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Stolen Valor

Stolen Valor

Oh just a repo Tyra hey so uh when did you deploy what years honey right yeah where did you have this never belly yeah oh yeah and so what years did you deployed it bukan that was that I wasn't a hug to me that mean San Diego you were or where was it no honeymoon oh hell no fuck that fucking that Parris Island stood where the hell is called by the houser oh you went to Paris island no no no miss Hollywood stuff i would send you I thought San Diego was Hollywood now hi I'm Ranger the other one sentence renewed it's worthy act why do they call it Hollywood Marie cuz there's a difference between the location together both brains both ring base with those dudes out there only so privileged and shit us we had a fucking working douchey you know I'm compiling a burrito oh my so parris island is where Hollywood Marines our colleagues in San Diego's with a fucking dirty where the fuck is a west coast I'm Shane so don't hugging being fucking making us do for extra shooting you know I mean those motherfuckers that who can't when you go there all you do is stick and all the badass but what's your lower you don't anymore yeah say you were 35 35 yes what was what was their motto also I got shot yeah so surprising this is a better hey isn't 35 the magnificent bastards isn't that what they call their battalion three fives manos magnificent bastards right yes sir I thought it was dark horse i'm pretty sure it's dark horse definitely bastard dark horse yeah were you I was with 15 regimen the headquarters in the comm company are that ya know its people discover where did I deploy Iraq yeah where'd you go to in Afghanistan weren't you in Afghanistan fucking metal outbreak in haiti now some testing flight wait were 13 like this is what about Afghanistan where were you at look I was in the village which village in Afghanistan did you run out of the room I don't like hey you were not a Marine you know that all right you're not a Marine no I know you're not a Marine I was on wrinkle for five years no you weren't you know I San Diego is a Hollywood Marines it's not yes they are check it check it check it yeah shake it you parasites eggy hey what's that what's the mos number 403 for infantry show us know what is it you try to battle me what sama was for infantry yeah what is it yes I know I motherfucker no you know how I know you're not Paris island cuz if you're west of the Mississippi you don't go to camp lejeune no wait what's what's the psychology dude you're a fucking liar liar and by the way my girlfriend knows your brother good and she talked him you were not a Marine you're a fucking lying and shit it's why you're laughing okay 35 is darkhorse not that magnificent bastard yeah hey that's not to show me your VA card okay sure haha what you're a liar yeah whoo you're a wannabe yeah yeah yeah how old are you how do you 29 we're not yeah fucking lying sack shit so you said you got normcore when you were 17 got out when you were 23 and you said you got out in 2012 hey this guy's telling people he was in the Marine Corps he's a liar fake ass motherfucker

Reader Comments

  1. I’ve never been in the military but it makes me sick to my stomach every time I see these stolen Valor fools. Our soldiers served this country. The least we can do is respect them.

  2. “Where were you in Afghanistan?”
    “I was in the village”
    “What village?”
    Can’t really remember that one.

  3. Jesus, fuck. Why is this guy harassing a mentally challenged fat guy? He's not even stealing valor. Is he getting any discounts or asking for donations?? These stolen valor patrolmen need to look up the definition first before they go off and do these videos. Btw, how arrogant is this guy anyways??

    Circle K dude: where did you deploy?

    Stolen valor patrolmen: pffftt IRAAAQQQ.

  4. This guy is Andy Ruiz Jr, he ended up gaining over 100 pounds since this video was made due to the stress of being called out, but it worked in his favor he's a heavyweight boxer now and just upset #1 heavyweight Anthony Joshua

  5. That guy has no right to disrespect Military members like him. I'm hoping that guy gets fired from this store cause the video that the Marine veteran took, goes on record and any other jobs that may not hire him because of the stolen valor crime

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