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Stan Lee’s Star Wars HISHE

Stan Lee’s Star Wars HISHE

Now that I’ve done so many unforgettable cameos… I have become an expert, at all kinds of movies. One thing though that bothers me… So many of the endings of famous movies are wrong… Let me give you an example. Use the force, Luke. Here’s the target! No need for all that faster than sound flying through the tunnel… I’ll do it the easy way. There! That oughta do it! Better luck next time, kid. Okay, now lets try this one on for size!

Reader Comments

  1. couldn't the TIE Fighters have shot stan the man when he put the bomb in the death star? a hishe that deserves a hishe

  2. 1:04 How is ti possible for that guy to escape the Death Star when flying in a x-wing is too slow that you blow up and die? Makes no sense a freaking jet pack can go that fast to escape the Death Star's explosion.

  3. Technically that wouldn't of worked. The bomb would of been expelled out due to it being an exhaust vent so exhaust is actually pushing out. The only way the torpedo went in was because a) it was guided and pushed by the force and b) it overcame the force pushing outward due to its speed and strength because it was shot from a starfighter. Other than that pretty funny haha

  4. You know what bothers me, Stan does not listen to the instructions in how to blow up a death star. They need proton torpedoes to break through the shields of the exhaust and it needs to be precise. If you were just to throw a bomb into it, it won't get passed the shields and just blow up.

  5. Umm… Stan, for the Death Star, how would you get that close??? Also, you do know that it's an EXHAUST port… meaning it goes OUT…

  6. I am a hardcore Star Wars fan and love all the movies but I’ve always thought something similar about this bit, why do the Rebels have to travel the whole way to the hole? Hahaha just fly directly above it and shoot! Geez! lol

  7. Actually with such little time and defense on the Death Star, the rebels wouldn’t have been able to do that. But I know this was just for fun

  8. While I love Stan Lee, I do t think he realizes that the turbolasters would've easily shot a single individual down before they could get near the exhaust port, that's why they're using ships in order to hit and run.

  9. Yeah but the exhaust port PUSHES stuff OUT not in so the bomb would come up, so they shot missiles at a high enough speed to breach the core.

  10. Hahahahahahaha nice one that would just be easier and funny nice on Stan nice one hahahahaha

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