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Stereotype world: THE MIDDLE EAST SPEAKS UP! #CreatorsForChange

Stereotype world: THE MIDDLE EAST SPEAKS UP! #CreatorsForChange

Do you know what i freaking hate? This This is a beautifully crafted and measured Lie They get you from really, early on Now this right here is how they want the whole world To view us Watch this Ladies and gentlemen Welcome, to the stereotype world Stereotype world Stereotype world Welcome everybody to the stereotype world I am the man And this my woman I always walk behind and stay low *SHHH QUIET!* We live in sand castles And always ride camels Even on our way to school Yes i’m oppressed Just like how you guessed I don’t get a say in what I dooo And I have 10 wives Then I bomb up my life Then I go to eat homoooooos Anything for khabebe Stereotype World Stereotype World Welcome everybody to the stereotype world That’s enough! I think it’s about time that we speak up For ourselves! I think I need the mic I need the mic Come on Hala Wallah Pass the microphone let me speak up and vent The Middle East girls came down to represent! Let’s put an end to all the Stereotypes Inshallah! And yes we like flowers but when its boss time You gon see our real powers! Treat the women like a Queen From every single race and every single deen We got love in our hearts Family got our backs Spread rumors about us and We gonna clap back! We got doctors lawyers Coffee shop owners CEOs Ministers PHD holders Now I aint come here to say That we never struggle But then again show me one place Aint got no trouble I hereby testify that our men Treat us with respect like real gentlemen So where my Shammis at? *The Levant* Yeah!! Sudaniyat? *Sudanis* Yeah!! Masreyat !! *Egyptians* Yeah! Khaleejiat? *From the Gulf* Yeah !! Iraqiat? *Iraqis* Yeah!! Moroccans at? Yeah!! Always been strong from Morocco to Iraq From the littlest ones All the way to the hajjjaaaaat! So sit back relax Get some hummus and Popcorn Cause I’m about to take you on a trip To go see my real Home Welcome ya’ll to the Middle East I invite you all to walk with me Coz I want to show you a side of us that you might not know yet Lesson one is the Middle East Is not just a single country It’s actually many more countries incase you didn’t know At the land of the Pharoes here we are Archaeologists come here from afar They invented make up glass & paper calenders and irrigation On the river nile so EGYPTIANLY Lets learn about them CULTURALLY “Sabah sabah ya ‘Am el Hag” That’s how they say wassup ! Lets go down a couple of miles to NUBAH TOWN the land of the smiles Everybody over here will make you wanna smile El shaab el Nubi Make you wanna SMILE smile smile smi smi mis smile Nuba make you wanna smile Okay right now Let’s go to Morocco So come down and LA LA LA Welcome to NORTH AFRICA In the blue city SO PRETTY Full of joy and serenity Lets go to the market or the souq Everybody over here is sadeek al sadoook Yo check this So instagrammble You really like this? So fashionable And everybody on the street Just loves to greet Hala okhty Hala khooya Hala okhty Hala khooya Say Hala okhty Hala khooya And now let’s go to the Gulf part of the world. We can chill by the MAJLIS Salamo Alaykum Or by the horses Or hug palm trees I love you Or we can go to the city, Skyscrapers Guccis and Ferraris Or go with the shabab, To the dunes and VROOM VROOM VROOM! You see the thing is that we like to mix the new with the tradition Tradition tradition It’s ok to be different Tradition tradition More unity less division! Tradition Tradition We got awesome traditions Tradition tradition Let’s talk about tradition Like how we like to invite a lot of people And always over feed them It takes about two hours when we first greet our friends And then about 7 more hours just to say goodbye and leave them BYE KHALTO BY 3AMO BYE KHALO BYE 3abdo I eat pizza, I eat mana eesh I guess we both just like cheese So come inside to our lives Use your eyes and see Judge with your senses and your mind NOT – THAT – DAMN – TV NOT – THAT – DAMN – TV Tradition Tradition Let’s talk about tradition Tradition tradition it’s ok to to be different So listen up everybody YEAH YEAH Every boy and girl YEAH YEAH It ain’t only about the Middle East SAY WHAT?! It’s about the WHOLE WORLD IT’S ABOUT THE WHOLE WORLD Hi Everybody I’m African And no I dont live with Lions Im Asian and I am not just a computer geek Hi I’m Latina and my uncle ain’t el Chapo Tradition tradition it’s ok to to be different Tradition tradition More unity less devision Tradition tradition Tradition tradition Its ok to be different In the end deep down we are all we are all we are all we are all the saaaaame Salaam Alaykum!

Reader Comments

  1. اللي يقولو مافي ترجمه الا فيه شفتو الثلاث النقاط اللي فزاويه الشاشه اضغطوا عليها راح تلقوا ترجمه اختارو العربيه

  2. كللللش حلو الفيديو ربي يكثر من امثالك لبلادنا العربيه حتى يوصلو صورتنا الحقيقيه للعالم
    نحبك من العراق 🇮🇶 ❤️🌹

  3. Wooow this video has a very strong message and the way you showed it was awesome this is the first time I see something Arabic with this professional you made Arabic people proud thank u 😘💕
    From Morocco 🌸

  4. I LOVEE THIS SOO MUCH!!! The whole song is so amazing I cant stop listening. The more I know about middle eastern cultures the more I love them <3 love from germany

  5. اعجبني العمل لتقديم صورة جميلة عن الشرق الاوسط، وجعلتني احب تقاليدنا، واحس الان بانتمائي الجميل، واصلوا ماتقومون به

  6. this video made me smile so much plus what i absolutely loved was how no religious beliefs were pushed into this so it just shows you can be whatever and i loved how there were hijabis and non hijabis aswell to show diversity. This made me more of a proud Egyptian


  8. Dear creator, I really appreciate what you do!
    Please make videos on other serious topics which our youth really needs to know about: climate change, real truth of dairy and meat industry etc. The world needs influencers like you to do something about it.

  9. بتمنى انو يطلع ترند بكل بلدان العالم لحتى كل الناس تشوفو و الغرب يشوفو كيف حياة العرب احسن منهم بالف مرة

  10. اعرف التعليق متأخر بس
    الغنية حلوة بس احس انو ظلم ذكرتي بعض البنات من البلدان و ماذكرتي الكل يعني اذكري الكل او لاتذكري شي احسها عنصرية يعني قلتلي مغربيات ومصريات وخليجيات وماقلتي الباقي وبس يعني الشي بكيفك

  11. The middle east has so many conflicts in it with many groups that will kill you if you don't follow what they say

  12. Wow such an inspiring woman 💕
    Keep going and don’t let anyone stop you and carry on with your creativity 💕

  13. ياهيفاء من اول مره شفتك فيها قبل سنيييين وانا اقول هالانسانه ناجحة جداً وفي يوم من الايام راح تكون انسانه مميزه وشخصية معروفه .. انسانه محترمه وواثقه من نفسك ودينك وحجابك محتشمه وخلوقه جداااا .. فوق هذا ذكية بإيصال افكارك وبطريقه ممتعه وسهله وبسيطه .. اتمنى لك النجااااح الدائم وان تصلين الى ماتطمحين به .. فخوريين فيك جداً ك فتاة تمثل العرب .. من السعودية 🇸🇦

  14. بس كنت اتمنى لو طلعتي بنات منقبات مع الخليج .. لان الكل اخذ فكرة انه كبت وحرمان وسجن! بس الفيديو عجيب 👍🏻 .. انقطعت فتره طويله عن اليوتيوب ورجعت شفت مقطع كوريين يتفرجوا على حسابك واحد منهم عرفك وقال انها اللي سوت المقطع عن الشرق الاوسط وكانوا يمدحووا الفيديو والفكره وانه عااجبهم مرره ❤️❤️❤️

  15. I feel that the message is great and well-intentioned, but it's ignoring so many prevalent issues that face the middle east today. Saying that Arabs are barbaric or even animal-like is obviously wrong, but so many people have to flee (especially women) because of the oppressive theocracies. The middle east is not a paradise and is not comparable to most, if any, western country in terms of social progress.

  16. على ضمانتي روحوا اسمعوا اموت وحيدا لطلال سام والله انها خورافيه من احلا الاغاني

  17. كنت متاكدة انو هدفك من هالفيديو والت ديزني لانو عم تستخدمي نفس الاسلوب . برافو

  18. What about khaddamas (servants) in arab's housess. They are tortured by arabs cruetly. They work there for their family. And they are suffered under the house

  19. فعلا هيدي هي المواهب.
    فالتحيا الامه العربيه بلاد للسلام والمحبه……. 😊💞💞💞💞💞💞

  20. صراحة كنت اضن أن الاسيويين مهووسون بالدراسة و الكمبتيور لكن بعد هده الأغنية تغيرت نضرتي اليهم

  21. جمييييييييييييييلل😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  22. اول مرة بعلق عاليوتيوب لكن لا استطيع ان ارى هذه الكمية من الابداع وان لا اعلق . لا كلمات توصفك مبدعةة

  23. As always haifa….. LIT 🔥 if there’s any other bottons more than the like reaction … daangggg middle east girls 🤘🏻🤙🏻 salute!

  24. Good job ❤ ..
    Love from palestine🇵🇸 ..
    عمل رائع ويستحق الكثير من الدعم🌼💪

  25. واااو ببساطة رائع يجب علينا دعم هذا الفيديو ونشره في كل مكان

  26. لا الفكره و الاغنيه و الالحان والانتاج و الكلمات و الكواليس
    وكل حاجه. كل حاجه اقدر ارفعلكم القبعه احتراما للمجهود العبقري ده
    انا كنت معترض عليكي كا شخص لكن بعد الكليب ده حبيتك وعملتلك سبسكريت و جرس التفعيل

    علشان اثارتي اعجابي بيكي و بكل الكرو اللي معاكي

    كليب زي ده لازم يكون فخر العرب و تدخلي بيه التاريخ

    انتم شباب غيرتوا التاريخ ب كليب

  27. اوه اوكي.. هي تحاول تبين ان الصورة النمطية غلط؟ كل شيء كان اوكي الى ما تكلمت عن النساء وان عائلاتهم تساندهم :)! طبعاً الأخت هيفاء عايشة بعائلة متفهمة وتقدر النجاح وكذا ربوها بس ما اتوقع علموها كيف تقدر ظروف الآخرين! هي ما ما بينت ان الصورة النمطية غلط وبس! لا هي قاعدة تحاول تبني صورة نمطية جديدة، Wich's Fake
    We're here. and we are an arabian girls! sometimes we have no power when it comes to our family or any man who have the power, who's taking the control to use you for hisself or his desires. Yes, they do marry many women, the maximum amount of wives is 4 if they do not divorce .. They like to be in control of a woman, how about four women? The family only chooses if their daughter will study or stay at home to serve them or sell the girl to a rich man who can meet their wishes, then the girl meets the wishes of the man himself.

    She said that many women in the Middle East are doctors and lawyers. This is true, but the father must sign a paper confirming his acceptance, even if the girl exceeds the legal age. This means that she will not be able to become anything except with the consent of her family. Is this the power and freedom you speak of? There are a lot of demeaning actions of women and the law supports this in all Arab countries. Whatever the development of the economy, the law remains unjust for women. The liars, such as this girl who is funded by those who support this idea, "Women are not oppressed here" is all lies and fabrications! We are suffering here every day as if we were in prison. She thinks that if she lived a beautiful life everyone would live a beautiful life. This is not true and I affirm it as a normal girl who does not live life as it should but sees the concerns of other girls every day and she knows what is happening here 🙂

  28. ما ادري ليش احس ان مصر والعراق اكثر ناس سو اشياء وكتشفو

  29. We really proud of you .
    Thank you for amazing video and keep going ♥️♥️
    Love all Arabic people 🧕🏻👨🏻

  30. ووووااااوووو مااااااااشاء الله
    ان شاء الله هوصل صوتي متلك بيوم
    هلا بشتغل ورح اشتغغغغغغغل ان شاء الله وبوصل
    الفن الهااااااااااااااادف 😍

  31. على تبن.. انتي واليسار الي مطلعك رمز للمرأة الشرقية الحرة ههههه لو فيك خير كان تحررتي من خلاقينك

  32. اكره يوم المرأة المستعبدة تطلع ترسخ عبوديتها .. الشرق الاوسخ صدق

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