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Surplus Rifle Collection Update 2019

Surplus Rifle Collection Update 2019

hey what's up guys classic shooter here today I just want to do a quick video I know it's been a while I just want to show you all the military surplus rifles that I have gotten and collected over the years that I've acquired per se I just want to start out by saying that I mostly like to get bolt-action rifles from you know back in the day and stuff there you can see my cat of course he needs make an appearance in every video but that's what happens and you get animals and have to take responsibility for them anyways now that he's flagged himself with every rifle let's get back into it so the first surplus rifle I got was this old-school 91/30 Mosin Nagant this one it is I believe in 1929 that's what has stamped on there I got this at a local gun store and I really that's what started at all I was just thinking oh yeah I might as well just get an older eyeful something that's cheap a most cheap don't have to worry about banging it up or whatever and then I realized hey you know Miller is actually pretty cool and then that's what led me on to my next obsession so my next obsession was the mousers here you can see I have three of them the first Mouser that I got was a German car 98 Mauser and that's this one right here you can tell because it has its little hole in it for the firing pin so when you want disassemble it yeah so this I got off guns America I'm a guy in Vegas and yeah it is pretty good find I spent I think $450 altogether with shipping so yeah 400 500 bucks got a pretty cool rifle and I got that a few years ago right as they started getting popular again and more expensive I then got the actually I got this one second so this is my Yugo m48 miles I got this one from Mitchell mousers if you guys see my last video on this I like this one because it's got a pretty good deal on it this is just the regular shooter grade or whatever nothing special this was the cheapest one and it's pretty nice I know that they have kind of a weird reputation people are always saying don't buy from them because they sell you likes matched rifles or whatever they change the serial numbers on it but you know what I don't care I got this one for shooting not for collecting well I mean kind of for collecting but more for just shooting this one right here is the m24 47 you sloppy Mauser and I have taken this one out to the range multiple times and it is probably the most accurate out of the three believe it or not so I got this one at Cabela's they were having a sale on them I think I spent to 74 to 75 not bad not bad for you know I know people are gonna comment and say all I've used to buy these rifles for 50 to $100 back in the day well you know with inflation and all that this is what they go for and the fact that everybody has to buy him that's why the prices go up let's see oh I got this one this is the last most recent one I purchased this was my swiss 1911 rifle straight-pull this thing's pretty cool it's got the markings on it it will focus on here little Swiss marking right there it's really cool and yeah just really basic you tell us somewhere on it and I'll actually throw a picture in here but it had does it does have a name of who owned this rifle underneath the butt plate so that's pretty cool most some have that so if you have one check it out and then this was the first semi-automatic rifle I got that was surplus and this is my Yugoslavian SKS and this thing is beautiful I love shooting it and most cheap and it eats pretty much everything I got that classic firearms and I guess they don't have anymore left so I'm glad I got it when I did you can see here I've got my Carcano rifle this is the Calvary Carcano so it's little bit smaller I got this on a bid I want it for like a hundred and forty bucks altogether and ya gotta love options because sometimes even if you don't plan on winning sometimes you win and last but not least you can see my m1 grand the m1 garand is a sought-after a beautiful rifle that has been bough proven obviously for the United States military and this is what wars were won with so you gotta love it and one grand it's great and this one I believe is a 1944 model I'm not mistaken actually I know it is in 1944 and it is all matching parts as far as I've seen I've taken it apart and it's all original I believe it was has a p on here somewhere yep right there I think it was arson already finished at some point but it does remain all original which is nice so there you have it guys that's my collection as of 2019 unfortunately things have slowed down in the surplus business when it comes to rifles and other firearms but it is what it is I had fun with it and maybe someday I'll buy some more who knows yeah thanks for watching guys feel free to like and subscribe I'm trying to grow this channel I've had a hundred and fifty subscribers as of today that's pretty cool thank you for everyone who subscribe so far I'd like to make this channel grow and be able to eventually go out and do some more videos so thanks for watching guys

Reader Comments

  1. Thanx for helping to drive up the prices of these fine surplus rifles! 😢 wish it was still a secret to gun guys until YouTube ruined it

  2. Now all your friends and some of their friends know what you have. But hey, if you can’t trust your friends, who can you trust?

    BTW; I love the Calvary Rifle. Very cool.

  3. If you want some ideas, you may want to take each rifle and disassemble it to show the condition of each part, etc. Good luck growing the channel.

  4. Nice collection. I love mine but the prices are going up so I am upgrading my collection with new stocks since some of the Mosin Nagant and mauser stocks were in bad shape when I got them but now they are first rate.

  5. My first firearm was a 1924 Mosin Nagant ex-dragoon that I bought for $120 (with sling, bayonet, tools, ect) at Gander Mtn in 2009. The old timers gave me crap for paying too much then; whose laughing now!? 10 years and thousands of rounds (just in my hands, who knows how many before I bought it) later, the Mosin still puts holes in my Nazi-zombie targets at 200 yards. Have you checked out the CMP for Garands? I just bought 3 from them at $750 a piece, and they are sweet. You're not likely to get an all matching D-Day rifle, but what shooters! The Arisaka market is still buyer friendly; I've bought several T38's & T99's for under $200. Keep your eye on Czech Mausers too; I just bought a VZ24 for $200 with shipping (I have a C&R so no transfer fee) from Gun Broker. Good luck, and great video!

  6. Nice collection man. I collect old milsurps also. I am always looking to add more to my collection and make more videos as well.

  7. Do you think these rifles will keep going up in value over time? I might want to get an old warhorse as an investment and don't know the best model to get? around 500 budget

  8. All matching numbers on the Garand? Must have not been issued, or went through the field armory. Do your research, you might find you’re wrong.

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