to vote YES on this I’m sure that um
they are okay with being wrong in other words
they would rather make the decision incorrectly as a group Andy later
criticized as a group for it than to risk being one or two or three lone dissenting voices and be wrong for
that because the political implications have being individually wrong are far more severe than the
implications if they all say yes and then this goes some goes goes wrong
somewhere down the line so I would expect a yes vote it will pass committee and
then we will see what happens in the broader congress and I think it will pass their
as well

Reader Comments

  1. The USA is the global hegemon – and unfortunately that places it in a position of global dominance and power…and, as spiderman knew, with great power comes great responsibility. It's a bit like asking why the citizens of Rome should pay taxes to keep the Britons as part of the empire…with the rise of the BRIC nations it won't be the USA's responsibility much longer. My ill-informed advice would be to ensure the transition leaves your nation with power and influence. My 2c.

  2. Kerry lied to the American people !A brigadere general has already leaked after seeing Obamas plan includes ground troops.Kerry also lied when he said Assad delayed letting the UN in until sunday to cover up evidence when the UN said they did not even make the request til Saturday.In those 5 dinners he had with Assad was to have him sign on to an oil and pipeline deal he declined and signed a deal with Russia that's what this is about I will send you a link to my sources for this info

  3. why doesn't canada, england, sweden, australia, france, or any other member of the united nations lead us into the shitstorm instead of good ol' murica?

  4. so you're complaining about not gaining anything? you're mad we're doing something besides stealing someone's oil? i'm against attacking syria but what are you upset about?

  5. America's doomed, they don't have the courage or strength of character to give up their empire the way Britain did, they're going to go down hard and take everyone with them in some paranoid, religiously inspired nuclear apocalypse.

  6. Using military might is just a continuation of politics once diplomacy has broken down.
    In other words. Allot of the time you can avoid conflict by having military might. If you do not have any such might… Why would anyone listen and do anything they didnt really want to do?

    The average person is ignorant of international politics and can only see whats outside their local window. The US is THE super power. It has its perks, but it also has its responsibilities.

  7. So you would rather see the US didnt do anything about Saddam then?

    He invades Kuwait, then Saudi Arabia and USA is put in a position where they have lost influence over the oil import they critically need and its in the hands of a person they dont get along with…

    To put it in terms you might understand.
    You would not mind being Saddams bitch as long as the US military didnt get its hands dirty!?! At any time Saddam could then increase YOUR living cost by lowering export to pressure USA…

  8. They also got Norway invaded because one of the main iron ore routes went through Norway and by its coasts. Thanks Sweden. You were a naughty boy…, but thats in the past. Vikings, currently the apex of modern and free societies, stick together in modern times.

  9. I am starting to think Alex Jones is right about John Kerrys strange physical appearance. Something looks off about him maybe they over did it with the make up idk…

  10. Lets use these million dollar ordinances to blow up some targets that would really help the extremist rebels, murdering christians and any opposition and who arguable set off the chemical weapons, that of course would just be a cosmetic punishment for Assad who set off chemical weapons, AGAINST ALL TACTICAL LOGIC!!

    If you are not for us you are against use! Bush now Kerry.

    Obama is the figure head of an evil regime that has been growing since the assignation of JFK.

  11. This agreement is nothing compared to the interests Iran has with Russia and China and Syria. Why do you want to help muslim extremists? What if Syria retaliated against Israel? What if Israel used a Nuke?

    Putin (and anyone else with a brain not inundated by western propaganda) are asking for PROOF, and they will support.

    You just dont want your boy Obama to look like a COMPLETE PIECE OF UNADULTERATED EVIL SHIT (which you have to be in order to carry our and magnify the BUSH policies).

  12. Wow. The only business that we have left in US is the BUSINESS of WAR. GREED WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY, IT ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL.

  13. Progressives make a principled objection to America playing the role of world police on the grounds that it's morally wrong.

    Libertarians don't like it because it costs too much.

  14. The words "every assurance in the world" fill me with concern. Frequently politicians say one thing when they mean the exact opposite. One of the most common tactics is insulting the public's intelligence with vague speech.

  15. Yes, Obama magnified the Bush policies. Like when he started that war in Libya which is still going on, right? Or when he helped Uganda fight a radical terrorist organization which uses child soldiers. Or when he proposed that a country we know for a fact used chemical weapons (which only the regime has the means to use effectively) needs to be made an example of with a few cruise missiles in order to prevent war from becoming as bad as it was in World War I.

  16. lol Louis do you think every war by the US has until Iraq been legit? The US hasn't been in a justified war since ww2 and even that was questionable. People should have realized how bs these wars were in Korea or at least Vietnam.

  17. So John Kerry is afraid of chemical weapons going to Al Nusra(I'd be too since they're an Al-Qaeda branch)…then stop supporting the damn bastards. Al Nusra is part of the FSA that the US is funding and now even possibly supporting militarily and many FSA members have testified that they're getting chemical weapons from Saudi Arabia, another US ally.

  18. Just curious….what exactly would the "proof" look like that would convince you that intervention is necessary? If the UN inspectors tie the chemical weapons attack to Assad would that convince you that hitting Assad's chemical weapons stockpiles is the right thing to do? BTW, Obama "magnified" Bush's policies? So ending the war in Iraq, setting draw down in Afghanistan, working to get UN and Arab league backing in Libya, ending the justification for torture with an exec. order, etc…………

  19. Al Nusra isn't "part of the FSA" but you are correct that they are fighting on the same side. I agree that giving rebels weapons is a bad move as well…The world should be doing everything it can to cut the supply of weapons to the rebels AND do everything it can to end the slaughter by the Assad regime! The only way this situation will end peacefully is if BOTH sides are pressured to lay down arms.

  20. what's so unique about America that enables it to make such bold statements, unlike Sweden? Gosh David, I don't know, wonder what it is

  21. Without US intervention the Syrian army (that most Syrians support) will simply win and the war will be over. There is no real evidence Assad ever used chemical weapons but he has admitted that protesters were beaten and tortured but claims it was certain individuals using more force then they were allowed to and that he unlike the US doesnt have a torture policy and theyve sentenced some of those individuals already. The next Syrian election is in 2014 i think. Let Syrians decide

  22. You really want to compare Syria's history of torturing, imprisoning and murdering political prisoners with the US waterboarding enemy combatants? And yes…Assad DEFINITELY has a torture policy! And seriousy, you are arguing that if the US does nothing that the status quo is on a path to a quick Assad victory and a return to normalcy?! And how about he Russians and the Chinese intervening by supporting Assad with weapons? I could argue that without Russia the Rebels would have already won…

  23. P.S. Syrian election?! HA! Because we all know that Syria is known for free and fair elections…And if the rebels want to "vote" out Assad I am sure that would be possible to! The Syrians have spoken…They want the Assad dynasty to be over!

  24. First of all the FSA simply doesn't have majority support and secondly they changed the constitution either last year or the year before (can't remember) to allow more political freedom. "Dynasty"? Because his father was also a president? So the US had the "Bush Dynasty"? A completely ridiculous claim.

  25. Ohhhhh so think Obama deserves his Nobel Peace Prize? Thats great. Honestly, if they did tie it back to him, I wouldn't believe it, if russia vetted it maybe, but either way… no more fucking wars, and bombings are an act of war. Also I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about the UN or the Arab League, we are executing Bush's CFR plan to dominate the middle east decided on right after 9/11 all the systems are still in place the regime change is cosmetic. look up that Wesley Clark vid from democracy now.

  26. Why are we not charged for using uranium tipped weapons in Iraq (cities with 12 fold cancer increass), and we were kicked out, Obama didn't do shit, he is a puppet. If you haven't come to grips with the powers that be, well, do your research, the leadership of the federally corporatocracy is sociopathic and bent on global domination, just watch….

  27. This is WAR, what they r doing is what they did to Serbia 1999,Iraq ,Afghanistan and others. This is world war 3 and it started long time ago but a breaking point was war on Serbia where they used uranium shells and cluster bombs. Remember that is the same weapons that are not allowed by UN as chemical weapons. Remember that stupid Pakman . Dont be a chicken and "comment" tell the truth to the people.

  28. On the foreign affairs side: Called for our dictator Mubarak to step down even though it was clear the public would elect the Muslim Brotherhood, has shown tremendous restraint in Syria, Iran and the DPRK, closed secret detention facilities Bush used, Secured a new START treaty etc…
    On the Domestic side: He secured unemployment extensions, Repealed DADT, passed a payroll tax cut favoring the poor, passed at least some form of universal healthcare, funded clean energy research etc………..

  29. Never said Obama was a pacifist or a the anti-Bush…Just said that if you can't see some real improvements from Bush's foreign and domestic policy you have your head up your ass…Oh no the CFR and the NWO world take over! My bad didn't realize I was talking to one of YOU! The world is so simple in you 'complex' conspiracy theories, that is why simple minded people gravitate towards them.

  30. Hey buddy, its just history, and comparing two lists of people, look who is in the CFR, who has been calling the shots in our foreign policy, its not exactly chem tails. The NWO isnt homogenous its a conflagration of corporate and military and governmental interests, its HUMAN NATURE, people colluded for self interests, and powerful people do too. Combine that with billions invested in marketing and psychoanalysis, how can you believe there isn't programs, just watch FOX, CNN and MSNBC.

  31. Dont white wash people it shuts you out to new ideas. You want to be a good fantasy writer, read only non fantasy books, the same concept works in most intellectual pursuits, IE you want to be a good liberal? research the opposition which by the way… its not republicans… research the # 1 cause on unnatural death in the 20th century, Murder by Government "democide", 260 million killed by governments (not including war #2 (also a product of centralized government). Be brave with your intelect

  32. Doesn't it stand to reason that when government goes for advice on world politics that they would consult former world leaders and yes big business execs (i.e. experts in the relevant fields) for advice? Of course the rich and powerful have more influence than the average person…that is not exactly a secret conspiracy. It is the nature of a capitalistic democratic society. The point is it isn't a concerted effort of a shadow govt. it is collective self interest. (contd)…

  33. (contd)…P.S. I have a degree in marketing, and I'm currently a resident of a conservative area…I understand very well why there is Fox News…Because there is a market for mindless fear mongering and angry commentary. Americans are not being programmed to be angry, our News Reports are angry and hateful because our public is too, and that is the content they demand.

  34. Yeah but there are topics, like WTC7, the CIAs history with Osama Bin Laden, the relationship the Bushs had with Saudis, fuck the history of the Bush family is a big one, W's granddad helped fund the Nazis and attempted a military take over with Smedley Butler, who turned out to be a cool guy and exposed the plot. Look there are sociopaths in the population (10% in varying degrees), we create powerful institutions with centralized authority, you do not have to be a truther to see that —>

  35. pt2, this creates a dangerous situation especially when sociopathic strategies are rewarded in the corporate and political world if done by high functioning sociopaths. LOOK at the CFR and its relationship the the executive branch, back when Clinton was SS she said in an interview she was so happy the CFR opened an office next to the WH for when she had questions and wanted to know what to do. Look I just think you're missing some background in political & military history—->

  36. Do you think the German people before WW2 wanted to invade Poland? No, people are mostly nice, its government and other corrupt power structures that NEED to create external enemies or needs. If you have studied marketing than you have studied Freud and his nephew, do you who know Joseph Goebbels is, if not check him out, and what he did in Germany. I think you just don't want to think there are evil and dangerous forces in control of the our governmental power structure, and thats dangerous.

  37. Dude, Obama is a puppet, he is the new and improved mask of the western central banking power elite, I hate having to describe it in these terms because every one wants a name and a face, but this is the nature of the new elite, they are smart and do not want to be in the public eye. How do you feel about NDAA, and how the Obama administration has been aggressively the indefinite detention clauses? JFK was our last president not controlled, look up JFK Secret Societies Speech.

  38. I assume you mean the 2012 NDAA and specifically subsections 1021 and 1022. If you had actually been paying attention when it was passed you would know that it didn't change the existing laws on the books AT ALL and Obama threatened to veto the subsection if the GOP included them. But he caved to pressure in a campaign year and didn't want to veto the included defense budget and veterans benefits. You can't change the world if you don't get re-elected! Maybe take a single poli-sci class…

  39. I did at a public university, but they just told be how the bureaucracy worked not how bad people through history have abused governmental systems to gain power and control, causing death. I had to take a history class for that, but even they didn't focus on the repeat offenders sociopathic tendencies, took a phycology class for that but they just focused on what sociopaths and psychopaths were and how they could affect governmental and economic systems, but they didn't name names.

  40. Do you know what a conspiracy is like the definition do you know it? Also I have no GRAND conspiracy, I have metrics, history, and human nature.

    Here is non conspiracy: the #1 cause of unnatural death in the 20th century- Murder By Government (someones own government) 260 million (stalin, Hitler, Mao, pol pot, all centralized powers). #2 War also a result of government and centralized power.

    Im not an ideologue I believe communities should have governments, just not centralized ones.

  41. War is a result of human nature as well but anyways no, those are not conspiracies. Pulling retarded conspiracies at random (E.g. 9/11 conspiracy orchestrated by the CIA) to make a point about why stopping a dictator currently slaughtering his people is wrong is not a serious argument. If you really did study poli-sci you would know that all politicians in a democratic government are motivated first and foremost by self-interest. (contd)….

  42. (contd)…Why did the US invade Iraq because Americans were pissed and paranoid after 9/11 and popular opinion supported it! And why did 9/11 happen? Because a rich spoiled billionaire and his jihadist buddies got some sand in their vagina when the Saudi royal family chose America to defend them in the Gulf War over his mujahideen army. Ever heard of Occam's razor?

  43. Yeah self interests! but you are assuming that persons interests align with anything close to the health and economic well being of their constituents, their position is more secure if they can make people dependent on their position. Do you believe that the establishments narrative is the most simplistic narrative? You should read some of the Nuremberg trial hearings, they explain in detail how you manipulate a population into war, guess what the fuck what? its not by grassroots consensus.

  44. The thing is, you have FAITH, more than any christian, in power, instead of some god, you're just going to accept what is told to you if its packaged right (Obama), even if it flys in the face of EVERYTHING you say you support, because someones got this all figured out, no way the collective consciousness can be manipulated. You will even ignore science if the establishment heard gives you and out by cognitive dissonance, watch WTC7 fall at free fall 10X, it wont matter, the heard has spoken.

  45. The simplest conclusions, will vary widely based on your knowledge of military history and geo politics. IE a guy with a public high school diploma might not have the same conclusion as an ex naval officer or a corporate PR agent. You seem to want to accept the dumb down narrative, they spent 11 mill on the 9/11 commission report 40 on the Lewinsky investigation, they put a central banker in charge of the JFK investigation, Clapper is going to now investigate the NSA… you have so much faith.

  46. Your straw man of painting me out to be some blind supporter of the US government aside, half of the things you just said goes to show that your "knowledge" of geopolitics is confined to a long list of blogs 🙂 That "Lewinsky investigation" figure is a joke and the 9/11 commission ($15 Mill actually) doesn't include the hundreds of million spent retrieving evidence from the wreckage, or the data compiled by the CIA and tons of other International intelligence gathering organizations. (contd)…

  47. (contd)…Your entire loony worldview requires wild speculation and swallowing laughable lines of reasoning from ass hats like Alex Jones! Later buddy

  48. Not really, just critical thinking, an understanding of the history of governments and war, you offer nothing, you just cant believe that major lies can be perpetrated on the public. Lewinsky figure is a joke, I know. Watch WTC7, who was in that building? It was the third concrete and steel building to ever collapse from fire, EVER, Ill let you guess what the other two buildings were, and yes I use speculation, speculation is used by every police force ever in solving crimes.

  49. 15 out of 19 of the attackers were Saudi citizens, why are we their mercenaries now? Sorry about the straw man, but you just keep using the straw man on me, its hardly passes the Occams Razor test, especially when you actually read the 9/11 commission report. these amateur pilots, who are doing coke and failing their flight schools (yet pull off a 1080 degree spiral with a 747 20ft of the ground into the pentagon), are on watch lists and are allowed into the country. Reichstag fire.

  50. The Saudi GOVERNMENT didn't attack us…And we were able to lean on them to arrest/hand-over anyone we suspected…We invaded Afghanistan because the group that funded and planned 9/11 called it their home under the protection of the de facto Taliban government of a failed state. All of that argument about the pilots training is wild speculation which you then use to make massive leaps…E.g. I don't see how they could have done it so it was orchestrated by US intelligence agencies…

  51. Ohhhhh I see, so the governments has to attack us for us to invade or bomb a country, sorry must have forgot about that rule given the last 10 years. Well if we had a trial there would have been expert witnesses, unfortunately the federal government didn't seem to want to make a big "thing" out of it, or discuss WTC7, better just to give them more unilateral authority. I forget how many in Guantanamo are going to trial? Going back to JFK, how does the magic bullet coincide with Occams Razor?

  52. No…I never said a country has to attack us for us to invade…The Germans never really attacked us in WW2…I said we didn't invade Saudi Arabia because that country is our ally and did not attack us…a handful of their citizens did. We invaded Afghanistan because Al Qaeda was using the land as their base of operations for the main leadership to train, recruit, and fund attacks all over the world. Your reading comprehension skills are pathetic. And now we are talking JFK conspiracies?1 wow…

  53. Wildly speculative? Just get a professional 747 pilot to analyze the supposed flight path of the plane, and ask if someones fight experience matching those of the terrorists would have been able to handle such a maneuver. The establishments narrative is pathetic and ignores the questions of engineers and scientist who see major holes in the physics being presented. We have a legal system and constitution for a reason, and it has been systematically ignored and trampled on, thats not speculation.

  54. Oh I got it, just thought those were obvious points that didn't really need to be addressed as my comments point out the hypocrisy of that type of sensible logic in the face of all the other clandestine warfare we have been involved with. Did the Nazi Germany wait to be attracted by poland? No, they did a false flag attack and committed prepared force on them, this came out in the Nuremberg trials, and was discussed as a matter of fact tactic in all war. Congress declared war on Germany, chill.

  55. Well have you gotten into any of that JFK stuff? I mean it really cant go anywhere, but its a incredibly interesting case study for coverups and government corruption or rather criminal elements in the government. I want trials, I want independent fact finding, I don't want chosen insiders to create a narrative that cannot be broached or challenged.

  56. 🙂 Jesus, I have no interest in entertaining you will you regurgitate the dumbest list of reasoning to confirm that every bad thing to ever happen was a concerted effort by shadow government and the NWO 🙂 Give it a rest kid, peace.

  57. Straw man. You are just posturing, your ammunition is residing in the narrative of the powers that be, that are not publicly challenged in the MSM, that will soon change though.

    I don't expect to change your mind today, just pay attention, and question authority, because if you don't AND you are a "liberal", you are an ipso-facto authoritarian.

  58. Again…you are not smarter than everyone else…You do not have access to evidence that the rest of us don't…You have just been spoon fed a ridiculous worldview that you clearly don't even understand! So enough pulling rank and telling others to "pay attention" or "do research"…It just makes you sound like a fool

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