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Swedish Army M90 Uniform [ENG]

Swedish Army M90 Uniform [ENG]

hello this is so soft with your video when my m90 sweeties arm uniform that I caught a while ago and this is a relatively see sheep setup it cost me something like 70 euros so paying 70 euros for a pram in uniform is a no-brainer even though this is a relatively old uniform as m90 lets us believe now the material of the uniform is some kind of polygon the mixture I believe that something like 50/50 mixture the fabric itself is quite wind proof a stick so I would say that in a speaker than in the early we put smokes British music so in a windy conditions you shouldn't be that cold of course it's from uniform so if they issue it you are happy with it now this can also be bought separately so if you need a good set of camouflage trousers I would say that this m9 trousers are quite excellent I was really touched sure about to check it check it has quite limited features and there are way more better camouflage jackets well apples so let's call the details tab so that the video wouldn't be too long now in the front we don't have any kind of steeper we just have this button system okay that is basically what basic and simple both the zipper would have been better we have two big pockets in the front but for some reason there is this swat 4 pin that is taking room from the main compartment so you might be in these pockets a little bit too small okay they have well CRO closing so I believe that is quite nice we have these two tabs for kind of insignia if you have any other work rolled up on the left for your name sign on the right form you have well called up for insignia and well reflexes or whatnot for some reason we have these weird buttons on both arms I don't know I really don't know why and on the elbows you have that material of course that is nice if you have to grow all around let's say for airsoft or painful or whatever taking nature pictures of the cuffs we have really simple clothing with Velcro okay I have nothing to complain complain about that there's not any tightening on the waist or hip line so depending on what size you get this might be a little bit baggy and I would assume that you know any modern a uniform there would be some kind of tightening mechanism as this is probably meant to be an older jacket you know almost every every weather except for of course Arctic winter no there is no hood and the cooler itself is quite simple and basic now inside there is absolutely no pockets so it's a really basic targets and I don't know this cost something like 35 euros new and I would just want to get the food camouflage jacket for 35 euros you can get a windproof jacket so being too small for the British Army so I would recommend absolutely recommend those welcome to the trousers they're quite excellent they fit me well and they have nice unique features we have first of all very large cargo pockets on the site and I like that a lot and they also have the thick plastic zipper closing which is also nice in the mountainous we have double material which is nice again if you have to crawl for some for any reason and on the front we have two pockets with very poor bloke very simple popular clothing which is nice of course the front pockets could have been a little bit bigger but they are ok sized if you want to carry your coffees and whatever other pockets there isn't any so you don't need really need the back pockets for anything no like the site almost up to the knee we have a very good a plastic zipper so if you have to roll up the pants if you are waiting or if you want to put a dress on with your combat boots on that's easily achievable and on the angular way we have to pour blocks for tightening the ankles and there's also some kind of nylon material reinforcement around the ankle I assume that it is that if you're wearing rubber boots they are more easier to put on it might be for some other purpose and on the waistline there is basic very basic belt loops put this also looks for your suspended hooks if you are wearing suspended suspenders that are using hooks and of course if you are going hiking and you have a heavy rock sack you probably don't want to be wearing the belt sword suspender books ah well good option of suspenders or whatever now in the zip or in the fly we have a basic seat and two bottoms for clothing like I said houses are very good but the jacket isn't that cool of course 70 euros for the whole set is relatively good bargain and know the fighting system itself is a relatively weird Swedish army has decided that they will just tear that this set will fit for something with something like what hurts my centimetres tall and then they said that you have a weight range something like from 80 to 90 kilograms well with this any working system if you work in the military but let's say if you are trying to get these from any web shop figuring out what is your real size might be really tricky now I basically I am like 190 centimeters tall and I weigh 85 kilograms and I decided to get 100 and 90 95 set meaning that it would piece with a performer someone with like 100 kilograms so of course I cannot recommend that you would get oversized food I wanted to have a woollen jumper underneath and warm clothing so therefore I wanted to have a little bit more loose clothing so that's about it I guess and it seems that this video is less than seven minutes long hey yeah I'm getting better at this

Reader Comments

  1. I got the pants , as new, from Varustaleka. Seems they had a small run available and I was lucky enough to grab a pair. They also briefly had the heavier model jacket…wish I grabbed that too.
    The material is decidedly heavy and rigid new it actually almost stands on its own but I kinda like its toughness vs say old US woodland combats.
    What is most impressive are the features. Normally zippers are a weak point but these are heavy duty and I prefer them over velcro on the cargo pockets. Easy to open and secure. The regular pockets with snaps work great for not losing anything and the lower leg features are simply unheard of elsewhere with the zippers, hooks for boots and the cordura like re enforcement.

  2. i love the design, i am looking for M90 pants now and all I see is BDU with M90 pattern but BDU sucks for every day use, and all original M90 pants i find on ebay are so expensive, like there is no way i am paying 130 euros for pants 😀

  3. There are a smock to very nice for cold weather ore vinter i have all the gear anyone can nead but then im swedish ..:)…are you looking for something els you can ask me..:)

  4. Those are the M/90 lätt pants.
    you can see it in the front where you can put the suspenders.
    The most common dont have those

  5. Hello KMHiker I recently perched this from. army gross' they fabricate it themselves' I was very very pleased with it' russian type gorka hood with tension for bigger or smaller heads.
    I'm from England and in my opinion Swedish M90 is greatest camo ever made.
    Thank you for your video' I will subscribe.
    by the way I am not trying to sell for the company on this link it is purely for you and whoever wants some m90 kit.

  6. So many questions! 🙂
    Good video but next time get in touch with a Swede who has completed his military service.
    It will explain all the things on in this case M90 uniform system.
    An example of this is the buttons sewn as uniform arms.
    M90L (Light / Light) is meant to be used in warmer climates, and indoors is not primarily a battle uniform.
    The buttons are made to secure the rolled-up sleeves.

  7. The M90/L jacket is suppse to be big in the size becouse sweden made this jacket for the Balkans in the mid 90's. And they needed a jacked where you could carry hiden boddyarmour undernith.And the jackets waist is lose so you can carry a concealed pistol at the belt, so you can draw the sidearm with less chance to get stuck in the jacket.

  8. My friend, you have the Swedish M90 summer jacket, the buttons on the upper arm is for strive up your sleevs and lock it..

  9. well the Jacket, cant be up to date sens thats not what Swedish units are useing, and the Camo is really good for the Swedish Woods 🙂

  10. The M/90L jacket is for warm climat/summer therefor it lacks a zipper so it will breathe better……holders at the bottom on the back of the legs is to attach reflectors. 

    Looks like aftermarket uniform? Orginal Swedish uniforms dont have the small white patches on the inside …..jackets have a bigger patch in the neck and trousers on the left side above the buttock with size in length and weight and no brackets for the suspenders you see next to the loops for belt is only available on M/90P pants(P=armor used by personnel in MBT, IFV and other armored vehicles) 🙂

  11. That is the m90 light. It's not the original jacket. And you are wering it wrong. Roll upp the arms and fix the fabric around the neck.

  12. To clarify those who might wonder: The jacket  is M/90L and trousers are M/90F and therefore they are odd-pair and should not really go together but they were sold together.

  13. Is the swedish army going to be changing from the m90 pattern to multi cam or something else any time soon? Are they just going to continue using m90 pattern?

  14. Nice review! I have a BDU version of this camo and also this one you might like

  15. Those buttons in the jackets arms are to lock the rolled up sleeves. there is a piece of material inside which is used to button up the sleeves.

  16. The nylon "hook" with the buttons at the bottom of the m90 pants are to hook it onto the third row of lace on the boots, to make sure that the pants stay down, and keep dirt out.

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