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Surplus Direct Haul & Review | A Thousand Words

Surplus Direct Haul & Review | A Thousand Words

hey everyone welcome back to my channel for a whole and review of surplice direct I'm not sponsored by them they don't know I exist except for the order that I placed and paid for with my own money I just wanted to let you know about this online store that I found and have a look to my order and see what I think of it when we lived in England we used to buy goodies on a site called approved foods and they were short dated or outdated foods or surplus stock and the other day I was thinking about that site and I tend to get confused and I was trying to think where were we living when I used to order from them was it here was there and I couldn't remember the name of the site either so I started googling you know excess stock or short dated food or whatever I can't remember what I was googling but I was looking for a website that sells discounted groceries because they are like I said short dated outdated or ex a stock and I found a site called solace direct and later did realize that the one I was thinking of was called approved foods and it was why we were living in England so that wasn't helpful to me now but I did find this website so it was direct and I thought I'd have a look on there and see what they've got and they had a lot of things that I would normally buy steeply discounted it doesn't say anywhere on the website that it's short dated or outdated I don't think that's the case it's just excess stock that they are reselling for a much lower price so I bought about I think it was about 94 dollars worth of stuff I'll put all the prices on the screen as I show you what I bought but if I just bought that standard at countdown with our normal grocery shop it would have cost around one hundred and forty seven dollars like I went and checked on the website so I paid about two-thirds of the normal price which is fantastic I think if I'm gonna be buying those items anyway I would rather buy them for cheaper so I'm gonna crack into my box now and show you what I ordered I'll put the prices on the screen and let you know what I think okay so here is my box I've removed the invoice because I had my address right there extra boxes that I will use in my online store thank you very much okay first up some hams baking paper I have been using the countdown own brand in breakfast I was using this one and it was fine and then I switched to the countdown like a budget brand and it was absolutely awful so I switched back to this one and now this one is the same as the budget brand and it's absolutely awful so I wanted to give new baking paper and I think the Pam's one is okay so I ordered a couple of those hang on let me turn you down you're bright okay okay this is the bargain so this maple syrup from countdown is normally $9.99 or 1099 and you can see on the screen here how much I paid for this so about four bottles of that because I do go through that that's the only sweetener I use this is Noah's favorite cereal Daniel enjoys it too and I bought a couple of those because who doesn't want a bargain bought some breathable panty liners that was cheaper to glue I did not order that free gift without contracts they look like marshmallows for a fan of hard o sweeties a crate of tomato paste this was quite a victory I did I also ordered these this is the deodorant that Grant and the boys used in fact they normally get the black one but they usually want to and there's so much cheaper but I stock up my stinky boys okay there's my taste a bunch of those so orange three four five six seven eight nine ten of those a can of condensed milk this is a bunch of shaving gel which we go through normal price eight twenty nine so that was a bit of a saving too so overall I'm pretty pleased with that and I would recommend them and I will use them again so I bought four of the shave gel and there's another two odorants in there so that's a total of four shave gels and six do dreads I did want to mention that it took a while to arrive I placed my order on the 15th and I received it today on the 25th so that's ten days which i think is quite a long time my order confirmation email said that I would be getting another email with a tracking link once my order had been shipped and I don't remember ever receiving that emails but it could have gone into spam or I might have deleted it so I guess the moral of the story is don't order anything from soapless direct if you need it urgently I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my order and I hope that you'll find some bargains on this website like I said not sponsored just wanted to share this website with you thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next one

Reader Comments

  1. this reminds me of another place, totally forgot what the site is called, but I bought from it before now. This site looks alot better though, good buys!

  2. Do you not use honey as a sweetener? Not sure what cost is there or if you are able to find local honey

    Will check this site out or see if thereโ€™s a US alternative!

  3. Thanks for this review… I used to use Approved Foods in the UK and I havenโ€™t found anything like it yet here in NZ but will definitely try this out!

  4. It's nice you got something discounted but all over the word it have different trends,, in Pakistan for example people sell raw cloth i.e got cloth 20 metre long then cut in the pieces to attract the customer it is as dicounted cut-pieces,,๐Ÿ˜‚
    in Saudi government policies are so strict the many things those are having double the expiry date in other countries here it is half,, and here sales got when season change or things are 2 months remaining expiry date mostly,,
    But now online sales change a lot of,,

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