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SWAT Officer tries Airsoft and DESTROYS Everyone.

SWAT Officer tries Airsoft and DESTROYS Everyone.

Hey welcome back guys to the forests of Belgium today is a special day because I’ve attached some cameras to my friend We will call swoosh oh he’s in a German special police force which is in ways comparable to the American SWAT police and today We’re gonna watch him in first person Destroy some airsoft players before we get started do want to give a quick shout out that this week’s sponsor the exceptional mobile game called Vikings If you’re like me and you enjoy the old school strategy games like Age of Empires You should sure like Vikings you can choose how you want to play this game You can be a clan leader and manager People you can be a killer and destroy your enemies or you can use your economics skills to build a giant city in your name Personally I like to destroy my enemies before they have a chance to rise up against me the game has recently hit twenty million players Which is more than the actual population of the Vikings that ever lived. Use the link in the description down below to install Vikings and get two hundred gold for your first Empire Back to the game those swooshes plans to use his speed to rush the center of the map And attack the enemy players before they even expect enemy contact and catch them off guard With a castle now secure and the enemy players retreated back to the forest He runs the nearby cover to directly push towards the next capture point He’s just spotted the enemy squad of about five players who just saw their teammate get shot behind the tree But they’re not sure where he’s been shot from yet In order to not get overrun sucia has fallen back to the castle instead which is now controlled by the enemy team Whilst he was down in the basement the upstairs floor has been retaken by the enemy team and cleared out of friendly players Just up ahead as a friendly capture point which is currently being taken by the enemy team Team she’s off Once again the castle is under attack because the team who controls the castle has the best chance of winning the game Swish I was flying through the forest behind the enemy team on his own and attempting to stop them from taking it It it You want to see Morris we show in the CQB environment? He’s trained and let me know in the comment section I read them all thanks for watching guys and make sure to check out the one who won sniper duel vs Norwich where the loser gets shot in the back by two SSG 24 Surprise, I’m not rich and today. I’m here with Tyler from style Entertainment, and we gotta do the long-awaited silo vs. Knowledge whoever’s gonna lose This match will get shot on the naked skin by both of those sniper rifles at the same time so that 5 or 50 FPS times 2

Reader Comments

  1. Fucking smurfs, hate those guy with passion. Ruining lower players' experience, aint cool man, imma report you.

  2. I thought he was moving in another timeframe the other players look like they're witnessing a flash and don't know if they should shoot it until it's to late

  3. Here is a GSG 9 Recruit rusher in its own habitat….

    Edit Yes this is a Rainbow Six Siege Reference

    And yes I like my own comments

  4. swoosh does "Attempt" he does!!! that was some badass very fast paced maneuvering. Makes me wish I could play on your side of the big blue but my humble little State will due for now. one day maybe.

  5. Used to be an infantryman in the U.S. Army, been thinking about getting into airsoft but idk how to feel about the cheaters and whiners…

  6. 5:30 asking for team and that dude has an SEK vest. Fits so well.
    6:05 that guy must have hawk eyes to see that accurate.

  7. I always find it crazy how little most airsoft players understand basic fire and maneuver tactics. If you are going to play a game simulating combat at least try to learn a little bit about combat lol.

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