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Stealth camping: military tactics to avoid getting caught

Stealth camping: military tactics to avoid getting caught

what's up guys coming to you live from an undisclosed location in France I'm uh scoping out a area where we might do some camping some bushcraft see you're training I'm scoping it out first though because Oh a lake cool so it's a it's a National Forest which I'm still not totally sure what that means for French people I'm gonna do some research but uh that definitely means no uh no big camping like with a tent or anything like that no fires no chopping down trees and what we're gonna do is we're gonna stay in it anyway and do all that anyway the rule is it's true survival you get caught you fucking you failed so I'm just kind of walking around checking it out beautiful areas fucking dead though barely even birds chirping just below freezing now it's the dead of winter in Europe so I'm gonna be interesting will we be able to survive without a fire will we make a survival fire see Bonjour so I'm done with my recon I located our three possible campsites based on my map recon out here are you sparsely vegetated that's okay though because we're good but uh it is dead out here cold and dead so there's nobody out here unless they're doing what I'm doing and better but I'll always do map recon but if you can always do on-site recon so I chose on the map based on the terrain where I wanted to go or possible locations and then once I got out here on the ground you know I mean I don't have any shoes right now I'm just dude walking around through the woods and if I'm not supposed to be on this lane and I get caught coming back onto the trail hey you know what I had to take a shit I wanted to get off the trail my bad dude sorry Orma scusi ma whatever the fuck they say one last tip usually when doing something this risky you would be inserting either at night or very early morning 2 or 3 but since we're gonna be coming in during the day because we want to practice some field craft we're gonna be using some of our infantry basic infantry tactics as well as some sniper stalking techniques and I'll give away one of them the basic infantry is uh you always plan and conduct your route based on Oh a coke which stands for observation areas avenues of approach concealment key terrain and so and so forth go ahead and google it and look it up because it's good shit to know but since what would be coming in during the day you see how it's pretty pretty thin back here behind me so we're going to insert in the thickest part and skirt that flank the area we're going in to conduct a 360 circle and slowly work our way into the site that's how we won't be seen getting to our site and get caught and also if people happen to see us on the road hit the last minute skirt off into the woods we're leaving the trail nowhere near where our height site is so even if they want to come look for us they're not even going to be close to where we're staying so enjoy those tips we're gonna have a lot more to come and we'll see you guys in the woods

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  1. If you're going to try stealth camping, especially in an "illegal" setting, try to get some on-site recon accomplished beforehand!

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