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Swiss Grundtrageinheit 90 Field Pack (M90 Rubberized Rucksack)

Swiss Grundtrageinheit 90 Field Pack (M90 Rubberized Rucksack)

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  1. You say the straps are not original, that is because they did not come with straps, and insteach attached directly to the soldier's web harness.

  2. Ive found that if you loosen the little "pull loop" bit of the straps you can use it as a rough suspender system, which is what this pack would have originally been attached to. After getting the loops loose, throw the pack on, and put your belt through them on your hips, position for personal comfort. Then progessively tighten the straps that actually go around your arms until the handle sits at your lower neck with no effort. Its still not all that comfortable, but it does make a difference, even just when taking the pack off and on.

  3. I wish we would still have those. The rucksacks we use right know in the army are a lot worse. They were actually ment to be just for the anti chemical equipment but the army bought too many of them so thats why they give them out as standard equipment.

  4. Nice pack, just bought mine. In Poland, you can get them for like 10-12 USD, so it's a really neat deal

  5. I have two of these and I love them. The ones I have had the shoulder straps switched out already but they are not much better and seem to be from some military assault pack so virtually no padding. I did modify one of them though with Canadian Forces Pattern 82 straps though and it works well. I am surprised that most I have seen online don't have the sleeping bag straps with them. Both of mine do. I guess since most people don't use them as field packs I suppose some sellers just get rid of them so they are not dangling loose. Anyway that is what the looks on the top flap are for. There is a rubberized sleeping bag stuff sack that would be strapped down to the top at one time. It is actually a good way to carry a sleeping bag for weight distribution.

  6. I have had this pack for about 5 months, and I'm very pleased with it as well. I want to replace the straps though, so thanks for the recommendation of the Alice straps. Your channel looks to be just my kind of thing, Milsurp and gas masks, nice!

  7. You are correct those side pouches us the same closures as the British Personal Load Carrying Equipment PLCE for short.

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