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Swedish Army Winter Anorak

Swedish Army Winter Anorak

hello there my friends Marcus I just want to show you today my new this is a Swedish snow on art from the fifties it's got a big hood go up it comes with two of these pockets down here but I just took them off and put one on the chest I like it I don't want too many things in my pockets on my jacket I have some gloves a map compass snacks it's a great jacket I think I'm gonna make it more green I also have my equipment they built this port from the violator also there are pockets where I have fire kit and survival kit I have my life 5t gloves and I cook shop so until the next time see you get out there and have some fun

Reader Comments

  1. great looking anorak Marcus! I like the pocket mod you did. Good to see you. I hope you had a great winter. We are all doing well here in Maine 🤘😁🤘
    take care
    Chris and Aeden

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