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Springfield 1903A3 .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle WW1-WW2

Springfield 1903A3 .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle WW1-WW2

welcome back everybody today I want to showcase another Mill syrup for you we got a Smith Koroma oh three a three or what's pretty much widely known as the Springfield oh three commonly this particular rifle fires thirty-aught-six caliber old military round that you know been around since 1906 and a little few years prior to that this particular gun design was actually stole basically stolen by the US government from the Mauser brothers and we took the basically took the Mauser action and copied it for use in this rifle and we actually got sued by the Germans or by the Mauser brothers respectively and what's funny is you know we were in a war with the Germans and we were actually paying the Germans royalties for a gun that we were using to fight against them with pretty much built on proven Mauser action similar it does have a magazine cut off the a3 rifle is a little bit different than some of the Oh threes you'll see out there it's got a different sighting arrangement set up a little bit different it's got a lot of stamped parts as opposed to mill which makes production a lot easier and everything like that real nice little rifle five shot repeater bolt-action I'm going to show you some close-ups of it and then we're going to take it out to 4:40 on some gongs and a huge a little bit Springfield o3 is a very safe design you have to Ford locking lugs dually opposed that lock into the receiver and then you also have a third safety lug similar to the Mauser that locks in place against the receiver right here Julian Hatcher performed a test on the o3 where he actually ground the locking lugs off of the front of the bolt and used only the locking lug to hold the whole action shut and he fired I think it was like 2000 service loads through the rifle with no problems whatsoever so it's a very strong design has a magazine cutoff for a single fire the safety is a traditional Mauser style safety on the back of the bolt shroud over to the right is safe and it reads safe right here the bolt won't open over to the left ready you can open the bolt work the gun and fire the rifle the knurled cocking piece on the back facilitates being able to grab it all that good stuff that it's hard it's basically a Mauser action the Springfield o3 uses either milled or stamped floor plate non hinged the butt plate like many US military rifles has a storage compartment for Oilers cleaning materials so on and so forth this particular butt plate is stamped has a nice checkering on the back rides in the shoulder quite nicely that's very typical for US military guns they always have that style butt plate you'll see that in the garand xot threes m-14s so on and so forth even the m16 still has a storage compartment in the bus stock another interesting trade of the o3 is the shape of the trigger guard it has a large knurled area in the front to facilitate the use of gloved fingers so if you're wearing gloves you have a lot better access to the trigger and they did make winter trigger guards just like for the mousers in my opinion one of the most interesting traits about the oh three series of rifles is how thin the front sight post is that really makes it easy to get a nice fine precise point of aim and I would say out of many of the military rifles especially of the era these sights are among the best anybody that's handled 103 will tell you the sites are just incredibly well set up one thing I like about our us rifles here is that they have always been known for having good quality diopters on them even all the way back to the crags and sand on you had the Buffington rear sights on like the trap doors and stuff like that but when the Craig came along and a lot of the relay later guns with the diopter sights it just really makes for a very precise sighting arrangement the Springfield like all military rifles of the era can be loaded either single round at a time until topped off or with a five round charger as seen here hopefully this one will work [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] five four five good shot good shot [Applause]

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  1. You are the only guys I see working the action the way it should be, open hand to work the action, much faster than grabbing the handle knob!

  2. The 1903 is a beautiful firearm. I had one about 20 years ago (Damn im getting old) but had to sell it along with most of my long guns when I was out of work for a few months and needed money. It was an earlier style with the notch sights although I can't remember the specifics these days. I finally added one back to my collection thanks to Gunbroker and it should arrive in a week or so. This time a Remington a3 with the improved sights. I love the sights on my Garand and M1 Carbine. I can't wait to get it. It's been far too long.

  3. Funny that Germans sue American of copying the action of Mauser for M1903 but later Colt sue HK for copying M4 design (HK416) thats why it didnt called HKM4… lol…!

  4. Sooo the rifle looks Nice and sights are Nice and 30-06 is a beast and its accurate and most ive sen is really reliable and it sounds Nice and the glove trigger guard is perfect and it has a Nice history 10/10 Rifle!

  5. This gun is just everything ive ever wanted! When i heared about the trigger guard and the winter trigger guard i just wow i dont Even know What to say! One thing Is for sure and that is im getting one Even if it costs $30K! Its perfect!

  6. I have a 1903 Mark 1 that is sporterized, picked it up a few weeks ago. I shoot the federal power shok ammo outta it and it functions flawlessly

  7. Drugs are bad yet guns are much more addicting. I need help with RA meetings. Rifles Anonymous! 😆 where can I find help?

  8. Own a Smith Corona 1903a3 sporter with original bolt, barrel, and receiver. It wears a Nikon Prostaff 4-12×40 scope with a 4" sun shade. I absolutely love it and it shoots .808 MOA at 100. Not bad for a battle rifle turned hunting rifle built in 1943.

  9. Tengo uno. 1903 pero es Berlín…buscó y no encuentro con esa Marca cual es la diferencia..

  10. Doesn't appear that you respond to posts but here goes anyway.  I purchased an 03A3 and sighted in today at the range. In order to get the POI to center of the bullseye the rear sight had to be adjusted fully left with no more left adjustment available but it is dead center of the bulls eye at 50yds and about 2" high at 100yd.  There is no set screw to loosen to move the base.  Any suggestions on how I can get my peep centered in the base and still be on target?  Thanks for any help.

  11. I had one of these with a sport stock, bedded and very nice. Shoot a 2 inch group at 200 yards all day using a rest. Sure miss that old beast, bought at a estate sale for $75. Sold it for beer and gas money, young and dumb.

  12. GREAT rifle. I bought mine, a 1943 Remington in excellent condition, Stock has a few dings with all the proof marks highly visable with a 10 inch Bayonet and scabbard in Good shape for 1000.00 eve. 4-23-17. The prices of these are going up so if you want a good one get it soon. I really like it. It feels like a rifle should . I got some ball ammuntion on its way and i am looking forward to shooting it.

  13. Have you heard of the National Ord. 1903 30-06. Have you heard that the receivers are made of cast iron. I've done some research and I've heard both you can shoot them and that you should not shoot them. What do you think? have you ever done a torture test on one?

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