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Surplus store mess kit

Surplus store mess kit

hey guys up well one get outside the day and do this video but it's gonna rain or it is raining a little bit and well have kids with me sorry I want to drag the kids on the ring it was just me about it while the woods and did this book anyway so i guess the basis for this video is uh found a little just as us on us regal 1966 this little little biscuit i found at the army surplus store so give it a shot and see what i can see what i could do with it maybe I like to think that don't but either way I mean it was seven or eight books it's not gonna it's not gonna replace my us our signal but hot but the you know I'm struggling my kid Bannock bag publi essentials in it so when we give this a shot and see if it was filled worth it I think it's a little blue it's pretty light holds over on itself as you can see it's got a little latch here a little food drink a little light my fire sport in there it's got this so you can fry while watering that maybe inch and a half two inches deep so safe to say you probably get a pretty good amount of water in there at least enough to boil up drinks up get you hydrated but so the other part of this little video to do today would be testing this out and also what a little snack cause I'm getting kind of hungry so go ahead and start up this fire here and get it going and then try a little snack it so good and do that so I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and use a bit use the little waxed dryer lint then I come up with if you haven't seen that video is just a toilet paper roll stuffed with Ireland I did wax so break that open just a little bit simply hit that with a fair on you discern go you'll stay let the fan out of here because it's pretty fun hot hire me so we'll get back on go ahead get some twigs and stuff fire twigs and stuff long part since i didn't like seda didn't have a chance to get onto them the real world I guess you can say here TV up almost blew leftover piece of wood block I hadn't sitting there on a great rolling fire fist I'm in my garage start stick this up TP style now this is also the first time but actually used the dryer the lifestyle and text Lee start a fire to cook something on that the other times I just I burnt the wax dryer and just to test it out so yeah good indication of how that works out already sees me don't get back in here crack one more trip you guys behind that but it's definitely starting to piss those twigs which is cool and wet see that actually have lots of ideas for me about my work so it's good to see what work probably has one too many tweaks here TV facets of you cognize or those flames divided opinion there still seems little green hard to break them I want a great one fire anyone get a cold rolled up to the great on here skillet on top stick charlie Oh in the single timeless now moving into cold maybe just a little disclaimer sorry to hear much of outside know is there's kids all over this place when I'm down here like there with the crazy so that's why I've come a garage I could do in my backyard but then you probably really okay so just kind of stay away from that but I almost forgot also what I wanted to do was throw some of this paper bark in there and see how that burns up I'm always wanted to try this stuff I heard you can hit it with a Ferro rod but I haven't had much luck doing that but then again I pulled it off a bull the part about the tree and let it sit for like two or three days or maybe the oils and stuff dried out before I could hit up the Ferro rod so we'll see Chuck that in there and see what happens definitely for sure that's for sure what's up funny kind of literal not exploited it's like three it slow that's for sure good try to move that travel that far down in some coals here a little bit new here still a little oil head brought from the house and cook some Misty's pierogies there's only two in there so can't really make it for dinner for the whole family so I figured I just make a little little snack for me so this is good risk go I will get that one little more mess kit then I'll take them to take like Vince falls down there sort of really smokes for you somebody's I'm go ahead and put this on there and let it get a little preheated smokey at the dancer look at that uh I think that's the paper bark I put in there this one suppose that well ok I'm here for second door works get cocky hmm the neighbors don't call the fire department that's for damn sure today and huh we'll let that heat up a little bit and we'll know it's hot sure I got that those frozen Berube's in there they're going to be the hot oil will start splattering so i can actually receive them I could see villain will move right now so probably getting pretty close to getting to keep it real good it's looking its grounds can tell you that yeah I can hear that or I'll start to get okay if I can tell you that game Eagle an answer aluminum sulfate toxins in our past I've tried to boil water and do some other things in my and SRC gold hot and it just a little while for the water to get boiling so so what we're doing is you know if I did that off the fire here just in a good mood pop so smoking hot rod tip so we'll give these few more minutes on this side I'll put one man I sure was smoking so that's gotta be that bar connectors and it's pretty much like you usually doesn't get the smoky when I'm ya mama one's own it smelly hairy smoking that's i have taken he's got he won it but i just want to find out of a soul will experiment is this the skillet needs up get on back so we'll give that few minutes I'll be right back atcha okay see whatever right here definitely smoking here at the head collect on the smoke rise blood has of the carbon monoxide for them okay I'm joking around but good half yeah what's up okay guys sorry about that bronze will get a little while smoking in last thing I need is for the call fire dept well that's what I get to trying to do the stuff inside a garage but i want to give you another video out there so but i'll take it no big deal you know he's so these probe's you're done so why am L to its Oriole for me but that's okay so there's that but right now even just that we'll see how i feel this uh this little plate for college I said slowly so one said a man no reason of what happens to put my son's bag you know those seven eight it was like seven months or eight bucks I like the fact that it closed on itself and put this back in there just close myself a they're also pretty good yourself a milk it right there he's as a skilled like I just did put the super in there you could you know whatever eggs in here and baking matter whatever one chooses I lamented but what I did like about it or what id like them is that a small very like some of them like I said I things one was pretty light it's not heavy I'd say it's a lot lighter than mine ms RC boat but that being said I can't store too much stuff inside this is I came right single so what I what I take a seat a lot of my pop out of my bag put this in my pack no probably not but I bought it capable on for seven bucks and make my son a kid essentials so we'll definitely have is continually world watering I like the fact that the handles long enough so kids really not going to get too close to the fire you know you can still stick it out there you got a pretty good long wait so I like that fact that if my son's you know making something from yourself I can keep an eye on but he can also do it himself I think teaching the kids is good thing let them do it on their own you know why you're watching is a good thing also so it's all part of the experience so this weekend we'll probably go out kicking around the woods and break this out again and let my son to his own thing but it says when we make to give us a little shots for something you didn't like to eat it up quickly so I was quick you know rambling on about Alec pretty good deal with several books so they said you know thanks for thanks for watching appreciate your comments and we having and xvideo trying explodes and does many videos in the woods as I can so if you're watching views against and see if excellent thanks you

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  1. I like it it goes with my sons kit, I use the MSR but i wouldnt hesitate to use it. It is tried and true.

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