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Surprise Military Homecoming at Long Elementary

Surprise Military Homecoming at Long Elementary

– [Woman] Do any of you have a parent or relatives that are in the army or the Navy or… – I do. – [Woman] Good, who ? – I have a dad that’s in the army. – [Woman] A dad, you? – My daddy too. – [Woman] Your daddy too. – I miss my family but I think everything is gonna be like fine now that I’m back home. – [Woman] Do you miss your daddy? – Mhmm. – [Woman] Yeah. – It was kind of tough on her too. Every night before going to sleep, I mean it was tears and
me trying to comfort her, when I can’t even comfort myself. (laughing) It was very very tough. – [Woman] Do you love your dad a lot? Yeah, what do you want to say to your dad if you were to see him? – I love you daddy. – You take for granted when they’re around and
once they’re not here that’s when you… You see everything and
everything you missed out in, and everything you could’ve
done or should’ve done, but now is the time to do it, and I can’t wait. – I hope she runs to me and gives me hug. (laughing) (slow music) (loud clapping) – I love you daddy. – I love you too honey. – Seeing her face right now, she can’t believe it, I know that, she can’t believe daddy’s here. – I’m here. (slow uplifting music)

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