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Swiss Army Rucksack

Swiss Army Rucksack

hello everyone I just wanted to make a short video about this rucksack that I got I would say 1014 days ago I've used it ever since almost every day I took a weekend trip with this weekend pack that up really heavy and it was okay it's about 50 or 60 liters and but it has a really big compartment and it's really easy to organize and I just wanted to show you guys how I do it and how I travel light like today I'm just out here after work want to go out get some get some time in the woods make a cup of coffee a cup of coffee and then I just wanted to show you guys I had some spare time and I thought why not make this video so you guys could see it in the fun department like compartment I only carry my water as you see here small bottle about one liter with extra titanium cup so I can use that directly in the fire but the it's just a spare one here is my cooking kit it's a titanium cup I've shown it in other videos and that's my whole cooking set in right now it's just pack with the burner and there's some small coffee it's just the pouches that you put in water and you're boiling let them sit for a while they're good but the rocks are back to that the front compartment pretty big compartment close it down everything here is water system it's made of some kind of rubberized canvas every strap every bottle everything it's made out of a really thick leather it's really really tough the top big flap on it really big flap so you can hide stuff underneath it and you can and and you can close it up so the water runs off it open sorry guys flip it over way back just like that so right here the big compartment as I said it's it's made for a light trip today it's just really easy the gas normally when I go out alone I use the small gas that they can fit down the little titanium cup but the a broke this in in the weekend so I might as well just use it s you see it's one big compartment actually it has our in asleep that I can show you in a little bit but here what is it what this is is just my talk and a insulation blanket that you can use to sit on or you can wrap it around you if it gets cold but and I got some sticks in it and some some wire to put up the tarp that's it that's everything that's in this one you're just going to lay that over here move on right here it's my spare kid it's a light my fire extra knife a saw that's a multi-tool down between those two a sharpening stone a pen and a hit like hit lamp so as I heard somebody say on the internet two is one one is none so that's why I carry this one I think it's great to have a spare knife or extra tool I got a little note block it's a it's one of those that the if you get water on them they're water resistant you can use them just you can't I write on them and if you get wet you can still see everything that you did just to take note out here or something it's just good great to have right here is my it's my little survival kit I'm not so much of I forget it has some some some heavy-duty tape in it it has a small pot to cook something over a fire it got my fire kit I'm gonna show you guys right now so what it is it's this is just a little medic back that's it and got some some small stuff in it you see here we got a little bit of food rice and some other small stuff just for emergency I got mosquito cream I don't know what they call but it works the things y'all me use it it's really good and if I could get it up don't seem like it hold on back just took everything out of the drive back so what I got in here is the small part I was talking about some wipers the fire kit it got the lighter a fire steel small matches and some cotton pet that I put there put the steering on and you can just a snap them and light them really easy got some 550 I got some duct tape pair of gloves and some cotton material that's about it that's and that's more dry back but what I wanted to show you guys was the big compartment and as I told you guys there's an inner layer that you can take up like that get the idea if i zoom out a little bit so that's pretty much what I carry when I'm just alone out here and you know I just wanted to show you guys I think it's a really really good rucksack it's worth the money I paid $22 for the rock sack had to get shipped to Denmark that's that was another $25 so in total it was a seventy forty seven dollars and that's it so but thank you for watching and see out there

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  1. Did the leather straps to hold your hatchet and knife come with it? Did your make them? Or where can i buy those, I’ve got the haversack on top of mine and those straps to hold things on the side would complete the bag.

  2. Ok I like the vid and didn't see you say anything about the axe ! I may have missed it I was half watching the blind side lol but nice set up and nice pack the swedes make nice stuff

  3. great video , but please put a cover on that axe. lolroflmao, I thought you were going to cut yourself a few times over all great video

  4. I just subscirbed to your channel, and then I noticed this video. You have the Swiss Pionier Rucksack, which is nice, but to really have extra space, I will recomend you the "Schweizer Armee Gerbirgsrucksack 71" (Swiss army mountain rucksack 71). There are two separate compartments where you keep your drink tools, and other stuff. It was my mountain infantry duty rucksak 1990/1993 in the swiss army, and was really strong (I would say indistructible), with load up to 50 kg without being uncomfortable (ok, to march some 50-60 km in swiss mountains is not really a holiday trip, but points out how good the rucksack was). Unfortunately some  genius wanted an "american style beautycase": the Rucksack90 was introduced, a real crap modular rucksack, which was a really uncomfortable one, unless you only used the little KampfRucksack90. Thanks for video, a nice way to load this rucksack 🙂

  5. That is a sweet deal. You sure can pack a lot inside. I've also seen a Large Swiss Army Rucksack. around $50. Both are a great deal. Thanks for the great video.

  6. I've got one of these, there is a army surplus near me that has shelves full of them still for cheap.  Mine doesn't have the axe straps on the side, and I want to add that.  Do you have a video where you mod it?  Thanks.

  7. To complete your Swiss Ruck you could also add the bread bag which was made for it that attaches on top. The bread bag really completes the ruck making it more versatile and looks great. I don't see too many people with that option and i see those bread bags sold separately. I assume people just are not aware of that option.
    If you would like a picture I can send one since i have it on mine.

  8. Ser ud til at vi har samme smag i "packs". Har den samme men har monteret et hoftebælte fra en ALICE på den læderrem ved lænden. Rart når der er vægt på. Fungerer fint. ¤ kaftige pop nitter og 8 skiver. Har testet den i næsten 1 år nu.

    Regards, Lars

  9. yes my cat comes on lot of the small trips.. He is more like a dog.Can even call him to come, have a special wihsel an he can sit to if giving snack… crazy Cat…

  10. @Danishbushcrafter, sjov du nævner øksen, er pt i gang med at få lavet en holder til den i læder plus en skede til den. Så skal jeg nok ligge en opdate op herinde.

  11. Sounds like a good idea, there was 3 straps one my rucksack but I had to extend my shoulder straps bye taking 2 of the straps for that So I only have one left.

  12. Great Rucksack got the same one.Bought some new leather straps for both sides to carry a sleeping mat and my ax.

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