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Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho Review – The Outdoor Gear Review

Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho Review – The Outdoor Gear Review

hey there guys Luke here with the outdoor beer review I hope you're all doing well today for this episode I'll be showing off one of my favourite pieces up here this thing is absolutely awesome so guys get ready let's do this this right here is one of my favorite pieces of gear of all time this is a swiss camo check out that pattern rubberized nylon poncho this thing is a beast it's heavy it's bulletproof you know it's completely seam sealed it is 100% water I have used this so many times over the last couple of years in heavy rain thunderstorms and I've even used it in the snow and I can tell you you know for a fact I've never gotten wet it's never leaked and you know what if you do a search for this bad boy you're going to find that everyone loves it just as much as I do I'll go ahead and put this on for you and so you guys can see what it looks like and we'll talk about some of the details haha check this thing out isn't this thing awesome now I'll be honest with you let me take this hood off sounds like I'm echoing inside my own head this is an odd camo pattern oh yeah I mean this is kind of bizarre I've never seen anything like it before it's got some interesting reds and greens and I don't know but you know the truth is I don't mind it it's definitely not bright orange it's not bright green not yellow and that's okay with me you know the truth is if you're in the woods wearing this no one's both no one's going to care you know if you're going to be in New York walking on the streets so you know you might have a problem then but you know whatever like I said before the seams are sealed so it's not going to leak on you there are no sleeves on this but you stick your arms out not too shabby for me that's not too big of a negative on the sides here you do have buttons I go all the way and about half way down actually so you can open that thing up pretty good you can allow you know your moisture body to breathe basically very very well these snaps here are supposed to be rust proof and you know it looks like they are so far like I said before I've had this for years I've been out a lot of different storms and so there you go as you guys can see here it does have a good size hood on it it does have a drawstring on it so you can cinch that up if you want it to be that way I'll go ahead and step back so you guys can see this thing and just see how big it is here that's one thing I really like about it – take a look take a look at this thing guys on five four and it would definitely go down to my boots and that's a pretty good and look at how much space is back here a lot of people including myself have used this you know when it's poor in the rain and you know I'll put it right over top of my backpack as well and so you know you can have a gigantic backpack on and still be covering yourself and your gear from the elements so that's pretty dang impressive now for everybody out there who's into survival you know maybe even their bug out bag you know this right here could be multi-purpose you can use it as shelter you can use it for collecting rain water you can use it for collecting firewood you know so on so forth even if you had to cut it up you can get a lot of cordage out of this definitely plenty of uses for all those people out there who are looking for items that are multifunctional and this is definitely it this thing is so awesome I tell you what I'm you can sit here just fully protected from the rain there's been plenty of times I've been out hiking around up to the mountains here you know and thunderstorm comes rolling in I'll just pull the hood up and I'll just sit just find a nice dry place to sit and just chill and wait you basically write out the storm and this thing does a fantastic job also a good thing about it is that it does hold some of your body heat so you know if it's cold chilly it's a nice cold rain coming down you can stay warm with this on you can also use a poncho liner if you wanted to I should say here that with the armholes here there are snaps all the way up so you can seal that so water can't get in very handy for those of you who are hunters this is not a bad piece of kit you know what it does a pretty good job of blending into most mountainous areas you know from a distance you won't be able to tell what this is like I said before it is a little bit odd of a camo pattern though and I've never seen anything quite like it the negatives first and then the pros you know it's heavy it comes in around about two pounds and it's going to take up some space when you roll it up and stick it in your pack I guess you could say that the camo pattern is interesting that might be a negative some not to me for some the lack of sleeves may be an issue again not so much for myself not a big deal now let's go to the positives one it is true I mean it really is a bomber bulletproof piece of kit you're not going to tear this thing up and when you're going through the woods and you're going past briars and stuff like that it's not going to scratch it's not going to put a hole in it also I mean if you sit down and sit on it in a weird way it's not going to rip in half like many Poncho's that you'll find at Walmart so on so forth I would say the best part to this right here is the price the price of the Swiss wet weather poncho is get this ten dollars ten bucks for this man this is absolutely awesome I personally I have about three of these I keep one in my truck toolbox just in case you know anytime that I'm out maybe I get a flat tire or something like that of course it rains here all the time so why not have that protection so I also have one in the house I have one in the workshop as well you know you just never know when you're going to need a good poncho and for ten dollars you cannot go wrong you cannot go wrong I purchased this off of Amazon for like I said ten dollars that included free shipping since I'm an Amazon Prime member these do come used but you won't be able to tell that they are they look brand-new there's no issues or at least not with mine and it looks like from the reviews on there five stars nobody else had any quality control issues as well for the Swiss camo pattern wet weather poncho there it is kind of rolled up like I said you know it's not the smallest thing in the whole world it's not the lightest in the whole world but for ten dollars even if you don't plan on carrying it in your bag you know this may be something that you want to have in your truck your car so on so forth because man you're not going to be able to beat the value that this offers right here also the functionality in the different ways that it can be used are outstanding really all right guys for this episode of the outdoor gear review I do appreciate you guys watching if anybody has any questions concerning this bad boy please feel free to drop me a line of course I will have a link to the Amazon page in the description box down below so there you go make sure to LIKE comment subscribe all that good stuff we'll talk soon you

Reader Comments

  1. Luke you can't walk down the street with that in California. people might think that you are straight.

  2. I just bought the all white Swiss Army snow poncho. I like it better than the German one, as the all white one reminds me of Where Eagles Dare.

  3. I have two, one for the wife and me.
    These ponchos worn over a gortex rain suit will keep you dry even around the North West Rain forrests of Washington State and Mt.Rainier.

  4. Hey Luke , just got one today . might be the Ugliest poncho in the Woods but the Driest in the Woods . thanks' for a great video Luke .

  5. Still one of your favorite Luke? 4 years later! ☺ This is cool to see an older video again. Long time subscriber. Long long before wolf mountain.

  6. back in the days we called this poncho in the swiss army the DRACULA,inside on the botom left you found 2 set off number = wide and long,from an retiered sergent major from swiss infantry troops

  7. Love mine. Vents better than G-tex, goes over your pack, makes it through brush unscathed and works as an emergency bivy if you need one. A jacket won't do that.

  8. Mines just about 10 years old and it is bullet proof and tuff tuff tuff. Pattern is just ugly but as you said who cares .

  9. Check out the Swiss M70 field jacket, it is a true piece of Swiss army engineering. They are dirt cheap and a design like no other, incorporating a load bearing system with many huge pockets. The build quality is amazing, quite heavy cotton fabric, quality snaps and brass zipper, a hood that is very adjustable so it can be worn with or without a helmet and secured to not flap about when not used. It also has a camo face net. Combined with the pockets this jacket does an mamazing job breaking up the human form for better camoflauge and the red disappears in just a a bit of distance. As said above it is a design taken from the last german WW2 camo and lots of smart thinking went behind this design. Name anything the Germans made that sucked.

  10. You need to know that those colors were choosen to fit into the swiss alps, not into a american forest. 🙂

  11. Hello,

    I'm having difficulty determining the use of some of the snaps.

    1) At the bottom front are two female snaps on the inside, and at the bottom rear are two male snaps on the outside.
    I cross wrapped each of the female snaps to the male snaps in the rear – to make a tighter fit around my legs – but it didn't seem correct.
    As another alternative, I rolled out and back the front female snaps to the rear male snaps opening up leg room, but what is the point since there is plenty of room anyway.

    2) At the outside edge of each shoulder at the top of where the arm openings begin, is a single female snap.

    3) On the inside, at the bottom of each arm opening are two male snaps – about 3 inches apart.
    I tried snapping the female snaps of #1 – both straight up or across – again, it just didn't seem correct.

    I have looked at several YouTube reviews of this product and can not find any reference to the use of these snaps.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you,

  12. I agree !! Great poncho. I got 5 NEW from Cheaper Than Dirt 5-6 years ago for $15. ($3.00 each ). It does keep you and a pack bone dry without any sweat between pack and back. Yes, you can control airflow with the side arm openings. Camo pattern is called Alpenflage and is paterned after moss and lichens on rock surfaces like the Alps.
    Any sacrifice for weight is more than compensated for with performance. ******

  13. Cool poncho. I will have to look for one or maybe two. I could use one as a pack cover. Just bought a full set of Alpenflage BDUs that the Swiss Army apparently nicknamed their fruit pyjamas. lol Anyway, it is not surprising the camo works well for you in the mountains since that is what it is made for and why the Swiss used it. To understand why it is effective it is a matter of understanding things like how the eye perceives colour and colour intensity. From a distance the red colour shifts to a brown colour and it is meant primarily for concealment beyond 10 meters. That being said there are alot of colours in a forest, especially mixed forests beyond green, brown and black so it is not hard to hide. The BDUs are also pretty cool and had some innovative features like attempting to combine the pack and the field jacket into one item. The field jacket was designed to carry every item issued at the time. It did not work so well as a concept for a soldier but is a great idea for bushcraft, light hikes and survival. The jacket even comes with a built in sniper veil.

    Getting back to ponchos I need to replace mine. I have an old Canadian forces one that is a thin nylon tent kind of material with a rubber coating which is flaking away unfortunately. It is light and packs small but not great quality. Sounds like beyond matching my new camo it is a good solid piece of gear. Not surprising since I have yet to see a poor piece of Swiss military kit.

  14. HEY!…Im 5'4…short guys rejoice!
    I was wondering how big it was also thinking youre about 5'8 ish:)

    Know I know it will keep my feet dry…and other…stuff.

    Thank you for the review, im pulling the trigger on some now.


  15. Luke, I watched this video when you first put it up and it caused me to buy not one but two of these. Like you I love them.

    My view on them is they are not so much a Poncho as a Rain Cape. (If you view it that way it becomes even more versatile and comfortable.)

    Also on the hood, you can pin back the front of the hood so it doesn't stick out so far. (There is a snap for it.)

  16. Wow I have been looking for something like this! I just ordered a Czech Army one similar. Must get one of these to see which is best.

  17. I watched a video testing this camo, I thought it would be a joke. But I'll tell you, in a mountain forest environ. this pattern worked pretty darn good! It is after all "alpine" camouflage.

  18. Also, the poncho you have here is pretty sweet! The current model that I got in the swiss army is not nearly as good. Lighter but not as good.

  19. Good vid man! This camo was used until the early 1990's. The current swiss camo is a more traditional woodland. 🙂
    Most of the swiss army surplus material will still have this camo. It is very unique haha.

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