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Surprising Use For A Waterproof Jacket

Surprising Use For A Waterproof Jacket

When the temperatures drop it’s extremely
important to every step necessary to keep your gear dry. Wet gear in the winter is problematic,
because it affects your ability to stay warm and it’s not that easy to dry out once it
gets wet. One problem area I’ve noticed, in particular, is the foot of my sleeping bag
in the morning. It collects condensation from the wall of the tent and this condensation
makes the insulation not as effective in my sleeping bag. As soon as I wake up in the
morning the sleeping bag is getting stuffed in a stuff sack, so it doesn’t really have
a chance to dry out. I’ve found that if I take my rain jacket and slip it over the foot
of my bag that the foot of my bag is much drier when I wake up in the morning. This
is nice, too, because I’d much rather have my rain jacket get wet because it’s usually
out with me during the day and not stuffed in a stuff sack so it has a much better chance
of drying out during the day. It also doesn’t have any insulation to be negatively affected
by the moisture. So all in all, I hope this tip helps you keep your bag a little bit drier,
especially on those multiple day trips where it can really start to impact your overall
warmth. If you found this tip helpful, give us a “thumbs up” or head on over to our YouTube
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Reader Comments

  1. Outstanding tip Chris! Not only does it keep your bag nice and dry, but traps in heat to keep the ol' feet nice and toasty 🙂
    Thumbs up brother!  

  2. I do the same. It's definitely a problem in the typical 2-3# solo tents. I wonder if any of the water proof sprays would deteriorate the shell on a down bag? That could be an option. Either way the rain shell works every time.

  3. That's a great idea for a real world solution to a common problem I've also encountered back in my camping days.  Well done and thumbs up.  Don

  4. Not surprising it’s logical
    Looks you need a better tent or pitch it better
    Thank you for your video

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