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Strictly Personal: Women’s Army Corps Training – Hygiene, Health and Conduct (1963)

Strictly Personal: Women’s Army Corps Training – Hygiene, Health and Conduct (1963)

you know for marilyn well they are this is not there to inside she would be a genocide throughout may
seek to help you make the transition to on it’s a well-known fact that sergeants
knew more about religion anybody else so it’s a good idea to mister when your
sergeant talked out your you’ve all heard the same there’s a right way out wrong way any army when my job is to teach you the uh… the army waiting to everything including many things you’ve been doing
all your life things that will help you and your
future jobs anymore i mean things that might be called strictly personal it were memorable marin arun ordering or in mingling with allot of things if that were anyways there is the world indeed each of you will have to be
wanted about decimal i did the army insists on a high standard of
going to this begins with a cane you give your
own money after all a twenty fourteen inside the
uniform that really count keep your leads j they look metering yes dr keep your under arms control it’s one of the ways to guard against
natural body odor peter laufer shower at least gay debating is a necessity the dig into
it when living in a close hoon he won’t be fleet won’t to get one munching the monies one line don’t risk offending levels to be really cool is being cleaned from
this came out what do you want yourself contained unit be sure to wash out to stockings enjoy
under clothes every day and put on it means that every day to
you in addition to hang in there men would mean group one home milken ruin the total
impression demand black your head should be needed to mop note
to the show but inappropriate blame uniform in the car it should not extend below the bottom
edge of the common this obviously wanting need to move in known in the winds on the one thing injured always tried to help them do your best brush your hair once a day and washing pointed out that night if that’s the way
to keep it looking and don’t violate one else’s hairbrush
and home they wouldn’t hurt to knows it too brushed your teeth after every meal there’s only one rightly to brush your
teeth that’s not it privately brush with an up-and-down motion gently
massaging your guns while you clean your teeth that’s more like private baking you should have to toothbrushes use them all to know to do it in a plastic cup on your
monitor sir by keeping your toothbrush is exposed to
the aid then have a chance to drive op any germs
on them will die of natural death wash your face a couple of times a day washington post on it gives you a little bit like you’d put on your face in the
daytime is the army’s business you’re not my bedtime private baker to put on a
complicated makeup like that happened but more important wearing a lot of make up with a black
uniform is bad tapes how to the next day parade no all of the natural shape of your lips and blah blah any excess let’s stick
with the claims of jewish another part of goodwill needed care if
you had a few days people and keeping a national so they don’t
interfere with your work if you’re using your money use a moderate or colorless one way punish me kindly anything that looks worse than it
should be o’connor carrying a common dipstick movement
during the day multipoint if rationing of your
appearance between classes table always look mean the well-dressed black is always ready
for inspection stocking seen scraped uniform press brass polished incorrectly plates handy morning one-inch about the right
highbrow not down on the moon everything just dropped but the home can be spoiled by bad posture and an off football there are many different ways to work isn’t quality waited for the appropriate the if
they’ve been gaby dot sloughed the brown and teenager waco but none of them
looks right or uses the muscles problem there is only one comment wait awhile in
the wild with head up displaying riding in the and when you are posturing going feel
better and you look at it and day lacked the and k k marching to classes and even greater in
your future army assignments all your life the condition of your pain company
working hard and physical well-being so it’s important to take proper care of
them from the start warmly when you are clearly hurt you group all over and you’re not much good for anything that’s why the army takes so much care
in fifteen your new shoes properly but it’s equally important it s socks and stockings also be the
right size they had to show what ought to know they will make your pizza and they may give you blisters alternate among your shoes from one day
to the banks so that they will get broken in
graduating pains after they are broken and continue to
alternate they’re wearing and have randolph deals with pain to avoid ingrown toenails train your
mail straight across where your shower slickers to and from
the tree he sure did drive carefully between your
toes after spending pork taking about the shower and watch for chronic skin between hippo it may be the first sign of athlete’s
foot painful infection which thrives in the warm down a rep swimming
pools and the tree and can spread rapidly from one person
to another do you think you have acne split we’d like to meet platoon sergeant
immediately when you go into town to buy your
problems not good taste beyond god get a plain black leather unsuitable commercial design but closed
toe in kenya he surely geo is at least one of the house inches high but not more than three inches high the with these rules and mine the redistrict any pair of plane hiking
you background promised offense and expresses your individuality fancy shoes do not belong with the
military uniform the always inappropriate is this would
be k accorded hearing and high level of energy armenians are carefully planned to give
you a balanced diet is a proper wings in the proper precautions each day the army menu officer apparent
selection in the bottom pastry incapable carbohydrates that give
you an answer brilliant salads for minerals and
vitamins that build blood involved bunker protein in fact that also give
you an answer need updates for the protein that
develops muscle tone starches like beans or potato vegetables such as string beans
automated and of course such staples of read email all of these aren’t necessary food so take somebody everything that every
year only dot weight and make sure you get a
variety of food to maintain health and energy this is the right way to go down the
line and games is the wrong way second helpings of violence but when you eat more food in your body
needs nobody goes on and when you concentrate on high-calorie
foods to the exclusion of everything else the same thing i’m gonna love don’t eat snacks between means dispassionately not candy and scream
still doesn’t or other fattening sweets it big represent excess calories along with
about what you need and what is already being provided in
the muscle we’re one candy bar everyday and putting extra ten to fifteen pounds
on you any year private baker

Reader Comments

  1. This was a wonderful time in my life! Thanks for posting for all of us.
    Karen Chambliss-Abraham
    Sergeant First Class, US Army, Retired

  2. ugh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh uuUUUUUGh i really don't like the gender conditioning but this is the 1940s but stilllllllllllllllll

  3. was this truly how it was in 1953 for the women? no bus load of recruits, drove themselves in? personal clothing&toys kept?measuring clothing and shoes slowly and calmly while others wait? time to bathe every day? "freshen up"with lipstick throughout the day? CURLERS??really??. if so how long did this strange fantasy last?? just long enough for the film?

  4. Thank you for uploading this video.  I was born in 1974.  I wish I grew up in the 40's and 50's.  Everyone was well-dressed and well-groomed.  Hygiene and personal appearance was very important back in the old days.

  5. I was drafted in 1964. I had dated Alberta to that time. she joined the wacs and served until 1973 at the rank of captain. Both us grew up and not seeing each other till 1975. The military experience was good for both of us. Sweet Alberta died in 2010 from copd. I carry her picture in uniform, she was so beautiful.

  6. Nowhere near as good as the one for WWII, as it was a bit more….personal. Actually, I think a lot of women would do well to watch it, for all mens sake.

  7. The posture part really shows how conservative this era was. Butt in and stomach flat? It's been proven now that that posture is nearly as bad as slouching.

  8. In the Air Force formal and semi-formal dining, junior enlisted are served first, followed by NCO, Senior NCO, Company grade commisioned, Field grade, General officer. In the cafeteria dining hall, it's first come, first serve unless the senior member requests a faster meal due to duty requirements. When I was in the USAF ('73-'79), we used to get a chuckle out of other services staring at our E-3, -4 and -5 flightline troops sharing tables with their officer pilots…LOL!

  9. Our Army marching song in 1973: "They say that in the Army, the Wacs are might fine. They look like Phyllis Diller and walk like Frankenstein!  Sound off One two, sound off three four…etc.

  10. A fine film, still relevant today. We don't want manly looking women with chipped nails in our armed forces. Ironing boards in tip top condition have saved many a sticky situation. I'm joking. Delightful music and archive. The inclusion of black women is particularly interesting, the wider historical context, the film-makers getting them to show 'the wrong walk'. I presume the main characters were actors. A remarkable film on many accounts. A shame the sound cuts out just when it was getting exciting..

  11. Wow, they had a seamstress fitting their uniform and fitting their shoes. I wonder what would have happened if they told us guys to shave our legs and under our arms to stop body odor.that's pretty decent. I imagine it really must have been a little scary for these woman, When I came back from Germany and mustering out in Ft Sheridan. me and some of our group went to the EM club. I saw the prettiest WAC. She was down right beautiful and I was broke, none of us had any money, because we were not paid yet. anyway, I give these Girls a lot of credit for going in. when they did not have to.

  12. Dang, I'm jealous. When I went through basic training; we didn't get nearly as much personal hygiene time. The thought of makeup or hair styling; except to keep it out of the way; was unheard of. lol.

  13. Early Hollywood equivalent of porn back in the day lol…..I bet guys watched this and were yankin like nyc

  14. Boy, would it be nice to have an all-gender auxiliary corps. There are paper-pusher positions easily filled by people who can't pass Basic for whatever reason (disability, for example) and we want to serve, too!

  15. I wish somebody would have warned me: do not stuff empty magazines down shirt and expect bra to get off scot free.
    I would like to join the army where cake is a daily necessity.


  17. My late mother always seemed to walk with a combination of the army walk and the masculine walk. Also notice how a lot of the woman have their feet pointing out ward or side ways. My mom used to scold me to put my feet forward. She told me that if I hadn't fixed my way of walking I might have needed leg braces. Now I walk similar to how she did. Mind you my mom was born in 1953 and had me in 1987, so I have a feeling she got the walk from her first husband who was an Army Man. He supposedly cheated on my mom and after the divorce he went back to stay in Korea. What a jerk, thank go he wasn't my Father. Though my own was't a piece of cake either.

  18. Also, words on screen do not match what is being said! Don't know who did this but it is not necessary and not what is said.

  19. This is a very good video. I think the title needs to be changed because this is not from the 60's, as it is instructions for WAAC and is in black and white.

  20. interesting that the sound cuts out for the army medical information, and a small bit of other information.. just to make it look less obvious.

  21. I don't understand why they didn't draft women in the military back than to the medical jobs…if we had more nurses and medical personnel we save more lives

  22. The first paragraph at the top of the page addresses Women's Army Corps (which no longer exists – all are Soldiers in the US Army, even though BMT is still segregated by gender) Basic Training, but then all information following the first paragraph is all about Air Force Basic Training, not Army.
    They are not the same services, or have the same requirements and standards. The Army Air Corps was made the U.S. Air Force, the newest service in the U.S. military in 1948.

  23. Do you see the difference from today? First, they were treated in a casual manner as everyone knew they weren't really soldiers, not really. Second, being women, it was still part of the culture to treat women with courtesy and dignity, unlike today. Now, in Army and Marine boot camp, they scream at those young women like they're…men.

  24. I kept waiting for the part where they stripped down to bras and panties for the barracks tickle fights in the evenings

  25. In found memory of AIT at Fort Sam Huston. I just have to share this Christmas song we made up to the 12 Day's of Christmas " On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Tracheotomy ? On the second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me two bed pan's klanging and a tracheotomy? On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me three enema flushes? Two bed pans Klanging and a tracheotomy? On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four nurse's laughing? Three enema flushes? Two bed pans klanging and a tracheotomy? On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me five CPR compressions? Four nurse's laughing? Three enema flushes? Two bed pans klanging and a tracheotomy? I have to stand on the fifth because it might incriminate me and other's for drinking beer at the NCO, Enlisted Mens, and Officers backstage canteen door with the Andrews Sister's, but what can I say in found memory of Fort Sam at Christmas dedicated to Cindy Robert's of Georgia and all those other nurse's and medical trainees and staff? Thinking of the movie " Captain Newman M. D. ?"

  26. Sadly this may be needed to get the last two and present generation back into appropriate standards self care ⁉️ lol

  27. Great film, brought back memories of entering the WAC at Ft. McClellan in 1967. Turned a flighty wet-behind-the-ears 22 year old into a responsible adult. No regrets at all. The marching was so much fun.

  28. The parade field at the end of this film are still used by the US Army. I drive past it almost everyday going to the base gym.

  29. We seemed to have lost sound when it got overly 'Strictly Personal". Didn't really want to know what the doctor was all about…

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