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Students clash with military over missing Mexico students

Students clash with military over missing Mexico students

Violent clashes have taken place outside military
barracks in Mexico. The clashes between demonstrators and police
took place in the Mexican city of Iguala where 43 students disappeared in September last
year. Protesters hurled rocks and bottles at soldiers
who responded by firing tear gas. The demonstrators believe the military was
involved with the disappearance and apparent massacre of 43 trainee teachers in September. The remains of only one of the 43 students
has been identified so far. Students in the coastal city of Acapulco also
led a demonstration at a Navy barracks there. There are indications that the military took
part in the disappearance of our 43 colleagues. So we came to demand that they open the doors
to the barracks. We will not back down. Federal courts on Monday said the wife of
a Mexican politician suspected of helping to plot their apparent massacre is to be tried
for engaging in organised crime.

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