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Survival Mess Kit For Bug Out Bag

Survival Mess Kit For Bug Out Bag

hello guys this is Nick from H of survival school and today I'll be talking about survival mess kit I have US military surplus survival mess kit I have had this mask it for about 20 years and it has been performing just excellent I suggest this kit so let's get started as you see here it says us so first of all I want to talk about the upper side it has two spaces for different kinds of food it is a very practical thing for eating from it to use it as a plate then we have here a horn I used this horn as the cup and I think that it is very practical and if you see here it says 1979 I have had this phone since then then I have a cold steel kudu knife now a hostile this is a word chip knife but it is worth sharp and P it performs very well and because that I like now a hosta very much I keep it in it next what we have here is a knife fork and spoon set this set came with the mask eat it so it is 20 years old and it has been performing well well but the knife is will a basic one that that's why I keep another knife in my kid next what I have here is a cutting board I made this cutting board by myself I made it the shape of the bottom of the mask it and I find that it is well practical and very nice to have a cutting board with you and the last but not least we have the pen as I call it the bottom of the mask it you can you you can use it as a pen you can use it to boil water always for the bonus items I have a Russian military surplus canteen with its sheath I have had this canteen for about 15 years there was one time when it had a bell to appear but I cut it off can tell you that if you are wet the sheath you can put it in your bag and it will be cold all day if you need cold water and the next bonus item which I will show you is my US military surplus cup as you see it says US I have had this cup for about 20 years and it has been performing very well I have pulled the water with it very much times as you see why it's called know this was my survival basket I will put the links to the products which I mentioned in the video or in the description down below just click the show more tab also I suggest you to buy this mask it because it is very good and it is military surplus it has been used by military for decades so we know that it is real good thank you for watching please subscribe

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  1. I've been using the G.I. mess kit for forty-six years. I combine it with the G.I. canteen cook set because they're supposed to be used together as one unit. Together, with the canteen, canteen cup and lid, and canteen stove, they provide all you need.

    I spent a bit over eleven months in the wilderness by myself with this gear, plus a coffeepot, and never had a single problem.

    The only thing I would add is a hanging pot such as the Russian or German mess kit pots. You don't need them at all, but they do come in handy, and also provide a place for emergency food, or for spices, cutlery, an alcohol stove, or even a second G.I. cup, lid, and stove.

  2. I still have some of these. Stainless Steel, this design was in the US military since at least WWI, minor modifications. The eating utensils are fine and the spoon works great for soups and stews. As you say the knife is basic but functional. I like the cutting board you made, great idea! The horn cup is pretty cool too. I first used these while in the Army 1970, just like the one you have. I also carry the canteen and canteen cup. Looks like you are set for business my friend. Happy camping for you and Max.

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