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Survival A-Frame Wet Weather Basha & Swedish Army Trangia Stew Cooking

Survival A-Frame Wet Weather Basha & Swedish Army Trangia Stew Cooking

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  1. Building the a-frame system looks amazing. Question: would I be able to potentially build a double a-frame for me and my partner as she suffers with bad hips and back and can only sleep on airbeds so I think the a-frame system looks amazing. Any feedback would be grateful thanks

  2. Really good idea about the sounds because when you don't know them it is the hardest thing because you don't have a picture in your head of the creature making the noise and what it might be doing out side your shelter

  3. I've got a little candle lamp that takes a tea light candle which burns for about six hours and is a handy comforting light hanging from the roof of your hoochie or tent

  4. The normal transit sold in Australia not the Swedish one comes with a fry pan which is great you can blend up some eggs and carry them in a bottle for scrambled eggs

  5. The smell of meths always reminds me of injections at. School when you had to line up for your vaccinations and the kid in front of you qalways cried and carried on about it hurting and they seabed your arm with meths

  6. great vid mate watched again,just a little hint on your trangia theres a little rim around the top to spill fuel in to heat it up quicker helps it bloom quicker by vapourising the fuel.

  7. @funkyprepper, the Swedish name for the green plastic cup is KÅSA. Great fun to see you use the trusty old Trangia mess kit! It was lovingly called "SNUSKBURK" by the soldiers, which roughly translates to "dirty dishes" or maybe "the not so clean canteen"…
    And your absolutely right, that thing has been around since WW2!

  8. I subscribed, to your channel, after watching a good number of your videos, because I didn't see any value of it, UNTIL I saw the video "Reset . . .", wherein you got emotional about trashing the outdoors floor. I'm no tree hugger, but, that vid was a "window to your soul" and "like" just didn't seem to cut it. I'm glad I made you my first subscription, because, while you didn't apologize to those who unsubbed, you wouldn't have mentioned it, if it mattered totally not at all. I hadn't noticed any lack of "outdoor video" and therefore IT DOESN'T MATTER THE SUBJECT. I watch your videos because they deliver what your peers claim but don't fulfill: edification and entertainment. AND they're done with heart and you don't hide your weaknesses and faults. You're the better of all of us who want to adventure outdoors but don't manage to as often as we'd like. Offered by a Yankee, from Wisconsin, whose ventures are carried out by family tent camping, sans a family. 😉 Thanks and change nothing about your videos. PS: I'm happy about your health issues being resolved. Sorry about the length of the comment.

  9. Good vid Funky,,, very good point on using basha to collect rain water, ,,, travel light freeze at night, im getting on a bit now,, my heart says yes to me head, but my back n legs DONT wanna know, vehicular infil lol

  10. Thanks Funky, the best hour and sixteen minutes I've spent on youtube in ages. Could I ask a question? I'm in the market for a basha but have seen mixed reviews of those I've looked at. What brand did you choose and would you buy it again? If you get the time could you let me know. Cheers, Malc.

  11. Another brilliant video as usual. That stew looked good and there was plenty of it. I have a Swedish Mess Kit as well. Love mine.

  12. i was told if you lay your spoon across the top of the pan it wont boil over…sounds crazy but it works…..stew looks yummy!!!!!!

  13. I like that……I'll eat the rest latter ..…(yeah right i ate it all)……lol….I have one of these kits too but haven't used it yet …kind regards Phil

  14. Have you ever heard a Sika deer ? jeepers that will scare the stuff right out of you if you don't know :-)good vid.. thanks…. Maff

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