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Survival sale

Survival sale

hello right today we are going to slow the idea what would you do if you were lost in the wilderness with nothing a good point there we go and this is this your first time you nessa I am Richard in done this is built and this is our show but today we're going to be talking about if you're lost in the wilderness and you don't have anything what would you do like you wouldn't know what to do that's that's our point well now you don't have to not survive with nothing Oh guys said we have this is a DNR billing Richard survival kit take a look at this very very real this time on the devil oh stop that for your shoulder scary around you guys really like this it's Varitek darling first of all get started focusing here you'll find a note so you can write whatever you want I mean like it is just amazing like pine squirrels gather acorns collect chestnuts never you want to do well it's it's very very useful different things that's right what else do we have in camera oh oh oh okay famous stiff oh my god bail it's okay sterek Oh light up right now that is very very good quality and it is really good fun stainless steel Tina ma your what this is my lighter okay let's watch it yeah it worked my okay I can feel the heat i canna feel any Heat it's very very useful it has my nine engraved in it it's like it's all right in there but that's it no that's it dump it all my all and in it is later I mean like this is not some piece of crap because this is Bill spires why would you think of looking for thur mine he's mine look it's hard to do exactly that's that's premature and pretty much our next thing you post on this is our own hunting knife okay um sure okay I bread and it's more it's more than a hunting knife that will explain this later so this is our demonstration this is our wild our friend this is our first thing I do when you hunt moods but this night you go for the jugular right in there folks come on but I am a professional moose poop I remember that bill you didn't get that I am a very very skilled professional and you can also write that on your note shahram really high moose it's pretty simple I should just get like totally retarded well you like oh yeah okay so what you are doing if they charge straight for you you gotta go to type this right here we're gonna face the blade towards your head and you are going to touch it at its heart ma you got some as far as you got at its heart this time I am thinking oh 2 inches of stainless skin guy might and it is is amazing no it is it isn't it is just sex to you courtesy this is our on next time your votes are in case um like you're lost on an island or something the signal for enemy airplanes you just simply turn this light off and you wave it in a motion above your head and people will find you right and you will you will get rescued and you will be saved thanks to this this also limited time offer we don't have a hill right now but you can put this in any kind of freaking gun you want to and shoot it up into the air and it is named oh I'm sorry awesome anyways this thing as a parachute silk and sign it they will come down like right 40 but but the problem is the win if you do it and have you went it go like we're out and you have to go swim again what but sometimes that trap legs cannot be good because you know my they have sharks and dolphins lots of dangerous scuffle yeah yeah you know just like oh you know let me know anyways we gotta get moving though this is um oh this is wallace okay if you're ever lonely you're ever lonely you can just think this is life you look in here and this is the face smiling but it just must be smile just let me look and I just want a smile back this is really important to keep this locked in here your villainy go home on one of our last things Oh in the back part this is our up fishing net if you ever come across the stream and you want to catch a fish or something of course how could you not how could you not use this you can catch a fish you can create over bills lighter whatever you want like this oh oh yeah a lot of serious you're gonna want it put that on your list like what my chin area and you're going to jump it like catch the biggest fish all right big outfit yes I said that what kind of running out of time though and this is this is our last thing in case you just not doing anything and you're just not happy this is our suicide knife and then we don't like to bring this up come on oh you do not want to UM that you do not want to use this button because the truth if you want to shower we want to try into shock to throw it you're going to fucking kill yourself that hot in the main one spell all right away thank you but it survives this very very very short night and you do not want to use this for anything other than killing yourself any of your actions with this knife are not our responsibility if you have to understand that it's not our responsibility since I this gets to me this part so anyways arm that's our pretty much survival kit no more and on you can enter your text here number here 5 194 or 4 2 106 you bet upload on I'm lightning out just what watching for your phone call okay and you can order this whole thing right now if you just call that number right now folks for live when I'm 40 42 106 good job bill and we'll see you guys next time this is to 9999 and have a great one folks I restart include that's your next week

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