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Swiss m84 canteen

Swiss m84 canteen

hello there YouTube Devin here again and today I have another canteen video for you now this one has been kind of long awaited because it wasn't something that I actually owned I'm pretty much every other model of Swiss canteen but this one just there's been plenty of them on the market so I didn't see any reason to to buy them right away cuz they pretty much have held continuous price for the last couple years and I was busy spending money on more kind of rare or harder to get stuff and finally got around to get one of these and it finally just arrived the other day so what this is for those of you who don't know is the Swiss m84 canteen it is made out of a black polyethylene type plastic it has these little ridges around it as you can see there's four of them to hold the cup and this is an aluminum cup it has butterfly handles by all means just a good cup wouldn't really be for like cooking or eating out of are really even drinking out of because you could just drink out of the bottle itself a cup on a canteen basically this new would be for like cleaning and washing so this would be for like brushing your teeth things like that this this cup isn't really like feasible to cook out of the handles are kind of small on them they get kind of hot this would be for like for washing or for cleaning duties brushing your teeth that type of type of thing I'm not saying you couldn't keep water in it or anything like that or sterilized water in it because you you very well could and everything but it would be kind of an inconvenience still doable though and considering the Swiss are issued some very very nice mess kits you'd probably just use that the mess kits for the purposes anyway so this would be more for like washing or something like that well we're melting snow something to set close to the fire to melt snow so something like that just to basically any purpose you would need a cup for that's what it is it's just an aluminum cup nothing nothing really bog-standard about it you can see the stamps on the bottom there je 94 and then the Swiss Cross Cup was made 1994 the canteen itself kind of the same thing the canteen itself is actually a pretty early one this is made in 1986 so it's about two years after the introduction of this canteen which isn't uncommon because it's a very very durable overbuilt canteen much the same as the United States has one kind of big thread on it kind of a tapered flared opening a fairly large opening not too big to wear being convenience we have water spilling all over your face if you're trying to drink fast but also kind of small not quite large enough to fit like ice cubes in or anything cap this kind of bog-standard seals much like a traditional plastic m1910 style canteen of seal is in the top has a rubber bit of stuff here hanging down for attachment of the gas mask here you go and so there's where you would plug your your gas mask in so you could drink out of this without needing to take your gas mask off you could put the drinking straw right through there and it would plug right in but until then you don't need it cap comes right over the top of it and it all nest together very well as you can see the cup will not fall off the canteen by itself it is a 1 litre capacity it's a very very thick plastic you couldn't really break it if you wanted to overall just a really really good design canteen nothing wrong with it nothing really to go wrong with it no thrills so but it's a pretty useful canteen and I can see myself using this quite often so it fits in most pouches quite well not really us pouches the u.s. canteens are kind of shorter and fatter but it fits into most chief heat pouches of us-style quite well especially the taller ones so it says it's a decent canteen it'll fit in a lot of different countries type of pouches and things like that as well as any bags or or such it works quite well it's a very very tall kind of narrow design and that's really I can't find anything wrong with it but nothing really over the top kind of innovative or creative with it either as the Swiss are kind of known for historically these canteens are still in use as of 2019 I believe they are being replaced by some kind of newer models and some Camelback type stuff so as of late especially with like Special Forces but these are still a pretty general issue and pretty bog-standard in the Swiss military so hopefully you guys like this video and you subscribe if you like this sort of thing if you have any user experiences with one of these canteens leave that down in the comments you can have one of these for about twenty dollars shipped to you in the United States here they're not that expensive and they're a pretty worthwhile investment so thank you so much for watching please keep comments on tasks and I will see you guys in the next video bye

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  1. I think they are excellent canteens, they are relatively inexpensive here in the uk too. Costing around £10. I have 2 and found they fit perfectly in the side pockets of the bundeswehr mountain pack.

  2. I like it. I have a couple. One stays on my Swiss MO-93 bicycle where it has a holder for this canteen and cup.

    I think the size is meant to fit in uniform pockets, since I have not seen a canteen pouch for it.

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