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Swiss Military Rucksack Mod

Swiss Military Rucksack Mod

yeah what'd you say there is it you want to go for a walk yeah and you want to go for a hike is that a yes yeah I got to get dressed well Dave you gotta get dressed okay no no it's one of these packs take my take this one here we've got some new straps on it here this is a pack that I got off JTD just talking dirt one of our forum members and ridge Walker pastor Jay another one of our forum members that's really good leather work and he built me these new straps these straps are longer than the originals did they're wide see what I'm saying they're a little over two inches wide the original straps that come with a pack or an inch and 3/4 at the widest point and they narrow down down quite quickly so Ridge Walker put a sternum strap on there for me as well it works really nice now we also have some reason the salt and pepper packs they don't have to gear patches they only have the ones on the bottom right there now on the rubberized version they have two one at the top and the bottom on both sides and but like I said the salt pepper is dump they only have the bottom gear patch so ahead Ridge Walker add me one at the top so wait I'm just trying to decide whether or not what do things if which pack should I take today you know somebody packs only one back just not enough time to enjoy all the backpacks out there but one thing I want to say is this wider profile helps to distribute the weight better on your shoulders of course and you know I think personally I think padded straps are overrated I think some padded straps are a detriment to comfort they really tend to bother you it's really how the weight is distributed across an area it really determines whether or not a pack is going to be comfortable over period over any distance of course any any pack that doesn't have a waist strap is going to put all the weight onto your shoulders so naturally it's not going to be as comfortable as a pack has a good waist strap however down here if a person was to take this and just widen this a little bit this little hole here they could run an ALICE analyst kidney pad they could run the straps right through here and hook them up in the back then you'd have a boy strap it would it be any big deal you just have to widen this a little slot right here a little bit further for the attachment straps for the Alice kidney pad to slip through and you could you know tighten back here in the back you know we'd be tighten there so I may do that just to see how it makes any difference it won't change it won't change anything enough to really affect the overall pack so I'm just looking for maybe carrying a little extra weight it'll be a little bit more comfortable but in my opinion these packs this one is in great shape the leather is nice and supple not dried out at all I'm pretty sure that Mike wildebeest sold this pack to are traded it to a JTD and I cited I sure would like to get my hands on that tax so anyway now I get it I think it's a lot better than the cross river packs myself this back pocket here I can easily put two full-size gee I can't teens with the canteen cups and everything right back in there and folding saw right now I just have some cordage and that bahco laplander foldings on there a few other little items anyway yeah so yeah Ridge Walker did a great job on these straps I mean it's really he does really professional work it's all done evenly nice you can see how he hand stitched it now he attached all this stuff this is all new all the way down and down here I have plenty of adjustment wept down here on the bottom of the strap and the bottom strap her you know if I'm wearing bulky clothing and stuff which I sometimes do when I'm hiking in the winter anyway it's just a good deal so zipping hi we're gonna head out what do you think that I'm gonna go for a hike huh yeah he said absolutely no see how we get some snow out there and we're gonna head up up to that hog back up there head up that Ridge Snow's not very deep around here but there's the giant tree out there that little platform on the top you can go up there and see a deer in the fall in the backyard because they come in here and sleep at night not much of a hunting but anyway if nothing else you can sit here at the sliding glass door here and you can look at all the deer as they're feeding in the morning but anyway this is woods up I'll be back at you later

Reader Comments

  1. Does anyone make those straps commercially? I'm looking at one of the Norwegian "Telemark" packs and would like to replace the straps with a heavier weight (and brown) leather. I haven't seen them online anywhere, but could be searching wrong.

  2. they only have one gear patch on each side because back then they used bed rolls so they put it on top and bend bedroll down the sides and attach it with the gear patch  hope this helps

  3. how much did it cost for the new straps? I have one of those packs in need of new straps! Do you have contact info for Ridgewalker?

  4. Beautiful straps on that pack, really jealous. I've been trying to find someone skilled enough to make me a new set for my rubberised version of the swiss pack, no luck yet though. The originals are ok but I much prefer a thicker strap. Great vid, ATB Jack

  5. What a beautiful back yard view that you have.  Being able to see the hills from your back door is amazing.  Ridgewalker looks like he took a lot of time and care into making the straps.  Looks great

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