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Surviving an Active Shooter

Surviving an Active Shooter

The Ohio State University is home to historic landmarks and lifelong traditions. But in an instant this scenic campus could become the backdrop to a scene that happens all too often across the country. Chances are you’ll never face a situation like this one. But if you do, you need to be prepared. I’m here to help you improve your chances of surviving an active shooter incident. The Ohio State University Police train countless hours to be prepared for emergency situations such as this. Our number one priority is to keep you safe. Make no mistake, you can survive an active shooter incident by remembering and planning ahead to take three important steps. If an active shooter or similar incident requires the campus community to stay safe, our Emergency Management Division will send what’s called a Buckeye Alert. These are often sent via text message as soon as possible after determining that a threat exists. A Buckeye Alert will contain the most accurate information available at the time, but an active shooter situation evolves rapidly and known details may be limited. That is why it’s important for you to remain observant and use your senses to be attentive to your surroundings at all times. If you encounter an active shooter or receive a Buckeye Alert affecting your area the first and best option to survive is run. Get out. Quickly and safely evacuate the area. If you can get out, do it. Scatter and run. Get as far away as you can. Once you’re safe call 911. 911 where is your emergency? Make sure you tell the 911 operator, who may be located within the City’s dispatch center, that you are on Ohio State’s campus. Running away should always be your first priority. But what happens if you hear gunshots and you’re unable to get out? Your second reaction should be to hide. If you’re in a room lock the door. Look for something to barricade entry points. Turn off lights. Silence your cell phone. The idea is to make it as hard as possible for the shooter to see you, find you or get to you. And always spread out. Don’t huddle together. That creates one easy target. We’re sending the alert now. The alert says the shooter is in the building. If running isn’t an option and hiding isn’t an option, there’s one final reaction that you should only use as a last resort if confronted by the shooter. Fight. Find anything to use as a weapon. A fire extinguisher, a chair. Fighting back is a last resort, but if it’s between you and the shooter we want you to survive. When preparing yourself mentally for this fight, remember something. Statistically active shooters are apprehended or eliminated within the first five minutes of the incident. Once notified, our officers will respond to stop the shooter. You only need to fight until they do, and that could be ten seconds away, the most important ten seconds of your life. It’s scary to think about, but an active shooter is something that we all need to be prepared for. Whether you’re a student or member of our faculty or staff, take time to know your surroundings. Know at least two exits out of your room and building. Take different routes into and out of your building to become familiar with every possible escape route. Look around in the room you’re in right now. Find areas where you could hide or items you could use as weapons. Three simple words could save lives.

Reader Comments

  1. My school has never ever had someone with a gun cause we have or doors locked but they can break the window so ya

  2. Run:possible but the attacker could catch you.
    Hide:play hide and seek.
    Fight: get shot and your killed


  4. Okay some tips

    When you’re running

    1. Take off your backpack it’ll likely slow you down and make it easier to catch
    2. Stay quiet
    3. Know where the attacker is

    When you’re hiding

    1. Make it stable
    2. Make sure to stay quiet
    3. Don’t make it obvious where you’re hiding
    4. Don’t let them in (obviously)

    When you’re on defense

    1. Don’t take up karate poses if you don’t know how they work
    2. Don’t fight alone
    3. You might need to do punch,kicking,biting,clawing and hiting

  5. Or you could let armed concealed carriers carry. Mass shooters are stopped by cops with guns.concealed carriers would be already in class.

  6. Another thing is Schools are not safe Always be prepared for a active shooter If that happens to you I hope you don't die.😭😭😭😢😢😢😪😪😪😫😫😫😫😫😞😞😞

  7. Hold up did she say “ 911 where is your emergency”. Isn’t it supposed to be what is your emergency???? Comment and tell me if I’m wrong, thanks. ❤️

  8. Why should we even need this video it’s sad that this happens and innocent people’s lives are taken away also rip 2019

  9. This is what to do if a bear with a shotgun enters your local school
    1. Run (but not in the bears sight )
    2. Hide (away from the bear
    3 . Fight (if you are stronger than the bear )
    If none of these work come to the last number
    4. Play dead
    All these tips will keep you safe from a active bear shooter

  10. Since my school isn't very confusing, we have a chart to show where you must be to run, hide, and/or fight.

  11. Thank you for this information. IT is scary to think about, but better to have info like this to plan ahead in you find yourself in this situation.

  12. most active shooter drill videos: there's a 99.99999997% chance this will never happen

    this one: yah lads we could get shot up by a white supremacist any day now

  13. In Canada the chances are even slimmer cuz we banned guns so move to canada and I feel like this should be thought on the first day

  14. Well, if u have tu teach this to people maybe there is a REAL problem with gun culture in USA. In my country there are plenty of hunting guns(mainly shotguns and rifles) and we only had 1 mass shooting in 120 years.
    Your country is sick as fuck.
    Good luck.

  15. My school just always hides even know if we’re like a classroom just a foot away from the exit door we have to hide!

  16. In 2018 A federal judge in South Florida tossed out a lawsuit filed by more than a dozen students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., who said they were traumatized by a mass shooting there in February and that county officials should have protected them.

    U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom said neither the school nor sheriff’s deputies had a legal obligation to protect students from the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, who is accused of killing 17 people at the school Feb. 14. Her reasoning? The students were not in state custody.
    In other words if you are a prisoner you are protected. lol WTF kind of sense does that make?

  17. I love how they say that an active shooter lasts only 5 minutes. Is he gonna have a heart attack after 5 minutes and 1 second? Lmao. Also it looks like a punisher episode where he kills people who go to expensive schools to erase student debt.

  18. How to servfive. Step have rope step 2 keep a rool of purple ducktape on you at all times step 3 🦆 tape you're mouth and 🦆 tape everyone else's mouth so you can't scream or cry and let the shooter know where you are

  19. Why are they always in all black, a bad Russian Millennial haircut, dumb gloves and a duffel bag in these films?

  20. I dont understand the more rules people post about if a shooting happens the more the shooter will know the rules and like turn off the lights silence your phones so that the shooter thinks nobody is inside people see this and then commit it and then see a dark classroom and say there are students in there might as well shoot the window to get in

  21. The thing is why are there even shooters going to a university to just shoot people? Not like they are going to get any benefit from doing it other than get arrested.

  22. a bowl of marbles would done the trick. once shooter comes in, let them roll and make him slip and then disarm him

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