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Swiss Military Neptune Auto Watch Review: Watchgang Platinum Update

Swiss Military Neptune Auto Watch Review: Watchgang Platinum Update

hey guys Andrew with my watch
Addiction .com coming back to you with a quick update on a watch I previously
reviewed look what I’m talking about is the Swiss military watch that I received
as a part of my watchgang Platinum subscription for December 2017 now if
you saw that video you’ll notice I couldn’t find a whole lot of specific
information about this watch and I was kind of confused as to some of the
models that I did find in relation to what this watch specifically was well
since then one of the viewers actually was able to post up the direct link to
this watch so I’m saying to find out a little bit more information I should say
more accurate information being a watch relatively speaking watch novice I’m
learning as I go and I love when people reach out and help me find the
information that I’m looking for it just makes everything a lot better all the
way around so this watch that I’m talking about the actual model for this
guy is a Swiss military Neptune auto watch review 2982 now this is a full a full Swiss built
watch as I mentioned I did find out that this based on looking at this link and
looking at this website this does have a Swiss made ETA caliber 2824 movement in
it previous in the previous video I was not sure what movement was in it but
that the website itself specifically tells me now that I found the link
thanks to the viewer that guy does have 25 joules in it with a 20 millimeter not
20 millimeter 20 80 mm water resistance on this guy
for a diver so that’s pretty pretty decent the actual specific code for this
wash is nine one zero 2.2 one zero zero one one six and that will give you this
color combination this watch comes in red and black all
black a whole bunch of different color combinations since I posted my review
previously I’ve worn this watch quite a few more times and I’m really really
liking this watch the comfort on this watch with this silicone band the case
size that case weight as well as just how the the logs are wrapped around
really really comfortable watch for wear so if you have not seen one or had one
in your hands I would definitely recommend picking it up again and I’m
still loving the applied indices on that gorgeous gorgeous look that five still
annoys the hell out of me but I’ll get over that I only have to worry about the
five twice a day on the hour so I’m not too worried still pulling dog hair off
the silicone band and every time I wear it the silicone band gets covered with
dog hair so that is what it is the other thing I could not find is I couldn’t
find a lot of pricing information about it now on the website like that I was
sent which is Swiss military watch it’s under the Navy section this watch is
going for twelve hundred and fifteen Swiss francs now I do a quick conversion
jumping over to google to see what that is in US dollars that’s twelve hundred
fifty five dollars and ninety cents in u.s. thanks to the conversion that’s the
MSRP on this watch whether or not that’s what this watch is worth I personally
don’t think I would spend that much on this watch but I am for this watch
extremely pleased with my watch gang platinum subscription
I would absolutely spend two hundred ninety million dollars on this watch
that’s how much I’m enjoying it since I’ve gotten it oddly enough even with
the silicone and that’s become quickly become one of
the watches that I go to just for comfort just to wear around whenever I
can’t decide what wear anyway guys just wanted to bring you the quick update on
that thank you for checking it out if you want to see the full review close-up
pictures of this go ahead and check out the other video I’ll post it up so that
you have an easy link to get to but thank you guys if you have any questions
post them up in the comments below if you want to reach out to me you can
always do so at my watch addiction .com and finally don’t forget to see what I’m
wearing every day by following us on Instagram Instagram / watch addiction
dial us thanks guys and have a great week you

Reader Comments

  1. ETA movement, that's fantastic! I was expecting it to be a unbranded Seiko movement of some sort. You really should change the band to a blue suede band asap. Even for $300, a 500-1000 mrsp is decent.

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  3. Hello! I just subscribed to your channel because of the I review Crap video. I look forwarder to seeing your videos and hope you subscribe to me. Thanks.

  4. Pity you did not show us the watch. Especially since I didn't see the initial review. Perhaps if you would have at posted a photo))))

  5. Interesting, I only wear rubber straps. Even my Hirsh leather straps have a rubber back. A few of my straps are synthetic and I never pick up lint or animal hair. I know that just about every reviewer makes the claim that synthetic straps are dust magnates. Any thoughts?

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