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  1. I actually had that idea (sucking a suns energy) for one of my books I was gonna make eventually……But apparently JJ had the same idea lol. Beat me to it.

  2. I know, I know. It's just a sci-fi movie. BUT… the idea that a star, with its unbelievable mass, could be condensed into anything smaller than the size it already is… Is not possible. A star is already condensed as much as it can be by its own gravity. The force of gravity is what actually creates the star in the first place. Never mind that NOTHING could contain that amount of heat and energy without instantly being vaporized. Much less harness it and shoot it out like a damn laser.

  3. What I don't understand is how they threw a beam of concentrated star-stuff from light years away in another freaking system without having to wait, say, DECADES for the shot to reach the target. That and how did the same beam not diffuse into a tsunami of something akin to a solar prominence en route.

    There weren't any obvious effects that the shot was launched into fancy space-magic FTL. Hell, there were several scenes of the beam in transverse of regular space. What, did they physically shoot mass at velocities higher than C? If that were the case, the targets wouldn't have seen the beam's red radiation before they were already obliterated.

  4. I just realized something. Without a nearby sun, a planet would freeze and be uninhabitable. If Starkiller Base is mobile (it travels between star systems) and sucks up suns in order to fire, then what's warming the planet? How are people able to survive outside the base without instantly freezing to death? How is the planet not frozen solid?

  5. JJ: Okay, let's try upgrading the concept of the Death Star. Any suggestions?

    Official advisor: Let's keep it that way, with a few improvements, making it easier for our troopers to intercept any incoming X-Wings or potential spies who plan to dismember the core, that'll pose a better challen…

    JJ: BORING! Anyone else?

    Random co-worker: How about making it bigger and designing it to look more intimidating, without any improvements? ALSO, I think it would look cool if it shoots like a big laser that is charged by… the nearby Sun!

  6. Clearly taken from how the Star Forge draws its power in Knights of the Old Republic. Can't you come up with something original JJ?

  7. Considering that Star killer base is only 660km wide, that Star is so small it shouldn't exist as it appears to be as Star like ours but an actual star with nuclear fission that size would at best have to be a red dwarf.

  8. 1 star is like the size of earth
    2 how are they that close
    3 storage of energy?
    Thats just the tip of the iceberg. I still enjoyed the movie

  9. Sucking up a star doesn't even make sense in the star wars universe, they have waay better methods of generating energy trough hypermatter anihalation. To put this in perspective: the Executors reactor (Vaders flagship) had an output greater than that of a star. This would mean that the Death star outputs more energy than starkiller base.

  10. as small as the star is supposed to be , it's still not suppose to be just a lil shiny sun in the sky for the general guy's perspective.

  11. People complain that this is just another Death Star. Well, I wish that were the case. This thing is way more powerful and dangerous, and even bigger than the Death Star.

  12. In fact, that would be destroying the complete atmosphere of the planet and overheat it much faster as they can charge the weapon

  13. I'm planning to stop making Youtube comments in 2018 because it's pointless and wastes time so this is my last one: YOU'RE A FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!

  14. 1. The plasma should expand
    2. They should be dead
    3. That’s a small star
    4. How do they do that? Have they figured out how to create black holes?
    5. I don’t flipping care, First Order.

  15. How does Starkiller Base keep so much mass in such a small space. Without exploding, or turning into a black whole.

  16. Maybe the star was smaller because they drained energy previously, with it off camera, or it's just a small star either way I don't care, peace out, now where's the button to post comment what is this recording

  17. Everyone here is like thats small sun, im here like… if they are basically destroying suns… that fucks up the entire system and also life on every planets.. they dont even need to fire that thing at planets, just empty the clip and reload, they doomed every living things too a slow and horrible death..

  18. Please tell me im not the only one who gets hurt when someone in the comment sections calls the star that is powering the base, "The Sun"

  19. This is ridiculous… Perhaps instead of absorbing a whole solar mass into the centre of this tiny planet, which i have no idea how it can be realistically achieved, a smarter way is to redirect the sun's energy into an energy beam that could destroy planets through a processor in the base's core.

  20. if the plasma reached that close to the ground, the low density of the plasma itself would have caused a massive implosion. This is just not possible

  21. man, this looks Incredibly Stupid , to fire such a devastating weapon from atmospheric level while this bunch of First Order fools are STILL BREATHING. Such giga-level blast intensity would RIP all the air on the Base into thermonuclear plasma less than a second after firing, not just the surrounding forests.

    At least year 1977 engineers on the Death Star had More common sense

  22. Siphoning a star seems impractical, even for Star Wars. Stars are really massive, and therefore have lots of energy. But how are they extracting that energy into a weaponizable form? Fusing all that hydrogen into helium at once? Annihilating it with an equal amount of anti-hydrogen?

    Probably best to leave out the Marvel-esque expose on how the tech works, Disney.

  23. J.J. Abrams: Let's plagiarize from the Star Wars expanded universe because we can't be bothered to write our own shit.

    Steal multiple items from the Old Republic, use Darth Revan's look for Kylo Ren's costume: Check

    Steal the Star Forge is recharge method: Check

    Steal Jacen Solo / Darth Caedus and rename him Kylo Ren: Check

    Steal Jaina Solo and rename her Rey: Check.

  24. 1 – There's no way you would need a entire STAR to destroy ONE PLANET.
    2 – The entire planet should be burning for being that close.
    3 – Star is WAY too small to be a star.
    4 – Even if the planet survived, It should definely NOT have ice, Not even in the poles.
    5 – Even though Star Wars is not realistic, There should at least be some sort of machine around the star to
    make it's energy go towards the planet.

  25. Science fantasy guys, please stop harping on how a tiny little planet could warp space time while not killing anyone on star killer base from the incredible gravity created by this warping abilities to pull out plasma from a star that is literally right next to it and not explode from the intense heat that plasma emits…

  26. starkiller had a planetary shield remember that solo had to jump lightspeed to go though it ? that's why it wasn't affected by the recharge as for the part that went though it was surrounded by a magnetic field

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