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SWAG Off Road Military Expedition Trailer Build

SWAG Off Road Military Expedition Trailer Build

he folks this is Troy here swag offroad I've been asked to give you guys the impromptu an m14 trailer built in 1966 this was given a loan to the shop by a customer of mine who asked me to essentially turn a military trailer into an expedition style vehicle I'll give you guys a complete walk around what we're looking at I've got these platforms down here that hold the fuel cells gas cans some for our water cans there's footmen whips right there as well as a footman loop right there to strap it down with trailer lights fully boxed bolted and welded to the side of the frame want to eat into the trailer each for your ends or Ziza to Harbor Freight crank jacks it allows you to level out the trailer and when you're sleeping on it or sleep it inside the trailer I should say I'll take any wobble out of the suspension so I both those on each corner nice thing about these is because there's not off-road expedition style trailer simply have to pull the pan and then you can take this thing and all that's left is just that little nub so you won't more likely won't hang it up on the rocks in addition we have a bumper that's got some go-fast dimple holes in it for no reason other than I thought it looked cool I got a two inch receiver hitch in back is all 120 wall D LM an HR eww what's a bit inch and a half we got a mounting plate here for the pilot Jack attachment point serves as the snubber for the tire as well as bolt back there you can see the hole dijack in place tire itself is a 35 inch BFG the fancy red lock wheels against was provided by the customer off of the his old swing out tire carrier the driver's side has again white buckets with reverse light in it as well there's also marker lights in it again there's a cranks I'll handle love lousy suspension we have your Watertown puller nice thing about it is I also made a rack on top of a looks like a lid and a rack and iraq hold five of those things very nicely this rack itself is built out of a inch and a quarter of sixty-five wall really lightweight I welded some nut inserts onto the lid it's just two button head bolts to hold this thing in place it real sturdy the lid itself is made of 12 gauge steel I got some handles off my old toolbox some DT stake Oh style latches again another handle off my toolbox I never used another D state D State go style latch then I have a padlock here keep you honest people honest when you're out camping away from your trailer out on the trail insert the padlock through that with this lid I also made this guy here just kind of an access panel pull out the pin flip up the lid and you can store whatever you want back there it's 44 inches long so shotgun shovels trail tools whatever your heart desires it's completely sealed of course on this side as well as the inside trying to think what else I'm missing I skinned the outside with inch and a half 120 wall d LM fully weld it to the factory fenders we have a piece of receiver hitch here the customer was thinking about making a cooktop or an extension for barbecue there's enough room right here to mount a small propane cylinder on each sides essentially the same the corners are all reinforced just prevented from cracking we have the tongue box which is again he provided to me pretty straightforward bunch of random stuff in there we bust that one later we have the same part number crank jack up front nice thing about this one is I'm able to put it in place give it a nice firm tug it does not rattle be able to do it a little bit it rattles essentially what I did is made it to where the feet lock up under the here by put tension against it so now it doesn't rattle so this thing shouldn't shouldn't rattle that all went on the trail again I made this box for it here to hold the toolbox I extended the tongue 12 inches off the factory frame rails it's fully plated with the eighth inch steel on all four corners like I said extended this a foot inside the tongue itself or the 12 inch long male piece to this it has four additional holes in it so you can extend this tongue especially if you can see through here to have a hole here hold here hold here and a hole there so this town can be extended an additional foot as well if you're really in precarious situations welded on the factory safety chains off the old pintle hitch that used to be on this thing that the customer has and it's all right here I think they're extremely annoying and annoying for such a trailer that you spent so much time and energy on to have it rattle as you can see here I made this coupler that allows it to swivel around bushing in there you got a bushing here that I provide or sell off the website essentially a grade 8 bolt big old couple are not welded right inside there I've been driving it around a little bit around town today it's absolutely silent and the customer has actual d-rings so they say can change or just just temporary can we have an eight-way plug with with trailer brakes suspension itself has been flipped the springs on top of the axle with I believe 3,000 pound axle some inexpensive wrench with shocks since everything on this was built in 1966 definitely times a little bit of upgrading your expression factory shackles little swag badge because I can electric brakes I will show you guys I guess the hinges themselves are from the local farm store just three inches I was able to space it out using that Inc one-inch square tubing we do have a tent trailer on top you can see that folds out this way so I'll do this do this push up on it now I have two 225-pound gasps spring soft mcmaster-carr through the eight millimeter reversion around twenty one dollars a piece I don't know the part number but they are the longest ones for around twenty two dollars to 225 pounds spring rain so those work well one-handed a little bit of muscle comes down and stays down chews barely spacers that I use or off my drop-down tailgate kit that I sell I have one there right down there as well as two on the clothes inside right there and right down there the lid itself as I mentioned there's this box section here that the before this access panel is for the goodies oh there's angle iron welded around the perimeter of this piece so you can put a lip seal on it to keep keep rain out of it hopefully I use the same spacers that I used right there to space off the hinges or the otago latches right there I can just weld it on bolt it in place pretty straightforward operation cup marker light as you can see again this trailer is running 35 inch tires hey buddy give my sidekick in crime hey Lane say hi yeah a little boy up I think that a that about covers it I don't know the weight on this thing I have to take it to the scales this evening and report back to you guys thanks for watching if you got any questions let me know everything on this deep is in drawn up in CAD so if you like a part that you think you'd like to have yourself saving email Troyer swag offroad calm and we'll be in touch in one night operation place you're good to go take care

Reader Comments

  1. I know this is really old video but I'm wondering about hinges… trying to find where to get some heavy duty hinges in a hurry

  2. I saw this video when you first released it and I loved it then. I still do.
    Question: how do you access the storage when the tent is erected?

  3. Super smart design and build. I like that little box on the end but would like to see a lock on that, too…could be a great little gun box.

  4. THIS is exactly what I want to have done to my M-416 Jeep Trailer. I could use some advice to get all of the items needed and some plans. I am a disabled veteran and don't know how much I can do or if I should get it done by someone I can trust. I got seriously burned financially on my Jeep rebuild and it cost me thousands unnecessarily. A very painful experience in trust, I can tell you. Any help or guidance would certainly be appreciated. I would like to see the tent deployed. I like that it is on the ground since I can't see the wife and I climbing up on the top to sleep!

  5. That is pretty slick. I am one of your customers having bought a portable band saw stand for my Dewalt portaband and I really like it.

  6. Great job on the build. Very nice. It's not easy to build everything on your own without a shop and all the proper tools. I commend you for your work.

  7. everything looks great but I wonder how your coupler has held up over the years now? turn left right and the up down pivit but you didn't have any compensation for twist jeep leaning left and trailer leaning right

  8. To Eric S. Now are you a speech therapist because to comment on such a small issue you must be perfect. Ah da hum maybe he should quit breathing while he is at is. Cheers

  9. To Jesse B — could it be the trailer is going to be mainly used in a country with left drive lanes unlike the U.S. — just a thought……Cheers

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