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  1. Mines POS it want fire ! Light strikes all the time, no matter what I do! Waste of money! Pps43 that is! $500

  2. lol took my dads tantal Sporter out to the range after two shots it had a spring over couldn't fire it after that had to get it fixed

  3. The last rifle you are holding is POLISH Wz 48 Trainer Rifle .22 not a Mosin Nagant…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Man you need to check your hammer, sear, and sear spring for wear or damage. If you are getting a slam fire that means something is worn or broken. No amount of dirt should make a P64 slam fire IMO. Parts aren't too hard to find and you can do the job yourself if you have decent tinkering skills.

  5. Would love to see more of these videos if you ever have spare time. While you can't get them in my country, I do love a good Mosin.

  6. Like the series.prefer the true makarovs and found the hungarian 64 superior to the 63. really like cz82 [9/18] 12 rounds double stack. keep up the great info thanks

  7. @Serellan
    Nice collection of Polish milsurps, sir. Do you have any experience with the P83 pistol or the Radom wz44 (M44) rifles? They are simply awesome. I would also recommend the Polish wz98/29 Mausers built prewar. Thanks again for posting.

  8. @Bill Balkum
    Prices have come down. The surplus stuff is steel core and corrosive. It goes for around $200 per can of 1080 rounds. Noncorrosive ammo can be had for around $10 per box of 30 rounds at Academy (big box sporting goods store here in Texas) or less in bulk from J&G, etc, online.

  9. Really liking this series! It would be great if you could increase the output gain for the mic you use though.

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